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    posted a message on [RP] The 2nd Hunger Games [Not Accepting] [Pregame] [Scat is Back!]
    Hey, I'm still here.
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    posted a message on The above avatar is your only partner in a Zombie Apocalypse
    Cover me.
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] Zimbee v1.5 [SSP] [More Use For Obsidian]
    I'd be happy to do a spotlight, if you would like.
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    posted a message on [1.5.2,1.4.4-1.4.5] New Dungeons[V1.8.5][SSP][SMP][Forge]
    Hey, I made a mod review, with my friend!
    I'm a kid, though, so, of course, I sound like a kid.


    Quote from Slidedrum

    i have not stopped working on this. ok actually i did (but i had finals and stuff), but i cant fall asleep so i got a little work done on this mod. yay for late night programing! the main changed i made was i 'removed' small dungeons, and i think i finally fixed the 1 item per chest bug. also some miner balance changes to the loot. like i upped the rarity of iron ingots and added iron ore that is identical to how iron ingots used to spawn. may change this again for 1.3 because of a possible xp exploit. just a little update.

    also a little question for you guys, how did you find out about this mod? browsing the mod forums, video, other site, or something else. i would love to know.

    I found out with google. I was looking for dungeon enhancing mods, and I was putting a bunch of stuff like "Crazy dungeons" and "Random dungeons". At some point, I typed "New".
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    posted a message on [1.6.4][Forge] Quicksand Mod 3.1.0
    I'll be sure to make a video of this later.
    Though, I am a kid, so the voice will be kinda childish.
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    posted a message on What are you doing this summer?
    I'll try to finish the Batman: Arkham City series I have going on in my channel. Maybe start recording LoL, and I'll finish uploading a Minecraft Movie I've been making with my friends.
    Oh, and go swimming.
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    But the pigs are immune to magic.

    I wish my youtube had more subscribers.
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    posted a message on Count to 50 before someone with a My Little Pony avatar posts!
    I'll start it off. 1.

    ...My sidekick senses are tingling... A pony is nearby...
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    Great. I'm stuck on the building surrounded by these strange dwarven people, and earlier, I was tied to a golden pole. I am now locked in a strange room with massive windows which resembles a kind of office, but the room is so empty that I can't really tell. Great. Just great.
    I can't do anything about it, and I've been here for a few days. So, thought I'd mention that. The dwarves have been eating chicken legs and beef, leaving me the vegetables, which they seem to have quite often. I'm guessing that these guys are religiously carnivorous, or their law prevents them from eating the fruits and vegetables. They also give me water. They seem to drink ale, or wine. Hard to tell. They eat right outside my cell, and the door has a hole in it. They took my potions, and one of the dwarves even drank the ale-looking one. He happens to be very ill, but they never put two-and-two together and noticed it was my potion. They have not drank out of any other potions as of late. The chief of the dwarven tribe seems to chat with his scout often. Or is it his second-in-command? I'm not sure. Some seem to have markings on their shoulders, seemingly carved into their flesh. The one I assumed the chief has his outlined with golden dust. His eyes also appear yellow.

    I just made this so that way people still know I'm in the RP.
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    posted a message on [RP] The 2nd Hunger Games [Not Accepting] [Pregame] [Scat is Back!]
    Name: Zack G. Barton (G for Gordon.)

    Age: 16

    District: Eleven for the win!

    Skills/Strengths: He can seemingly blend in with the enviorment, as he can move along with the shadows, blending in. He is also fairly quick, but he isn't very strong, and probably wouldn't win in hand-to-hand combat.

    Weaknesses: My character is very fragile, and isn't very strong. This is because, in district eleven, he was put in charge of merely harvesting the various grains and wheat. He never actually had to plow.

    "Gah. I do this every time..." I think to myself, as I grab some writing material. Every year, just before the reaping, I write down some events of my life. I don't want to be forgotten, do I? I want, of all things, my writing to preserved. I even have a whole box filled with... Well, the small amount of four notes. But, hey, you never know which note might be my last.
    Hello, world... I begin to write. I wonder why. I'm pretty sure there isn't much of a world to say "Hi" to...
    Today is a couple of days before the annual reaping. Last year, my friend was unlucky enough to be in the first hunger games. I watched him on live television, and he was slaughtered. I forgot who. I always tried to forget the thought. Anyhow, very recently, a life moment worth writing down happened to me the other day.
    I try to think a bit, remembering what it was.
    I managed to hide from some peace keepers. If they kept their eyes peeled, they might have seen me. I can practically blend in with the shadows, as I normally wear dark clothing. You can still spot me if you try, however. They weren't really focused on me, as I came in with a dead turkey to give to my friend. I found it in a trash deposit of some kind, but I was blamed for poaching. Who would've thrown a dead turkey, and why was I stupid enough to give it to my friend? Oh, well. They never got my face, and have no idea what I look like. I continue writing. Maybe I should write about my birth place?
    Anyway, I was born in district 11. I was born in my house, because we had no way of getting to the hospital quick. My mom, whom I still live with, says I was as red as a beat, and crying as hard as a rock. I didn't get the latter simile.
    I don't know what else to talk about.

