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    Quote from idolencse»

    ", palatino, serif">Hello! Pardon me for being clueless/lazy/both, but is there a 1.12 testing version or beta yet? I woold love to punish my poor computer use this in a modpack of mine! Thanks!

    This mod hasn't been updated in a long time, unfortunately, and it's not looking like the creator is going to update it to 1.12 (as far as we are aware).

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    It is still undergoing development on a new update, which will most likely feature the final boss of the mod!

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    Well he is getting ready for college stuffs I guess and probably has a job. I have gotten ready for college but, I don't have a job.

    I guess maybe I could backport this once everything slows if it's pretty easy to do. Custom model blocks will be a pain since they are in .json format and 1.7.10 uses .java models. Of course I have heard of people using .json models in 1.7.10 It's relativity unheard of.

    You gotta do this! Imagine playing this mod alongside DRPG and AoA, along with ArcanaRPG! It would be so cool!
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    Honestly, if Xolova didn't want to continue the mod, I think he would've posted something on here saying that we would have to deal with what we have. He's probably just going through life right now. I have a strong belief that he will pick up this mod at some point, it's just when that I don't know.

    He could also pull a Twilight Forest and get a small team of incredibly talented individuals to help him port the mod to a newer version of Minecraft. Would it take time? Yes, lots, but it would be well worth it in the end.

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    The Adventure Awaits mod is a large scale adventure mod. Your world will now be populated with so many different dungeons, and so many different creatures. You can travel to new, unknown worlds, with stunning terrain and creatures. Not only will you be fighting with humanoid creatures, you will also do battle with mystical beings, giant insects, mobs made out of breakfast foods... Wait... Breakfast foods? Nevermind that, and prepare yourself for an adventure you will never forget. Now go, my friend, Adventure Awaits!

    You can read about some of the mod's contents in the spoilers below:

    The Breakfast Bog!

    This biome is surely representing the most important meal of the day well. It looks like a normal Minecraft swamp, but is yellow, and inhabited by creatures and mobs that call this place home, and make you want to eat breakfast all over again. While I'm not going to spoil too much about this place, I will say it is certainly delicious...

    Prehistoric Plains!

    This biome is going to take you back in time. Many amazing prehistoric themed mobs can be found here, as well as a boss! It won't be just your normal dinosaur-esque mobs here, no, it will be many unique mobs from multiple different prehistoric time periods! It is sure to make you feel like you've traveled back in time.

    New Ores!

    Rose Gold- much more durable than gold, and about as strong as iron, only much cooler looking.

    Vampirite- an extremely rare ore, which, when tools are crafted from it, grants them life sapping abilities.

    And more to follow...

    The Dungeons:

    There are many planned dungeons. Here are just a few:

    Crystal Caves

    An incredibly rare underground structure of marvelous beauty. It appears as a giant, hollowed out cavern, gleaming and shimmering with durable crystal ore. Be wary, though, as the caves are not unguarded. Crystal Golems and Crystal Slimes will guard the precious ores with their lives. Try not to wake the boss, either. He is one that is easily bugged..


    A gigantic beehive that spawns hanging from a gigantic tree. The hive itself holds treasures, and can be accessed via the tree's many vines that drape it's trunk. It is recommended to enter the hive at the top, to avoid getting washed away by sticky and sweet honey. Many bees will populate the hive, and can be overwhelming if they happen to swarm you. They are just protecting the one they hold dear; the boss of the hive, the Queen Bee.

    Goblin Fort

    The goblin fort is a large structure that will spawn in the plains biome. It is populated by many goblins. The main 3 types of goblins are the warrior, archer, and shaman. The warriors will attack with swords and maces, while the archers will stay back and shoot with bows. The rarer shaman will fire magic projectiles at the player, and, if close to injured goblins, will heal them. The boss of the fort is pretty tough...

    Spider Nest

    People that hate spiders are gonna hate this dungeon. It spawns underground, and will contain many spider eggs, which will shatter when you walk too close to them, a baby spider popping out of each after they burst. Don't kill too many baby spiders, though, as their mother won't like it...

    Science Lab

    Eureka! This dungeon is filled to the brim with potions and gadgets, and the dungeon itself is very modern. Many scientists inhabit the structure, and all of them are not pleased about your arrival. Especially not the boss, he's a little psycho...

    Gilded Catacombs

    Pure gold and shiny platinum about sum up this dungeon. Every enemy you encounter is gilded, and will have unique characteristics that make them stand out among other mobs. The boss is a knight, who is rather brassy...

    And, a special dungeon...

