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    posted a message on Greystone Vanilla SMP (1.12)

    You're whitelisted.

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    posted a message on NBT Insertions/Scoreboard Strings

    (This is not a wishlist, the second idea is pretty much required for the first to be useful)

    In this suggestion, NBT information passed by commands (entitydata, summon, give, etc.) are searched for any instances of this pattern *[scoreboard_name], and will replace any instance of that pattern with the value of the scoreboard objective scoreboard_name. When enclosed by quotes, it will instead look for the scoreboard string (see below).

    Scoreboard strings seem somewhat self explanatory. Adding a new subcommand to the /scoreboard command, "string" with the possible subcommands of "add"(self explanatory, adds a string with the name of the first argument), "set" (sets the value of the string name argument 1 as argument 2, allowing for spaces if you put quotes around it.), "concat", (adds the contents of string value of the name argument 2 to string value of name argument 1), "remove" (removes a string called argument 1), and "sub" (gets a substring from string value named argument 1, from positions argument 2 to argument 3 starting at 0, and puts it into string value named argument 4).

    Possible uses for this: creating an easier way of creating personalized items using functions, such as custom Lock tags for chests, easier parsing of user input, and lots of other things people much smarter than me would probably come up with ("I made an x86 emulator in Minecraft and ran Minecraft on it!" - SethBling probably).

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    posted a message on Make items that don't stack on the ground using the NoGroundStack NBT tag.

    When making stuff using functions, I like to make crafting recipes use items dropped on the ground because of limitations of functions. One issue comes with the items stacking on the ground. There is one solution to this, sort of, in that you can add "Count:1" to the item you're testing for's NBT tag, but that makes it so stacked items don't work for crafting and is generally a user-unfriendly way to do things. It would be so much simpler to just be able to disable item stacking for certain items using an NBT tag. This tag should also cause Item entities with a Count value over one to split into several entities, all with a Count value of 1.

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    posted a message on Greystone Vanilla SMP (1.12)

    I'm looking for 5 people for my new vanilla server, Greystone. Reply with your IGN and I'll whitelist the first 5 posts. I'm going to be using the functions feature often to make things like warps, money, and anything else people want.

    Here's the IP to save me time PMing everyone: greyston.mc.gg (yes I somehow managed to misspell the IP, don't judge me!)

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    posted a message on Greystone Vanilla Survival

    Hi, I just made the server Greystone Vanilla and I'm looking to add a few people to the whitelist. I'm going to be using the 1.12 function mechanic often, for currency and warps, and other things that players request. Just tell me your IGN and I'll add the first few people to the whitelist.

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    posted a message on New server In development Need staff.

    IGN - MiseroMC

    Say YES if you understand that asking a staff member about your application means an instant rejection of your application - Yes.

    Age - 15

    Timezone – American Eastern

    Current Rank – N/A

    Position you are applying for - Administrator

    What time are you most often on? (your time) - It's summer vacation for me now(thank god.), so for most of the day I'll be avaliable to get on.

    Are you multilingual (Speak more than one language)? - I'm not fluent in any language other than English, but I am able to communicate in Spanish in a way that does not make me sound like a four year old.

    When did you first play Minecraft, how often do you play? - I started playing just before the first 1.3 snapshot, and I play Minecraft for a majority of the time that I'm avaliable to play a game.

    Have you ever been banned or temp banned on another server? - No.

    What is your previous experience in any type of moderation? – I worked on a smallish server called Diamond Warriors Craft, and have owned a server before funding issues got in the way. I feel that I have enough experience dealing with new players and disruptive people to help with the server.

    How many hours can you contribute per day? - 4-7 per day during the summer.

    Have you donated? If so, when?(Not Needed to apply) - I would be donating to

    What advice would you give someone who had to deal with people younger than them? - Remember that you were that age before, and probably weren't much different.

    Do you have Discord? - I do not use discord often, but I do have an account.

    What is the date of the last application you made? – N/A

    How did you find this server? - Viewing the Server Recruitment board.

    Anything else we should know? – I look forward to being able to join your community and help it grow.

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    posted a message on Server Looking for Staff!!

    In Game Name: MiseroMC

    Age: 15

    Gender: M

    Skype (Required): dev.misero

    Why do you think you qualify for a staff position on the server?: I have a large amount of experience in using plugins, as well as making tweaks to plugins in order to change things to specifications. I enjoy finding solutions to problems while minimizing server load and hassle. I also love working with communities, and helping players/other staff.

    Why do you want a staff position on this server? I like to join communities and find ways to improve them. Being a part of a server and helping it to grow is one of the best parts of playing Minecraft for me.

    What are your strengths? (List at least 5):

    * Working with what I have, not needing a new plugin for every issue.

    * Creating more efficient ways of doing things.

    * Working with the internals of plugins and fixing errors/compatability issues.

    * General troubleshooting.

    * Working without guidance.

    What are your weaknesses? (List at least 3):

    * I am not the best builder

    * I am bothered slightly by working on an empty server, be it with players or other staff.

    * I can be kind of blunt in what I say.

    1) If two staff members are fighting, what do you do?

    Attempt to hear both sides of an issue, and try make a compromise or something of the sort.

