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    My mother is getting hearing problems...

    To my brother: "You need to get married!"

    Mother to me: "He needs Marijuana!?"

    Edit: Sometimes, she mistakes my name with my brother's name. She doesn't do it anymore, and my brother will move out this summer, anyway. But, oh, well.
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    posted a message on Dumb Questions People Ask You?
    Quote from gGamer33

    why do u wear glasses?

    This depends.
    I've known some people who wear glasses just to look cool, and others who wear it for a costume.
    However, some asking "Why do you wear glasses?" on a hot, sunny day, with the person being asked wearing sunglasses, then you can consider that dumb.
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] The Better Animations Collection
    Good that you think the mod is good.
    But please, the more you pester him to update this amazing mod, the slower it updates, because it isn't very motivating.
    Rather annoying, too.
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    posted a message on [1.5.2,1.4.4-1.4.5] New Dungeons[V1.8.5][SSP][SMP][Forge]
    Hey, I made a mod review, with my friend!
    I'm a kid, though, so, of course, I sound like a kid.


    Quote from Slidedrum

    i have not stopped working on this. ok actually i did (but i had finals and stuff), but i cant fall asleep so i got a little work done on this mod. yay for late night programing! the main changed i made was i 'removed' small dungeons, and i think i finally fixed the 1 item per chest bug. also some miner balance changes to the loot. like i upped the rarity of iron ingots and added iron ore that is identical to how iron ingots used to spawn. may change this again for 1.3 because of a possible xp exploit. just a little update.

    also a little question for you guys, how did you find out about this mod? browsing the mod forums, video, other site, or something else. i would love to know.

    I found out with google. I was looking for dungeon enhancing mods, and I was putting a bunch of stuff like "Crazy dungeons" and "Random dungeons". At some point, I typed "New".
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    posted a message on 2D-Craft Mod [Minecraft 1.3.2] [Offical]
    Amazing mod! It has some bugs, but I'm sure you can fix them.

    Quote from bluemanvsloler22

    Can you please make the end and nether work in 2d too.. and add some background to the thing and mabe inprove minecraft a bit by meaning actual background music like terraria music and mabe make some others and Please try and make the background work by meaning mabe you can see cave spiders from a distance coming from a shaft sometimes or a village being invaded by Zombies and a little destroyed (obiously it can happen i meen by you know seiges and stuff Its like minecraft it has times or something..

    Whoa, whoa, whoa. I gotta stop you here. Some of that, I'd assume, might be too hard for our friend here.
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    posted a message on Am I a freak?
    Quote from Nerevar

    That's a lie. Even if it was true, that doesn't change the fact that evolution is very real. There's too many observations and too much evidence to ignore it.

    Citation needed. Also, the Watchmaker argument has been debunked many, many times before.

    The Bible is general history with mixed mythology and superstitious hearsay. That's a good excuse for not 'listening' to it.

    Listen, I woud really appreciate it if you didn't qoute this, because I don't like starting arguements.

    Evolution has facts. Evolution has a place in the world. Evolution is a belief. Evolution, however, has never been actually proven to an extent that everyone knows, for sure, and without a doubt, evolution is true. It hasn't been 100% proven yet. The day I beleive evolution is the day someone goes back in time to the classical era to acient egypt to about where the slaves were escaping. If the slaves escaping isn't there, I cannot bring myself to ever fully trust in evolution. Because, if I did, in my heart, think Christianity was all a lie, why do I go to a building two hours a week and do something called "Chruch"? Why have some people risked their lives for Christianity if they really thought it wasn't true?

    Also, if you do quote this, I probably won't reply. Like I said, I don't like getting in heated arguements originally generated by rage. You can call me stupid for being a Christian, but that would be a form of racism.

    Fun fact: The Bible mentions all life started within the sea. Sound familiar?

    And, yes, I know time travel doesn't exist, and most probably never will exist.

