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    posted a message on Need Help!! Getting bored already, Need goals

    You could also try mods, many of which add some form of actual progression to the game, or make exploration more interesting; for example, I've been making my own mods for the past 6 years to make caving more interesting (this is about the only thing I do when playing) - I don't even care about official updates (which actually made caves less interesting in 1.7 with little in the way of changes since then). Otherwise, I'm pretty much the exact opposite of you - my current world has 31.83 days of playtime over 214 sessions (3.57 hours per session), and that isn't even close to my longest-played world:

    Some people consider several hundred iron to be a lot, while I have over a hundred thousand - all mined by hand (otherwise, anybody with this much of any resource is using automated farms, which I've never used):

    These are surface and underground (layer 20) renderings of the world, as of a few weeks ago - virtually the entire underground is lit up (minus chunks around the edges of the generated area, which I trimmed away before making these renderings so as to not accidentally reveal anything I haven't seen yet):

    This is an example of how I've made caving more interesting - nothing in vanilla can ever come close to this, and they can get even larger:

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    posted a message on Anyone know why Pixelmon servers get a pass from the EULA when it comes to gambling.

    A better question is how Pixelmon itself still exists:

    Minecraft Pokemon mod taken down after legal threats from Nintendo

    That was over two years ago; the official site indicates that it hasn't been updated since then and the download link is broken, so anybody distributing it (including any "remakes") has to be illegally distributing it (doubly so; against both Nintendo and the mod creators themselves; I presume people get it from sites like the ones listed here. There's also a site offering "Pixelmon Reforged", which sounds a lot like a copy of the original mod).

    Of course, even the most popular mod of all time, Optifine, is technically violating the EULA by offering capes, which aren't allowed under any terms, even for free (much less "donations"; the EULA also says you can't make any money off of mods), so they aren't exactly strict in enforcing the EULA (but that doesn't mean you can get away with it; Mojang probably relies on reports to find offenders so if nobody ever reports them they will never be caught).

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    posted a message on Forge modpack crashes whenever I die, not sure what is causing it. Please help!

    Both reports are referring to the same class, which belongs to PlusTiC (PlusTiC-Mod-1.12.2):

    java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: c4/conarm/lib/capabilities/ArmorAbilityHandler at landmaster.plustic.traits.DeathSaveTrait.timing(DeathSaveTrait.java:70)

    I did find a report of a the same issue on the GitHub for PlusTiC, and a few other sites, which is caused by an outdated version - you have version, which is affected by this issue (fixed in according to the resolution of the aforementioned report).

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    posted a message on Phantoms. What is a night?

    The Wiki doesn't seem to make any mention of this but it appears that time spent in the Nether does count (for example, it is mentioned in this Reddit thread); while it is true that even the spawn chunks are unloaded when you leave the Overworld, thus no processing occurs, game time continues to progress as usual - I've gone to the Nether while it was day and it was night when I returned and my mod's "inventory stats" continued to show the passing of days (based on day/night cycles, not overall time, which is a separate variable which is unaffected by sleeping or time commands).

    Of course, this is in 1.6.4 but I don't see why this would have changed since then; the same also applies to the End, and the game may very well simply check for when the time since you last slept reaches 1 hour, and there is a statistic which tracks this, "Since Last Rest" (listed near the bottom), which is used to control the spawning of phantoms.

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    posted a message on A light level of 0 should be totally dark
    Quote from 6TheMadHatter9»

    Light level 0 is totally dark. What lightens it up is the light coming from the blocks further away.

    Just like real life if you are in a room with no lights on it;s dark until you open the door to another room that has light in it. The light from that room will spill into the dark room.

    Not true at all:
    In the Overworld with the "Moody" brightness setting, full daylight reaches 98% brightness,[luma 1] while at night brightness is reduced to about 17%[luma 1] and is shaded blue. Full darkness is about 5% brightness.


    The game also has no such mechanics to make a dark room appear brighter just because there is some light coming in from far away - unless the actual light level rises to 1 or more (that is, the brightness at your position, not the far-away light source, which will be visible as long as it isn't so far away as to be obscured by fog).

    Here is a better example, using more refined code since I made this thread:
    A partially lit cave with brightness set to "bright":

    The same image with enhanced brightness and contrast - the darkest areas are pure, pitch black, RGB(0,0,0), and no amount of image enhancements (or monitor settings) will ever let you see anything (you may see gray instead of black but there will be no details):

    A comparison of the internal light tables on Moody (left) and Bright (right); the pixel in the upper-left corner corresponds to total darkness, which is RGB(0,0,0) in either case:

    Also, I made it so that when you are below sea level fog is completely black unless there is sky light; I believe that current vanilla versions still darken fog as you go deeper (a remnant of the void fog code) but it doesn't go black until you reach the void:

