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    Name: Zack Barton. Though, he probably will lie about his name. Probably. Apocalypse, after all.

    Age: 29

    Gender: Male.

    Class: Civilian.

    Description: Jeans are nice. I'll take those. He has some brown shoes, and a shirt with a picture of Mario on it. He also has dark blonde hair.

    Bio/Backstory: "Crap..." I say to myself. This is clearly a bad situation. My life is flashing before my eyes. I need to get to the boat. I'm just going to survey the area real quick, because I may be dead before I get to the boat. Those things, or creatures, or whatever they are... They are everywhere. They are trying to kill everything in sight. I might just go over my life one last time, or I may not get another chance.

    I am Zack Barton.
    I live on a river town. I'm much too frightened to remember the name.
    Oh, this won't stop my fear. I remember when I moved here. After my parents were murdered brutally by a gang. I was sent to the orphanage, which really made me a bit ill-tempered. If anyone else ever gets to know me, I may seem nice. My FN five-seven is out of ammo. Gosh, I have to get to the boat. I'm almost there... Oh, and my adopted parents? Not the nicest people. I've made it to the dock...
    I feel something touching my shoulders. One of them is trying to grab me, and probably kill me. "Not today!" I say loudly, and jab my gun at it. Whatever it was looked like someone I knew. I'm guessing this is some kind of virus? Something from a movie. Yes, I'm at the dock! I get on that boat, and scream to the boater "GET US OUT OF HERE!"
    It seems like my infected friend was the only one chasing me. All the others are bashing down doors and windows.
    Anyhow, this boater was asleep. I don't know how he managed to sleep through the screaming, and windows breaking, but he woke with a start and a grunt. "Wha--- What the!?!" He sounded startled.
    "We need to get out of here!" I say to the boater. "No ****!" He says, and starts getting the boat moving. It seems like the boat wasn't tied down, and we start heading somewhere. I ask the boater "Where are we going?"
    "Away from here, kiddo! I know a city. I have family in this city. Now, shut up!"

    Inventory: I seem to have a candy bar in my pocket. How nice. This boat may have other food sources.

    Loadout: FN five-seven

    Suggestions: ----

    Transportation: Nothing at the current moment.

    Other: Please. I've played the game. The "S" stands for Scott.
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    posted a message on Resident Evil Roleplay (Accepting)
    Yeah. I'll try it out.
    I'll make my app in ten minute, though. I don't have time right now.
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    I begin to walk out of the cabin I've called home for so many years. It may not look like much, but it connects to a massive tunneling system that only me and my creations know of. Strange, though, because the only creation I've made is a robot I have, which I call Morrimac. When I exit the cabin, the sunlight burns my eyes. I havn't left this cabin for years. I do have a darker pair of goggles, however. I quickly grab those from my pouch and put them on. My robot, Morrimac, looks perfectly undisturbed. Oh, how I remember the cabin, from many years ago. When I first decided the world was too dangerous. The woods surrounding it were amazing.

    But something doesn't seem right...
    Even Morrimac, the robot with no emotions, has detected something. His eyes dully fade into colors only I can notice, as they would all look like grey to the naked eye. But, at the moment, his eyes are a bit brighter shade of grey, and, if you look closely, appear orange. This was what I meant to be red. And, as I said, only I can notice them, as my goggles make his eyes, and his eyes only, appear brighter.

    Anyhow, I feel like something is watching me. Something from the trees. I have various throwing-potions with me, and a sword-like metal stick, that looks slightly shinier than the average steel most guns use as ammunition. I also recall some undead orcs having some kind of steel sword.

    As I'm thinking to myself, an orc, clearly a bandit, comes out, with some form of firearms at his side.