    ((I'm also starting to consider you a troll. One reason for that is you never answered the question, but I already came to a conclusion with it: Am I a freak for holding the belief I currently do?))
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    posted a message on Too many kids....
    I have almost had it. I think. My brains my come out. There are too many kids under thirteen that don't understand the concept of my wisecracks, jokes, third grade grammar, or the concept of the game entirely. I really have trouble focusing. I hear kids scream into their microphones that sound around ten. They complain about dying. And losing. One even asked for CHEATS. Why would you want to cheat? I get FPS games to have fun, which is why the last time I raged was around 2009, and that was because I was forced to play a game I never cared for. Anyway, the thing that bothersme the most is kids without the microphones. You see, I love grammar. The Internet, however, has kicked, killed, and downright nullified capitalization, punctuation, and grammar. Sure, you can mute the microphone kids, but, for the others... Sheesh. A nightmare, I tell you. Sometimes, I just completely resent cool-looking FPS games just due to the kids.

    Now, another thing about kids. I got MW3, you see, with my own money. The paycheck I get from work. But this one kid said "I love my Mom because she got me this game."


    Remember when I said I havn't raged since 2009? I meant rage from the game itself. This was a worse metter, however, and, while I didn't scream, I explained to him calmly, with my microphone, that I bought this game on my own. After that, he said my mom sucked because she made me buy it on my own. This was when I raged, because I don't even live with my mom anymore! This little ***** of a child thought every gamer was a kid. I really almost screamed into my microphone, but, I don't like hurting people's feelings, and this person was a kid! Looking back, I probably should've told him a lesson, but, oh well. Anyway, people never pay attention to the ratings anymore, and half the time, "M" ratings don't really belong on the cover, but still, these people are kids.

    What do you think about bothersome kid gamers? (I recall playing counter strike as a kid, but I don't really remember if I was a pest or not.)
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    posted a message on A sad day for the media...
    I am very sorry if this seems off-topic, but...

    Very recently, the media lost a great person. Edd Gould, the creator Eddsworld, has passed away. (1988-2012)

    Some people may not care, but this man had millions of fans from around the world, and inspired thousands of people. He died on the early Sunday morning of March 25th. On his YouTube channel, Eddsworld, his friends made a semi-touching video about Edd's death. He died from cancer.

    And, yes, I did cry for a small ammount of time.

    I deeply loved his animations, and it made me upset to hear of his passing. I'm not sure if I cried because I'll miss his animations (Though his friends mentioned they might continue his legacy), or If I feel I might miss Edd as a person himself.I'm sorry if this is considered spam, or if the content of the post is against the rules.

    R.I.P Edd Gould, 1988 from 2012. Sigh...

    Edit: Now say you watch UberHaxorNova, or Kootra, or PaperbatVG, or Smosh, or Tobuscus, and you woke up one day to find a video on their channel saying they were dead. How would you react?
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    posted a message on Timber Mod 1.2.3 Causing Black Screen
    Quote from SirPunchWood

    how long untill the minecraft 1.2.4 one comes out

    How is anybody supossed to know that!?!

    A mod updating is like a cable guy coming. They are never there when you expect them to. Coding is unpredictable, and who knows when he might get finished?
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    posted a message on ExtrabiomesXL Universal 3.16.3 for MC 1.7.10
    Quote from Onza40

    Please don't ever port this to forge, I do not get on well with forge and there's little point given the official API is now on its way.

    Though I can't actually get this to run, I'm using modloader, optifine, smart moving and better dungeons with this and the add-on installed on top and it just gives me:

    "No more empty terrain sprite indices left"

    I'd post the proper error log, but this new crappy forum won't let me paste text into here for some reason...

    Okay. You want answers...
    I'm using all the mods you happen to be be using+, EXCLUDING SmartMoving, but now that I know it happens to be updated, I'll go and get it. ^_^. But I would still think it would work. I think it might be the custom colors mod that comes from optifine, because custom colors gives texture packs control over what the biome dicrect color would be, not just a tinted version of the grass they already made. For example, they could make the normally-dark swamp biomes be a bright blue. That was just an example, there is no texture pack that turns swamps bright blue. Anyway, if you're using this with extrabiomes, it might make a problem arise. But that was just a guess. I think if you want optifine to work with this, download optifine first, disable custom colors, and continue to install this mod. But, for the last time, it was a guess.

    Also, while he doesn't have to make it port to forge, he could just make a forge patch, couldn't he? Oh, yes.
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