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    posted a message on Why are the Yogscast so famous?
    You know the yogscast are a minecraft player like you and have every right to criticize what mojang puts out in the next update. Maybe we should start getting mad at you because you don't like every feature.

    I hate how people generalize about a wide mass of people. You do realize CaptainSparkles is a member of the yogscast... So by calling the yogscast bad you have just called CaptainSparkles bad.

    ^ Exactly why you shouldn't generalize.

    The yogscast are popular because they are funny and I love to kick back and watch some MoonQuest or Garry's Mod and have a laugh.

    The yogscast are very talented and work hours everyday to put out good content.

    Also, why do you think a petition is gonna make them just drop everything their doing and go to being homeless? (This is their full-time job)
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    posted a message on Who should go to jail? Give your opinion.
    The thief and the car owner should be tried separately with not a single thought about the other's crime brought up.

    I think the car owner should be punished for assault because he purposely planted a poison inside the car, this isn't itching powder, this is real poison and should be treated like so.

    The thief should be treated as if he did nothing because INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY.

    He was not in threat of bodily harm so he cannot use physical force (ANY)

    This is like if your neighbor accidentally drove a foot or 2 across the property line with his mower and then you shot a stun gun at him. Then you said "but he destroyed part of my property, my grass!"
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    posted a message on At 10 Most People Will Go Back To School!
    Quote from Letharg

    I have an iq of 157 so I'm happy I can show everyone at school I have superior intellect.

    You sound like a horrible and arrogant person. just sayin.
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    posted a message on Cube World Wiki is Live
    LOL favoritism much? this is the MINECRAFT forums, i guess you gotta do a announcment for every voxel based game, comon we need a starmade announcment too.

    I SWEAR THIS IS THE MINECRAFT FORUMS you are a mod and you don't even follow your own rules! that is like a police officer breaking the law.....
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    posted a message on Help me i don't know how to play offline on 1.6.1 launcher
    Quote from LANdroid7

    No Premium Account = No Riding Horses?
    that's sad man :( ... i don't have Premium Account :(

    Yeah go buy one and stop being a cheap scumbag.
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    posted a message on Why do you think griefers want to grief?
    Griefers grief because it is fun. Griefing is enjoyable. I think it is fun, and should stay in minecraft. The ironic thing is that, i make friends with people who have griefed me alot. I like it too.
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    posted a message on A Reboot of Nasa
    I really wish the golden days of NASA were back. I call the "golden age" the 15-year period of 1957-1972. I mean, sending rovers to Mars is cool & all but we need to send someone atleast back to the Moon to kick up PR.

    After we have generated enough PR we could harness that to take the steps towards a Mars mission. We would still have to do missions in between that would keep the PR high enough. It is not commonly known that by Apollo 11 the program was running on fumes.

    What Nasa needs, is a second space race. Or a complete reboot and/or a kick up in budget.

    Currently, Nasa gets 0.5% of the US's budget. To get manned space flight on a roll we need to bump up the budget to atleast 1% or even better a whopping 2%!

    The amount of money spent on defense now is about ~5%. So if we could just make that ~4.5% we would be finally sending people back into space again!

    Some countries only spend as little as 1.5% on their military!

    Lets go back to the "Final Frontier"!

    (The reason i am not suggesting more rovers is because, Curiosity for example, moves at a whopping 1.5 INCHES per second! )

    So i guess i can spark a discussion with this, so discuss away!
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    posted a message on Nuclear Power
    I've been wondering about nuclear power, it has less deaths per trillion kilo watts than even wind. Whats with the stigma against it? It's clean, safe, its the energy of the future. Info for deaths per TWh: forbes.com/sitwww.es/jamesconca/2012/06/10/energys-deathprint-a-price-always-paid/
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    posted a message on What is all this hype about SkyDoesMinecraft?
    (makes a insult to butter on skydoesminecraft's channel):

    *gets popcorn*

    Dis gawna be gud...

    edit: 3 minutes and 5 replies, lol

    Wow, first hateful reply from Deondre Mulkin, "You Suck" (exact quote)
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    posted a message on Breaking News: multiple explosions at the Boston Marathon
    Looks at americans bawling over this, sighs. 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Iran, 38 dead, just under 13x the boston bombing, yet gets nothing but the littlest sideline.

    *sigh* (looks at amounts of civilian casualties resulting from the "war on terror" (aka excuse for barging into a country and accusing it of everything in the book) Wow. Clap,Clap,Clap.)

    I am not a hater of obama i just hate what the U.S is doing. The president should go formally apologize to the familes of at least the children that were lost in the "war on terror"

    AAAAAAnd im still waiting for Bin Laden's "Fair Trial".

    P.S. When it comes to terrorism, it is extremely racist towards middle-easterns, when have i seen a white, american arrested as a suspect for a terrorist attack? Please link it. As a result of a long investigation, not easily figured out like Sandy Hook.
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