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    Hello! I'm TheMinecraftMeme, and today I'm going to toss a couple of tales, so get ready to huddle by the fire! Minecraft tales, simple ones, creepy ones, any kind! I'm going to vary them and stories will be published from time to time! :Bacon:


    "Tell me some stories, Grandpa." yawned the young girl, her nightgown flew and danced in the air. She sat on the soft carpet next to the Fireplace.

    "Isn't it about time you should head to bed, madam?" laughed the older man, his hair was white. And he sat on the velvet couch next to a bookshelf.
    His bony hand reached for a dusty large book, he blew the dust out and opened the first page.

    "Tales of Minecraft" he read out loud, his granddaughter listened with great interest.
    This, ladies and gentlemen, are the tales found in the book.

    The Soldier and His Sword
    Date made: August 9, 2013.
    "Are my men ready?" General Hawthorne yelled. Dawn was just approaching, and Hawthorne and his army were going to face the Battle of Fenland.Of course his men were ready. Well, all 39 of them.

    What was that, dear reader? You do not like the number I gave? Well, it's like that for a reason, because one soldier is quite unhappy and not ready.

    He was very, very unhappy.

    "Where is it?" said the soldier, his face looked troubled.
    The bunker laid next to a river, with 2 men who stayed on it. The protagonist and his friend.

    "What do you mean, Waylon?" said the friend

    "My sword, that's what it is!"
    "Didn't you put it outside last night?"
    "I don't know, I wasn't sober yesterday"
    "You got drunk the day before the war?" chuckled the soldier.
    "Do not mock my actions, Richard." said Waylon

    You might be wondering, when did this happen? My dear reader, it's been far too long ever since this occurrence that you shouldn't be asking.

    You see here, Waylon wasn't ready to give up that old rusty iron sword. It was passed down by generations, from his Father's father, and his father's father. It was a special one indeed.

    "I'm heading out to find it." said Waylon, opening the door.
    "Geez, you're the persistent one are you?" Richard yawned and drank his shot of rum,
    "Just be sure to come back, you're saving your life later for the war!" He laughed.

    The soldier strapped his helmet and 5 inch high rubber boots, his body was covered with nothing but muck. Lord knows when was the last time he took a shower.

    Enough time for hygiene though, it was time for Waylon for his quest.
    He entered through a bushy forest, it's confuzzling how he thinks his weapon ended up in there.
    But hey, this is a story, and who's narrating it?"

    "Boy, my wife and I would love settling down in this place" he exclaimed, rubbing his chin.
    After about 5 minutes, he spots a hole."Aha!" he yelled.

    And down Waylon went into the deep hole. He almost forgot how much time passed until he reached the very bottom.
    "Oh cripes, oh no." Waylon wept, wondering how in the world he would ever get back up again.

    "What'ssss the matter?" hissed a high-pitched, frightening voice.
    "I'm lost, that's what" he sniffed, blowing on his handkerchief, oh how oblivious was this foolish soldier.

    The unknown figure came out of the shadows, Waylon took a good look at it, and his eyes widened in curiosity and fear.
    "Eh? What are you?" he stuttered, staring into the creature's soulless eyes.
    "I'm the creeper of the cavernsssss. And what is a human doing here in my territory?" snickered the green monster, his scent smelled like faint gunpowder.

    "Cripes, didn't I tell you already? I'm lost!" Waylon sobbed, honking louder on his soggy handkerchief

    "Don't worry, I'll jusssst get you out"
    "What?" asked the soldier
    "I'll jussssssst get you out" the creature repeated
    "Is there something wrong with your throat?"

    "It'ssss the way I wassss born, excusssse you." the monster said irritably.
    "Okay, little human, I'll get you out of here on one condition." said the creeper
    "You give me one one of your prized possessionssssss" he smiled.
    "I don't got none. All I got is this match." Waylon took out a match and set it on fire, the creeper's eyes widened.

    "Get that thing away from me! Put it down, put it down!" he yelled. Backing away, his body seemed to twitch.
    "Okay, geez." the soldier sighed, throwing it right next to the monster's feet
    "Y-you.. idiot--"

    A very large explosion happened next, and what happened to our main character? Alive, of course. Why would I let our protagonist die at the climax? Silly reader.......

    "Oh, is he breathing?" asked a man
    "Look! His ear is twitching!" beamed another

    "Get out of the way!" yelled a familiar voice, it was General Hawthorne, he scooped up Waylon and brought him to one of the nearby bunkers.

    "Can you hear me, Lieutenant?! Do you hear me?" he yelled again, becoming impatient.The soldier coughed and gasped for air, his body was covered in ash.
    "Yes *cough* sir"
    "Hey Waylon" Richard spoke
    "I found your sword!"

    Waylon stood up, suprised and happy.
    "Really, where'd you see it?"
    "Under your mattress, what in the world happened to you?

    Waylon scratched his head, "I... some kind of... green explosive monster."

    Richard shook his head.
    "There you are, wasting yourself again!"
    "I did not get drunk!" He shouted "I swear, I'm not lying!"