    Ant Dungeons! Yes! I have gotten permission from joshosh34 to use his suggestion in my mod. To check out what some of the content will look like, please refer to the original suggestion post: http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/minecraft-discussion/suggestions/2505707-ant-dungeon-found-in-mesa-biomes
    Thank you, joshosh34. I love your suggestion, and can't thank you enough for letting me use it in my mod!

    One interesting thing this mod will have to offer is the Boss Relic system. Every boss will have a weapon that they use, and will drop it after they are killed. I plan to make it easy to create stunning and incredible trophy rooms, with many rare artifacts and weapons dropping off of bosses, and sometimes mobs.

    Other planned future content:

    - A new dimension, deep underground... way deep

    - A crashlanded alien mothership, with multiple mobs and a boss

    - A pirate ship, with pirates onboard, and a very "jolly" boss

    - A tower, ten floors tall, with a knight boss on the top floor

    - A lumberjack villager, who sells a unique weapon

    - A beetle den, with a large rhino beetle boss

    - A witchdoctor-esque villager

    - A nest of magma worms in the nether

    - A catacombs older than the soil it's buried beneath

    - A boss bestiary, which will fill with information after you defeat each boss

    There is still so much content yet to be revealed. Helping support the project by helping our team out. If you are proficient in modeling, coding, or texturing, please do send me a request to join the team! I say the more the better! :)

    Current Development Team:

    *Project Planner/Current Owner & Dungeon Builder- TheRandomMidget

    *Lead Coder- Arrowstorm (thank you so much :D )

    *Main Texturer- Black_Saturn

    *Main Modeler- Still need someone! Please apply if you are a modeler with decent skills!

    If you are a coder, texturer, or modeler and would like to work on this mod, please PM me with details about what you can do. Also, I am always open to suggestions, and would love to hear them! Just post them as a reply to this post!

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    Quote from darkraptor6»

    Great ! Just a question , this for 1.11 ? Cause 1.11 is less popular than 1.10.2 =====> no mods .
    And happy first year for zinkadoof ! :D

    By the time they push out a first release, 1.11 is bound to have a few mods that updated (AbyssalCraft was updated rather quickly, and I know there's a few more).
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    Quote from aman3712»

    I recently decided to revise some of my old ideas and add in some new ones too!

    Pantheon Dungeon: This could be the ruins of a large Greek-themed building that spawns in the plains biome, with a large labyrinth beneath it that's full of all sorts of terrible monsters of Greek myth. Instead of house dozens of monsters though, each Pantheon Dungeon will spawn with a single monster that guards it. There could be three monsters that could spawn in an Pantheon Dungeon; a Minotaur, and Manticore, or a Hydra. Although these monsters will be fairly strong, they will not be boss tier, and will seek out the player as they traverse through the labyrinth in search for the treasures within.

    • Minotaur: Grotesque monsters that possessed the body of a man and the head of a bull, Minotaurs are known for their affinity for devouring flesh. Often growing to twice the height of a man and far greater in muscular bulk, their thick-skulled heads are broad and ugly, and their sharp horns can gorge with a single thrust.
    • Manticore: Terrible creatures with the head and body of a horned lion, the wings of a bat, the back legs of a dragon and the tail of a scorpion. Making their dens in underground caves, ancient civilizations would lure manticores into large labyrinths were great treasures were hidden, and kept there to feed on whoever dared to set foot into the labyrinth.
    • Hydra: A large, serpentine monster with multiple heads and two front legs, Hydras are close relatives to the dragon species that spray corrosive acid onto their victims and slither across terrain at high speeds. Each head of the Hydra is very venomous, and is able to inflict deadly poison upon the player if the Hydra bites them.

    Mystic Grove:

    • Elves: A race of pointy-eared humanoids who excel in magic and archery, Elves are native in places that are lush with magic, such as Mystic Groves that can be sometimes found beneath roofed forest biomes. Generally friendly towards humans, Elves have been know for trading powerful bows and magical objects to humans, in exchange for rare herbs and enchanted tools. Elves come in three different variants; Elven Hunters, Forest Guards, and Elven Nobles.
    • Gnomes: Gnomes are small, humanoid creatures who live in roofed forest biomes and have been know for venturing into the Mystic Grove in search for minerals. They are a friendly race, and have coexisted with the Elves for many generations. They will trade with humans occasionally, but only if given something of great value in return...
    • Pixies: Small humanoid creatures with pointy ears, Pixies enjoy nothing more than to cause mischief. Pixies have been known for being nuisances towards humans, stealing their supplies and nipping at them.
    • Dragonflies: Do not be fooled by their names, for the Dragonflies of the Mystic Grove are a true terror to behold! Dragonflies are an ancient breed of Dragon that seems to only dwell within the ancient woodlands of the Mystic Grove, and are described as a cross between a dragon and a butterfly. Protected by the forest canopy and shielded from the attentions of foolish young heroes seeking to make names for themselves, these ancient creatures thrived and multiplied.
    • Greater Ents: Shaking the very earth itself with each of their strides, the Greater Ents that walk the earth are mighty defenders of the forest. Being much older and much bigger than your normal, peaceful Ents, Greater Ents have watched for thousands of years as entire forests were chopped down or burnt to a crisp, and as result, transformed from graceful creatures to vengeful engines of nature’s wrath. To stand against the dreadful wrath of an Greater Ent is to face the fury of nature unleashed. Survivors often dread going into the woods for years afterward.

