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    I started a new Minecraft world only a few weeks ago, and was having fun until I entered the Nether, took one step backwards, and fell about a hundred blocks down into a sea of lava, where I promptly burned to death.

    To make matters worse, I've explored the Nether for hours, and I just can't find a Nether Fortress to save my life! I need to find one so I can find a Blaze spawner, then I can get Blaze Powder to make Eyes of Ender to find the End portal. The problem is that the new Nether in 1.16 is so horribly vertically oriented! I constantly reach dead ends of bottomless pits, and even after finding my way down them and exploring, I just cannot find a single Nether Fortress.

    Is there any way to have a better shot at locating Fortresses? I know I could probably chuck my seed into some program and it would spit out the coordinates of the closest Fortress, but I'm not interested in external methods like that.

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