    2) If you witness a player and staff member arguing back and forth, what do you do?

    I'd attempt to hear both sides of the issue and, depending on what the disagreement is(whether over a rule or a petty thing), I will reprimand either the player or staff member.

    3) If you see a player blatantly disrespecting staff, what do you do?

    At first, a warning, stating that the next offense will be a temporary mute of 5 hours, next 10, a week, and then permenantly, for each offense.

    4) If you do not like a fellow staff member, what do you do?

    Put it aside so we can both get our work done. It's not worth arguing over pointless things when there are things to get done.

    5) If you are getting frustrated with a player, what do you do?

    Depends on why I'm frustrated, if it is over a rule being broken I would take proper punishment for that rule, objective of how I feel about the player. If it is for a petty issue, it's best to just ignore it and go back to whatever I'm doing.

    Thank you for reading my application, and I look forward to your response.

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    posted a message on How can I show an entity's custom name in the scoreboard?

    What do you mean by "fake player"?

    EDIT: Nevermind, I apparently don't need an actual playername. Thanks.

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    posted a message on How can I show an entity's custom name in the scoreboard?

    How could I show, instead of a UUID, the entity's CustomName value as its name on the sidebar?

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    posted a message on A "programming language" built with command blocks.

    This is a project I've been thinking about for a while, and I've finally started it. I'm going to give a quick overview of the project, and keep updating here.


    This is a system that will be based off of running different programs, written directly as a chain of command blocks, or referencing other chains. The programs will be accessed and killed from scoreboard objectives. The idea would be to have a command to install whatever you're running from one command block.

    Current Progress

    At this point, we have a functional way of referring to command stacks. Multiple chains can be run from one objective, and the system is, in theory, fully extensible. I need some help with something, though. How could I save/load structures (1.10) from a command, if possible?

    Not going to give a download yet, as it fits into a 5x5 area.

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    posted a message on --*PhantomPhlameMc|Looking for 2 Admins|*--

    Name: James

    IGN: MiseroMC

    Why do you want to be a admin: I enjoy helping servers and players.

    What is your[/i] meaning of the word 'Admin': Someone to help the owner while they are away and use/manage plugins.

    Do you understand the importance and responsibility's as an admin: Yes.

    Can you manage players efficiently/if so, how: Yes, I have skills in managing large amounts of players.

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    posted a message on Miners Advanced Network ♦ Top Notch Gameplay {Hiring Staff and Builders}

    Section 1: Personal Information[/i]

    Name: James

    In-Game Name: MiseroMC

    Skype ID: dev.misero

    Age: 14

    Language(s) Spoken: English

    Time Zone: US Eastern

    Section 2: Reasoning


    About me: I have a lot of experience using plugins and fixing errors from running a server at one point(I had to shut it down after a while due to funding issues) and am versed in Java, with some experience in Bukkit programming.

    Why I should be chosen: I tend to work on one thing intently and don't really stop in the middle of things.

    Why I differ from my fellow applicants: I have a large amount of prior experience and can provide a lot of help fixing problems like compatibility issues or outdated plugins.

    Section 3: Questions.

    [/i]For staff applicants only:[/b]

    In the event a player begins hacking, what would you do?: It depends on the severity. If they're X-Raying and robbing someone dry, it would be a few weeks ban. If they were using killaura in KitPVP, maybe a few hours to a day. I'd leave permanent bans to higher staff members/the owner.

    In the event a player begins spamming, what would you do?: If they are a player that just joined ~5 minutes ago, I'd permanently mute them, as from experience these players are never going to be "good" players and stop. If they have been playing on the server for a few days, an hour or two depending on the offense.

    In the event a staff member is abusing his or her powers, what would you do?: I'd screenshot any physical damage(griefing, worldedit, etc) and screenshot my chat and launcher logs for chat. Then I would send this all to a higher staff member.

    I look forward to being a part of your server!

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    posted a message on New 1.9 Factions Server Retronix Wants staff and a CoOwner

    Name: James

    Age: 14

    Skype(Mic Required): dev.misero

    IGN: MiseroMC

    Mature(1-10): 8

    Can you Donate: At times, yes.

    Rank: Admin

    Why: I am strongest in the suit of plugins. I enjoy finding ways to improve the server for the players and have an understanding of the internals of plugins.

    Experince: I have operated many small-time servers that
    never really gained traction due to a lack of resources on my part
    limiting the server's ability, and as a result of that am good at
    managing server resources adequately. Along with that, I am an operator
    on a semi-small server called the Realm of Matte and have been working
    there for quite a while. I have a basic understanding of plugin development and am
    versed in Java, both of which can allow me to resolve dependency errors
    and compatibility of plugins. I understand how to use many essential
    plugins and am quick to learn.

    Why me?:

    I tend to work on one project intently, and
    tend not to stray from it, which has proven useful on getting things
    done. I believe that the other reasons have been detailed above.

    Thanks for looking at my application.

    EDIT: Added some details as per DeathEater's request.

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    posted a message on Change One Word in the Above Sentence

    All mojangstas died on one chicken

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    posted a message on More old versions to play in the launcher.

    I would love to play survival test. Support!

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