    "This part of the woods ain't safe for a person like you."
    His voice is incredibly deep. I can make out some of his words, but he is hard to understand.
    "Listen, punk, I don't want trouble", I say in reply.
    He ignores the comment. "Kid, what do you have on you?"
    That one comment really gets to my nerves, and I don't know why. Surely, he couldn't see my appearance, in my massive leather and rusty copper suit.
    As I start to say something is reply, he holds up his gun, and pulls the trigger.
    "What the?!" The orc says, completely enraged. "Kid, what the hell did you do?!"
    I notice my robot is gone, but I still say "Maybe you forgot to reload?"
    I hear him mumble some words such as "Stupid human... His... No ammo..." I'm guessing this guy stole this gun, and recently, too. He looks tired. I'm guessing he ran away from some town. He starts to run away, and trips in mud. I start to walk up to him.
    "Geez, what a loser..." I mumble to myself, about to take him out with my blade.
    As he tries to get up, my robot pops out, seemingly out of nowhere, and starts to kung-fu on this guy. This startles me, and I fall back on a dagger that happened to be jammed in th ground. I land on the painful part, and it gashes my armor slightly. "Dammit..." I murmur to myself. I walk back up to the orc, and feel his pulse. He is out cold. The robot stares at me, seemingly waiting for another command, much like a child would. He even makes a series of sounds, as if he is happy he protected his creator. I stare back at the orc, and wonder why he was around my cabin. Maybe just a coincidence? I also noticed the robot didn't cause any marks when he tried to beat up the orc. He did knock him out, but I think the orc was already knocked out, because his head landed on a rock when he tripped. I should probably add some more sturdy parts to him as I find them along the way. "Let us head out..." I say to him, and we start moving southward of the cabin.
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    posted a message on Necrotic: Blood Bond IC (Always accepting)
    Name: Zack Jones
    Gender: Male
    Magic Type: Alechemy
    Minion/Companion's Name: Helper. My character generally calls him Morrimac, though.
    Race: Human
    Biography: "You know, Morrimac..." I start to say, as my strange robotic creature starts to turn his head in my direction. "I think I'm a bit tired of the current situation. We live in some random woods, in a house I got you to build..." The robot still looks at me, with no emotion. I never know. He might have some kind of feelings in there. I've seen him react to things as only a sentient being would. I don't know. I built him. I do recall, however, some strange chemicals I made falling inside the robot while it was in constuction. I forgot what they did. " ... And I still never told you how I got here. Well, I'll tell you. It all started, a long, long time ago. I remember. That necromancer... He attacked when I was kid. I think he screamed his name, but I was too fearful at the time to truly remember. I mean, think about my age! Well, anyway, as I was saying, this guy killed nearly everyone in the town. I remember, cooped up in that room... But, of course, you won't remember, as you wern't there." The robot nods. I wonder why. "Well, continuing on, I was cooped up in that incredibly small room. I ran out of the room, and went under the bed. I thought it would be stealthier. I was right. I stayed under there, and for the next thirty minutes or so, I was stayed under there. Well, some of the necromancer's devilish creatures came in and slaughthered my family. I've gotten over it after these years. Oh, I bet, you might be wondering why my parents and my older sister didn't go under the bed with me? It was because it was my small room! The bed was also small." The robot nods yet again. I wonder if it really does show true concern. "Well, I escaped. Most the town was killed. Most. After the attack, about 90% of the ones that escaped were killed, and I have no idea what happened to the rest." I'm starting to come to the conclusion I'm insane. Then it hits me. "So, I started looking for the rest---" I stop myself mid-sentence. "Morrimac, help me make some potions. And a pointy metal stick, too. We're going on a little trip."
    Preferred weapon: My character prefers to throw potions with unknown ingredients. However, he has a metal stick in the making. A pointy one.
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Spirit color: Blue (For hope. Something from a certain comic series.)

    Hope I get accepted. (This is in italics just to make sure you don't accidentally think this is a part of the application.) Also, what year is it in the RP? I read there were guns, and while I don't intend to use them, it confused me with what year it was. Most the pictures looked to be in the medieval era.


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    posted a message on I can't log in!
    Earlier I tried logging into Minecraft, but it said "Couldn't connect to Minecraft.net" earlier. I tried this a bunch of times, because I knew I was connected to the internet. I even looked it up.
    Well, the FAQ I found told me to restart the computer, and now, when I try to connect, it says "Too many failed logins".

    So, I can't log in to Minecraft and my money feels wasted.