    - G. Barton

    Personality: He is a really nice guy. He may seem shy, and even a little agressive, but if you get know him, you come to really like him.

    Appearance: Around 5'7. Blonde hair. Jeans. White Tee. The average.

    Anything Else: Not really.
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    posted a message on Necrotic: Blood Bond IC (Always accepting)
    Ugh... My head... I think to myself. I am apparently tied on a pole. I look at my surroundings. I am on the top of a building. A large one. I look at my captors. They are very small, and appear to have large, ginger beards. Some a bit brighter shade than others. I'm guessing they're dwarves, but I never know. I've never actually seen one before. They also appear to be wearing very tribal-like clothing. One appears to be wearing thick hide armor of some sort, and carries a stone club. He appears to be talking to another dwarf wearing lighter armor.
    "Više civilizacija, što reći?" Says the larger dwarf.
    "Da, šef! Jedva sam pobjegao sa mnom život! Na putu do sam, međutim, ovaj Uhvaćena ptica kao taoca." replies the smaller one.
    They continue talking in their strange, tribal language. It sounds familiar somehow.
    C'mon, hurry, Morrimac... I think in my head.
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    posted a message on Necrotic: Blood Bond IC (Always accepting)
    I've been in these ruins for hours.
    I've confirmed that I'm in North Dakota of the United States. I'm honestly not sure if there is a United States anymore. As of current, I am on the fifth floor of a building in the city of Erdwatch. I'm not sure how big the building is, but it is covered in plants. Strange plants.
    "Ugh, Morrimac, time to go..." I say, attempting to give a command to my helper.
    Wait a second, where is he?!
    Great. Now I have to go find him in this forsaken city and---
    "Augh!" I cry out.
    Ah... Things are going black... I feel a figure grab my leg and drag me off just before I fall unconscious.
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    posted a message on Necrotic: Blood Bond IC (Always accepting)
    Quote from vgoo

    (Well, we're sort of on a train in Vyynod (Europe), going to the Senate. I'm not exactly sure where you are, though.)

    (I'm in North America. The far western side of North Dakota, to be exact.)
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    posted a message on Necrotic: Blood Bond IC (Always accepting)
    I begin to enter the city.
    I have no idea what I may find. I intend to find resources for my robot, Morrimac. Maybe some food, too. But it seems parts are a more likely find.
    I can conclude this because the city, even at a distance, is clearly in ruins. It is entirely covered in vines, bugs and trees.
    Oh, and speaking of trees, on my way in, I happened to see one with purple leaves. The bark appears to be a darker shade of brown than usual. It also sparkled. Not only that, it seemed to be the one tree not covered in vines.
    Anyhow, continuing on, I saw a large sign when I entered. It was covered in a mass of plants. I reach in my bag to grab one of my potions, and I throw the potion at the sign. The vines on it slowly start to die, and fall off. I probably shouldn't be so wasteful. I mean, I never know how long it may be before I return home.
    It takes five minutes or so, but the vines finally fall off.
    "Town of Erdwatch, 2096", the sign says. 2096? I thought most the cities were ruined around that year? I was clearly misinformed. Some of the vines are still falling off, but I feel I had gathered enough info from the sign.
    Or, so I hope I do.

    OOC: Hello. I hope maybe I can come into contact with other players soon, somehow? Just hoping.
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    posted a message on Necrotic: Blood Bond IC (Always accepting)
    Ugh. What a boring trip.
    I just got done walking through the forest I've called home for years. The trees are thinning. Some hours earlier, I set up camp with my helper, Morrimac. I did see some birds. I'm guessing Spring is just starting, as I've seen a few robins. Though, I have no real way of knowing. Maybe things changed for the 15 or so years I've spent in that cabin? I honestly don't know. About 15 minutes ago, I decided to rest a little bit around a massive tree. It appears to be a young redwood. For whatever reason, Morrimac appears to be pacing. It seems like he might be thinking. But, that has to be impossible, right? Robots have no emotions. Okay, resting time is over.

    "Morrimac, time to go", I say to my robot.

    It stops pacing, and begins to follow me. A slight breeze blows. I wouldn't expect to feel it, with my leather and iron suit. Then I remember.
    Around sixteen or seventeen hours earlier, I encountered a petty robber. He was orcish, and appeared to be on the run. He was easily taken care of, as he had no ammo for his weapon. However, while I was walking towards his unconscious body, I tripped on a tree root and fell on a completely random dagger. It made a hole, about 7 centimeters long and 3 centimeters wide. It managed to show my skin. I could repair it, but I never got to it.
    I thought this problem to be very minor, however, and just continued on with my journey. Now the woods are thinning, and I see something. I see...
    Actually, what is that?
    It looks like something I've read in one of my vast books. It looks like it popped out of one of my history books. I remember back.
    These are ruins. Ruins of a city from the 21st century.
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