    "Whatever." he laughed.

    "Alright Men, it's time." General Hawthorne led all 40 of them to the war. And finally, the soldier,

    The soldier was ready.

    The man closed the book, his granddaughter pouted.
    "Grandpa, why'd you stop?"
    He looked at her
    "Child, you might not like this next story, it might give you nightmares."
    She stood up and crossed her arms.
    "Hey! I'm not scared, come on, let's go on with it!"
    The man shook his head, smiled, and continued on to the next tale

    The Pot of Soup
    Date made: August 10, 2013
    Be careful reader, this story isn't as pleasant as the others.

    A rainy day it was. Deep in the forest was a small hut, there lived a woman and her son.
    They weren't the richest, in fact, they were so poor, that all they had for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, was a bowl of soup.

    "Rolas!" shouted the mother, "Where are you?" she was fighting the roar of the rain with her own voice.The roof was made of Nipa Palms and tough leaves, even thought it suffices; raindrops often seeped through and it made the small house damp.

    "Oh no, where is my son?" cried the woman, she squinted her eyes and looked, to her surprise she found Rolas.
    "Rolas! You clumsy boy! Get in here!" yelled his mother,

    Rolas nodded and ran in, his clothes soaking wet.
    His mother, Maria got a new pair of clothes for his son, he accepted it willingly.

    "Ah child, what were you doing outside in the rain?!"
    "Ma, I thought I saw someone else spying outside our home! I swear I saw it, Ma!" said the son
    "Enough of your lies, boy. Come on, it's time for us to eat, at least you're safe" Maria gave a sigh of relief and headed to the Cauldron. The water was boiling, she stirred the soup and added cubes of pork and salt.

    Pork and Salt. That was the only thing poor Maria and Rolas could afford.

    "Ma? When can we have something other than soup?" said Rolas, longing for food, his mother grabbed a large spoon and poured the soup in a wooden bowl.

    "Oh son, we simply can't afford any other food." she said, as she handed the bowl to Rolas. He looked at the watery soup, and reluctantly drank it.

    After dinner, they went to bed, the raindrops from the roof dropped to their hammocks every now and then, surely, nobody wanted to live in a place like that.

    Morning came, Maria woke up first, she stood up, walked up to the cauldron, and started making soup. This would be her daily routine. Every day, until she died

    Mother noticed that there was no more meat or salt for the soup to have taste, she looked at Rolas who was sleeping.
    "Rolas, wake up!" she shook her son with gentle force. And immediately, Rolas opened his eyes.

    "What is it, Mama?"
    "We have no more ingredients for soup."
    "Good." Rolas joked.
    "Son, please, get me some meat from a cow or pig, and buy some seasoning from the market." Maria handed him a makeshift sword along with 2 Gold coins.

    "And what will you give me in return?" he joked again.
    "Rolas!" his mother yelled irritably.

    The boy chuckled and left the hut, moist air welcomed him. He planned to head to the market to buy seasonings first.

    "Ah, well if it isn't Rolas." beamed the plump man, his beard was long and bushy, his cheeks were rosy. It was Manuel, an old friend.

    "Hello, Manuel!" waved Rolas. The man smiled, he bent down and grabbed some herbs and a small jar with salt.

    "The usual, eh?" Manuel smirked.
    "How's your Mama?"
    "Any news about your Pa?"

    His father, Angelo. Had gone missing for over a month. He went out hunting for ingredients of soup, as usual, and he never came back. Some say he was consumed by the monsters deep in the forest, others say he ran off to find another woman. Maria, who heard this, immediately refused and claimed that Angelo would never cheat on her.

    "Oh, sorry to hear that."
    "It's fine. Hey, how much is this?" asked Rolas, he pointed at Manuel's items
    "Three gold coins"

    "I got two." Rolas sighed
    Manuel smiled and winked at him, "Hey, since you're my kumpadre. I'll deduct it to two gold coins"

    Rolas grinned, "Salamat! Thanks Manuel!"
    Manuel smiled and waved as Rolas went to the forest.

    That was the last time Manuel ever saw him

    As the boy entered the jungle, he searched for an animal, chickens were very rare at that time.
    They normally costed 30 Gold Coins for just one part of the animal.

    After a couple of minutes, Rolas spotted a lone cow. It looked healthy, its body seemed bulk, which was perfect for the soup. Rolas got his sword and crept onto the cow.

    The cow, who obviously spotted him, ran to a nearby bush. He followed the prey, and as soon as he was about to attack, a figure ran past the cow, so fast, that all Rolas saw was a blur.

    Confused and frightened, he looked around. The cow ran away in fear, Rolas didn't care anymore. He was more interested in that figure.
    At least 10 minutes passed, and Rolas was basically lost in the jungle.

    "H-hellooo?" he shouted.

    Doing so made the birds fly out of the leaves of the tree.

    An ambiance came, and as soon as Rolas knew it, someone was behind him.