    If it helps, my username is pres1017, without any caps.
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    posted a message on MP Mods?
    Okay. So I've noticed something:

    Flan's mods used to be SMP. They don't seem to be anymore, nor is there any note saying he removed SMP, as far as I am aware. I have seen this with other SMP mod threads, too.

    So, I'm just wondering: Are all SSP mods now for your SMP server?
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    posted a message on The Deterioration of Generic Minecraft Servers and Their Community.
    It seems you put quite a lot of work into this. Much more than my undetailed three or four hundred post I've made.

    I do agree with your opinon. There have been times where I have been tempted to download a fly mod, and I once nearly did. Well, I did, but that wasn't in multiplayer. I only used it to review a mod, but I never did upload it. Heck, I hardly remember what mod I was reviewing.

    And about the kids thing: I'm also fairly young, but when I say this to people, they seem to insult me, or avoid treating me like everyone else, so I either try to give an empty answer (when they ask), or I just lie.

    I agree with your opinion. Recently, however, I figured out how to host a server, but it was a private server.

    Edit: Continuing on, when I do reviews that I actually post on youtube, you can see that I sometimes gain achievements, like "DIAMONDS!" when I picked up a diamond and threw it on the ground to show something. I grabbed it back, and got the achievement on accident, and you could hear I was a little bit saddned by getting the achievement.

    That is all I think I have to say.
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    posted a message on Why do mobs spawn in this but not my mob trap?
    Perhaps the torches?

    I don't know the answer, but why not build that small room above that big room and put a hole? With water, so the mobs fall where you want them to fall.
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] EvilMinecraft v0.666 - Bugfix released!
    Quote from iurface

    wheres the Meta-INF at

    Meta-inf is located within the Minecraft.jar.

    This post marks the 1000 post mark.
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] EvilMinecraft v0.666 - Bugfix released!
    This mod is amazing. I truly love it. But, I do feel this thread is getting pelted with repeated questions, so, like some other guy on this forum post, you should add an FAQ.

    One of my questions I would still appreciate answered is how to cycle through creative.
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] EvilMinecraft v0.666 - Bugfix released!
    I heard you can switch and cycle through creative. I looked in Evmc notepad file, and it said I could cycle through creative with key 67? What would that be?
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    posted a message on DrZhark's Mo' Creatures (mod suggestion thread)
    I have a suggestion.

    A rhino.

    This thing would be neutral. When attacked, however, it'll destory stuff, like the ogre. It'll just ram through it all, and destory any blocks in the rhino's way. It would be faster than the player, and have slightly less hearts than the iron golem. It could drop a surplus ammount of leather, or something like that. It would only spawn in the jungle. When it rammed you, it wouldn't do as much damage as the ogre, but it will do very similar damage.

    It wouldn't destory stuff like iron blocks, though. Only stuff weaker than any kind of wooden planks. Like normal wood, and leaves.

    Like my idea? :3
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] The Official PokeMobs

    hey guys i can't seem to play this...
    i get a black screen when i click enter game (i dont even get the words mojang or error file)
    it just stays as a black screen. i really want to play this cus its so awesome but i just can't.
    i downloaded everything and placed everything exactly the same as from tutorials on youtube and they get it but i dont
    can anyone help?

    One point two point five. Or, 1.2.5. This mod isn't updated. Either that, or did download the mods required for this mod.
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] MoreCreeps & Weirdos v2.62 SLOT MACHINES - OLD LADIES - RAGING BULL - PET RADIO - NEW ITEMS!
    Quote from TheThorntonac

    does the 1.2.4 work with 1.2.5 because im thinking about starting a minecraft series on youtube. :Lava:
    :Lava: :Lava:
    :Lava: :Lava:

    Why not test and see?
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    posted a message on Too many kids....

    Video gaming is an all-ages hobby, so one will likely encounter children whilst playing an online game... just gotta' live with it. Personally, I find that its best, when playing public matches, to simply mute the voice channel and listen to music (so much more enjoyable than listening to the "Wow, this team is the worst team ever!" guy that's in every match... including victories... and resides at the bottom of the score board).

    Might to take a look at the comment I made earlier. :/
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