    Dragon’s Keep: A very rare dungeon found in mountainous regions, the Dragon’s Keep is a massive castle full of high tier monsters, as well as hidden traps, lots of loot, and a boss. Being a very difficult dungeon, only players who've obtained strong armor, weapons, and powerful summons should tread into this dungeon.

    • Otyugh: With a large, bloated body, otyughs are typically covered with a rock-like skin that is brownish gray in color. Its three thick legs give an otyugh slow ground movement, but enable it to pivot quickly. With three eyes on a leaf-like stalk that moves quickly from side to side, it can quickly scan a large area. An otyugh's primary means of attack is by two long tentacles which are laden with bony thorn-like ridges. Otyughs are rarely found in groups of more than four individuals, and are often solitary. Despite this, otyughs are very much capable of defending themselves, being capable of chewing through diamond armor!
    • Wraith: Beings of darkness that haunt the physical world, wraiths are incorporeal creatures born of evil and darkness, despising light and all living things. Wraiths sustain their existence by draining the constitution from living creatures, turning them into new wraiths upon death. A wraith is powerless in natural sunlight and will flee from it.
    • Zombie Knight: During their mortal life, they were royal knights who were sent across the land to combat the forces of evil. Now, they’ve become flesh eating undead, cursed to forever wander the castle they fought in the name of. Zombie Knights have high armor and can dish out decent damage onto the player, but are very slow due to the heavy armor they wear.
    • Zombie Warlock: Unlike the Zombie Knight, the Zombie Warlock is an enemy that has a small health pool, but has a force field in which the player will have to break in order to kill it. The Zombie Warlock can perform a number of attacks, such as teleporting, throwing fire balls, healing nearby enemies, and can even summon Infernal Imps to aid it in battle.
      • Infernal Imp: These are small, devilish creatures that live in the Nether. They enjoy nothing more than causing mayhem with their ability to create fires. They can be summoned by Zombie Warlocks.
    • Beholder: Beholders are large, orb-shaped beings have ten eye stalks and one central eye, each containing powerful eldritch magic. Powerful, vastly intelligent, and nearly immortal, beholders are among the most enigmatic threats to the Minecraft world. Beholders are not particularly strong but are extremely magical creatures, each of their eyes possessing an innately magical nature. Beholders, who often attack for seemingly no reason, will often try to end a battle as quickly as possible, unleashing their terrifying abilities all at once onto the player.
    • Elder Drake: An ancient drake that was locked away in a castle for thousands of years, the Elder Drake could be the boss of the Dragon’s Keep Dungeon. The Elder Drake could have been once the mount of a proud warrior until a dark, otherworldly presence caused the warrior to go mad. Using his beloved mount, they brought chaos to the land until the warrior was ultimately killed, and his drake had it’s eyes removed through magic and was locked away in a castle. I’d imagine the Elder Drake having green scales, and it could have the ability to breath green electricity. However, by collecting the Elder Drake’s eyes which are hidden in the dungeon, the player will be able to tame it and use it as an awesome rideable mount!

    Krampus’s Workshop: This could be another super rare dungeon that spawns only in snowy regions, and houses a boss called the Krampus. There could also be a number of presents around Krampus’s Workshop, most of them containing loot while some of them actually being terrible Present Monsters in disguise.

    • Krampus: A horned, anthropomorphic figure described as "half-goat, half-demon", who, during the Christmas season, punishes children and adults alike who’ve have misbehaved by devouring them, or sending his minions to bring torment to them. The Krampus could be a boss that controls frigid air and snow, and could also summon evil toys to attack the player.
      • Killer Teddy: A ravenous teddy bear that tries to charge towards the player to then maim them.
      • Gingerbread Man: Mischievous enemies that spawn in numbers and try to disarm the player when fighting the Krampus. They do very little damage and have very little health; more of a nuisance than a serious threat.
      • Jack-In-The-Box: A foe that bounces towards the player, the jack-in-the-box is a general foe that does more damage than a typical zombie, but has less health.
      • Nutcracker: Nutcrackers are wooden automations that weld wooden rifles to shoot at the player. However, they typically have a bad aim and take a moment to reload after firing.
      • Present Monster: Although they look like normal presents from first glance, they will open up to reveal a gaping maw of teeth and will begin hopping towards the player. If killed, it’ll have a 50% chance to spawn three gingerbread men.