    The figure stood still, it's eyes were empty, his shirt was bloody and there was fog surrounding him.



    "Rolas?!" yelled Maria
    "Son...? Please, answer me..!" she desperately cried

    It was night in the jungle, and the fog swallowed the air, she brought a lantern to find him.

    Grass rustled behind her.

    She turned around, and almost immediately, the scariest voice whispered to her ear.
    "He's coming."

    She screamed, then, the monster got her.

    Credits to all the books that have inspired me, I couldn't have wrote these tales without the incredible authors.And thank
    you. For taking your time into reading my stories, I spend a lot of time into this :)

    More tales and stories will be released soon! Until now, enjoy :D

    Forever yours,TheMinecraftMeme
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    Looks cool, it feels like a Bodil40 kind of theme, but hey, I play those maps too much XD

    Will post results after I'm done :)
    Edit: I was Spawned with Creative. I was spawned in the air floating. Please fix this in your next versions

    Who the heck is Dragonking? I'm in a SSP.

    Okay... so here's my result

    Many Bugs. It made the game a bit hard playing
    Impossible Jumps Especially in the End, there was an impossible jump, 4 blocks long and 1 block high. I don't think I can do that.
    Short I'm looking forward to the new version with a bit more length
    Signs, Signs everywhere It was pretty hard to read, in the next versions please fix all your spelling errors too XD
    A small version of Epic Jump Map? I don't know it felt like it, especially with the Trolls, and Things.

    Nonetheless, the map was pretty good and I loved the tunes. But here's another thing. Do /gamerule CommandblockOutput False it makes the map less chat spammy :P

    I give this map a 6.3/10 - Good
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    Quote from GNEHZ

    here you go- http://imgur.com/ETsd4IB
    thx for the patience

    don't worry i am still going to make the skin
    and btw did you request a skin?

    Yeah I did but I edited it out because I thought you weren't making any more so I didn't want to waste your time.
    but since you are making it then here's my request :)

    Okay, so this is my current skin.

    It's Link, but Female Form and with a Red Tunic. I would like something similar to this :)

    I'm going to try and describe as best as I can so that you won't have a hard time guessing XD

    Gender: Female
    Head: Same ears, no mouth, no nose. XD
    Hair Color: Brownish Blonde :Notch:
    Eye Color: Green like my Current Skin
    Body: Instead of a Red Tunic, I'd like a Green Hoodie, can you please put a black creeper face at the back? I request that the hoodie have more details in it (Like shadings) :)
    Skin Color: Same as my current skin
    Lower Part of Body: Light brown khaki shorts and simple shoes, any color of the shoes that will fit my skin.
    Arm: On any arm can you please put a wrist band, I think purple wrist band works.
    Any other details: In the middle of my Green Hoodie, can you please put a TriForce there? Here it is
    It doesn't have to be big, just the right size :)

    Thank you sooo much and if you could do it I'd appreciate it
    Thanks and :DORE: :DORE: :DORE: :DORE: :DORE: to you!
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    Looks very cool :D
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    Quote from GNEHZ

    so i think i might make your skin the last cause i only know how you want his face to look but i have ni idea about his body so i hope you can understand if your skin is delayed cause other peoples have specific things to let me make

    Hi if you are no longer making skins any more then just tell me so I'll know because I don't want to wait a week and then just being notified that the maker doesn't make skins anymore. It's fine, dont worry :Ham:
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    Quote from GNEHZ

    Hello guys the skins may be delayed by a bit
    cause i have a friend coming tm
    so i hope you can understand

    It's fine. Just notify us when you're ready to make the skins. :)
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    This looks cool
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    Hello! Are you still making skin requests? :) If not, then it's okay. Just reply back when you feel like it.
    Thanks and sorry for bugging!
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    Quote from JohnJoyce

    Hi, could you create a skin of this guy, Shusuke Amagai

    Please stop posting multiples of requests in different Skin Shops. Just STOP.
    Not only are you making the Skin Maker's time harder but you are also wasting the skins that are being made, since you are going to use only one.

    Make up your mind, please. And stop spamming these requests through out the forum. Not trying to be rude, but it's getting on my nerves.
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    Quote from _Master_O_Link_

    Wow i havent seen this in a long time, I was on this stuff when you had to do it manually bowser.

    Same, I remember being a regular player from the old times, and here it is, automatic and me being an Administrator. XD
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    :o Hey man! Wanna write lyrics together?
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    How do I Minecraft

    But yeah, just go to where you spawn when you go to the Nether, press F3. Head South or North and walk for like 6-10 minutes, a Nether Fortress should generate somewhere.Don't forget to write down the coordinates of where your portal is, you don't wanna get lost.Unless you got a Minimap Mod :3
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    Please don't blow upPlease don't blow upPlease don't blow upPlease don't blow upPlease don't blow upPlease don't blow upPlease don't blow upPlease don't blow upPlease don't blow upPlease don't blow upPlease don't blow upPlease don't blow upPlease don't blow upPlease don't blow up
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