    Cornfield Dungeon: The Cornfield Dungeon is a dungeon that spawns in the plains biome and takes on the appearance of a large barn, surrounded by a fenced in field of corn. Once a normal and peaceful barn, a dark curse had swepped over it and caused the scarecrows to come alive during the night. The owners of the farm were forced to abandon it, leaving behind all of their belongings.

    • Scarecrow: Evil creatures powered by black magic, Scarecrows are beings who behave similarly to zombies, but are much faster and cause hunger upon hitting the player. During the day, scarecrows will look like typical scarecrows that stand around doing nothing. At night though, scarecrows will come to life and start attacking any human they see.
    • Raven: Aggressive birds with glowing red eyes, Ravens spawn at night around Cornfield Dungeons, and attack the player by dive bombing them.
    • Jersey Devil: A horrific creature of demonic origin, Jersey Devils are terrifying creatures that are created when an unholy ritual is performed on an unborn child. Large and menacing, Jersey Devils can shoot balls of flame and fly for short periods of time, and have claws sharp enough to slice through iron! Confield Dungeons usually spawn with up to two Jersey Devils who only appear at night.
    • Jack O'Lantern: Stationary enemies who take the form of typical pumpkins during the day, but become troublesome foes during the night. Jack O’Lanterns will attacks players by lobbing balls of fire towards them, and leave behind a carpet of fire upon death.
    • Mothman: An enigmatic winged creature in the shape of a humanoid with hypnotic red eyes and moth-like wings, the Mothman could be the boss of the Cornfield Dungeon. It could be an enemy that can battle the opponent both on land and in the sky.

    Fimir Stronghold: Fimir are loathsome, one-eyed reptilian creatures, infamously degenerate and malign and possessed of dark powers. Spawned the same fashion frogs and toads are, Fimir are a swamp dwelling race who haunt bogs, marshes, and desolate moorlands. Their strongholds are forbidding, cragly piles of rock, crudely built to look like a Human castle.

    • Shreals: Shreals are the lowly servant class within Filmir society, and mainly used for manual labor such as cooking, making clothes and armor, and taking care of their masters. Being shorter and less menacing than your average Fimir, Shreals are looked down upon for their cowardly nature, and are used as cannon fodder to distract the enemy while he stronger Fimir Warriors and monsters catch up. Shreals often attack in large swarms, using whimsical weapons such as clubs and spears.
    • Fimir Warriors: Less numerous than the Shreals, Fimir Warriors are formidable warriors that stand taller than an average human, and have muscular tails which ends in a natural bone club with which it can smash any foes who get in close with bone-breaking force. They are armoured with plates of spell-forged bronze fitted to their hunchbacked bodies and wield blunt weapons in combat, either in the shape of great double-handed mauls, or single-handed maces and curving hatchets, held one in each hand.
    • Fimirach Nobles: Leading units of Fimir Warriors, Fimirach Nobles are even more ferocious combatants than the loathsome reptilians they lead. As with other Fimir warriors, Fimirach Nobles are armoured with plates of spell-forged bronze fitted to their hunchbacked bodies and wield weapons in combat, either in the shape of great double-handed mauls, or single-handed maces and curving hatchets, held one in each hand.
    • Mistmors: The largest of the Fimir are the Mistmors, being as tall as a troll and with long muscular arms and short legs, with huge slabs of muscle moving underneath their tough skin. Mistmors are used as both elite warriors and defenders of Fimir settlements, in which their hulking strength is matched only by their mindless obedience.
    • Fenbeasts: Fenbeasts are large magical constructs, formed from swampy material gathered from bogs and marshes where great wars were fought. They are unnatural creatures that reek of stagnant marshes and are incredibly strong. Fenbeasts are incapable of feeling pain and, added with the fact that they are able to withstand a cannonball, are easily one of the greatest weapons the Fimir have at their disposal.

    I might think of new and better ideas for dungeons later, as well as some other ideas for weapons and mechanics for the mod :D

    Dang, dude! These ideas are actually really cool! Love the Pantheon one the most :)
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    In terms of currency to trade with the Swamp Dwellers... What about some sort of aquatic flower that only grows in swamps? Or some sort of moss-covered coins that drop off of swamp mobs?

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    Quote from raptorfarian»

    Happy anniversary everyone to celebrate here is a preview of our potential future end game boss.

    Oh my god! That looks SO EPIC! Can't wait to play this, great work!
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