    As seen in this comparison fog color depends on how much sky light there is; as long as you aren't in the void it will be its normal (surface) color as long as you have skylight exposure, varying in darkness with the light level (and time of day). Note that even when a cave goes out of loaded chunks you can't see the sky, avoiding a sudden cutoff to visibility (this isn't much of an issue in vanilla unless your render distance is very low as individual caves/ravines are no more than 7 chunks long):

    Here is my current lightmap code, which also avoids the issues I mentioned with Night Vision, including vanilla bugs (turning excessively orange or blue on Moody, as well as not being consistent as brightness varies; with this code it appears the same on Moody as on Bright):

    private void refreshLightmap(float par1, WorldClient theWorld, EntityLivingBase thePlayer)
        float[] brightnessTable = theWorld.provider.lightBrightnessTable;
        float gamma = this.minecraft.gameSettings.gammaSetting;
        boolean nightVision = thePlayer.isPotionActive(Potion.nightVision);
        float nvBrightness = (nightVision ? this.getNightVisionBrightness(thePlayer, par1, gamma / 10.0F) : 0.0F);
        boolean lightning = theWorld.lastLightningBolt > 0;
        float torchFlicker = this.torchFlickerX * 0.1F + 1.5F;
        float sunBrightness1 = theWorld.getSunBrightness(1.0F);
        float sunBrightness2 = sunBrightness1 * 0.65F + 0.35F;
        sunBrightness1 = sunBrightness1 * 0.95F + 0.05F;
        boolean isEnd = (theWorld.provider.dimensionId == 1);
        // With Night Vision active nvBrightness varies from 0.4 to 1.0; forces gamma
        // higher to fix discoloration near light sources on lower gamma settings
        if (nightVision) gamma = 0.968F + nvBrightness * nvBrightness * 0.2F;
        // Scales light levels so that levels 1-15 cover a wider range with lower levels
        // being darker than vanilla (level 15 is the same). Scales with gamma setting;
        // equivalent to (0.96 + 0.03) * scale - offset
        float offset = gamma * 0.11F;
        float scale = (offset + 1.0F) * 0.96F;
        offset = (offset + 1.0F) * 0.03F - offset;
        // When true sets a light level of (0,0) to total darkness
        boolean setBlackLevel = (theWorld.provider.dimensionId == 0 && !nightVision);
        for (int bl = 0; bl < 16; ++bl)
            float blockLight = brightnessTable[bl] * torchFlicker;
            float blGreen = blockLight * (blockLight * 0.36F + 0.64F);
            float blBlue = blockLight * (blockLight * blockLight * 0.6F + 0.4F);
            for (int sl = 0; sl < 16; ++sl)
                float skyLight = (lightning ? brightnessTable[sl] : brightnessTable[sl] * sunBrightness1);
                float skyBrightness = skyLight * sunBrightness2;
                float red = (skyBrightness + blockLight) * 0.96F + 0.03F;
                float green = (skyBrightness + blGreen) * 0.96F + 0.03F;
                float blue = (skyLight + blBlue) * 0.96F + 0.03F;
                if (isEnd)
                    red = 0.22F + blockLight * 0.75F;
                    green = 0.28F + blGreen * 0.75F;
                    blue = 0.25F + blBlue * 0.75F;
                else if (this.bossStatus1 > 0.0F)
                    float mult = this.bossStatus2 + (this.bossStatus1 - this.bossStatus2) * par1;
                    float inv = 1.0F - mult;
                    red = red * inv + red * 0.7F * mult;
                    green = green * inv + green * 0.6F * mult;
                    blue = blue * inv + blue * 0.6F * mult;
                if (red > 1.0F) red = 1.0F;
                if (green > 1.0F) green = 1.0F;
                if (blue > 1.0F) blue = 1.0F;
                if (nightVision)
                    float mult = 1.0F / red;
                    if (mult > 1.0F / green) mult = 1.0F / green;
                    if (mult > 1.0F / blue) mult = 1.0F / blue;
                    float inv = 1.0F - nvBrightness;
                    mult *= nvBrightness;
                    red = red * inv + red * mult;
                    green = green * inv + green * mult;
                    blue = blue * inv + blue * mult;
                float invRed = 1.0F - red;
                float invGreen = 1.0F - green;
                float invBlue = 1.0F - blue;
                float inv = 1.0F - gamma;
                red = red * inv + (1.0F - invRed * invRed * invRed * invRed) * gamma;
                green = green * inv + (1.0F - invGreen * invGreen * invGreen * invGreen) * gamma;
                blue = blue * inv + (1.0F - invBlue * invBlue * invBlue * invBlue) * gamma;
                // Multiplies values by scale and adds offset so range is expanded downwards (1 remains the same
                // while lower values progressively decrease)
                red = red * scale + offset;
                green = green * scale + offset;
                blue = blue * scale + offset;
                if (red > 1.0F) red = 1.0F;
                if (green > 1.0F) green = 1.0F;
                if (blue > 1.0F) blue = 1.0F;
                if (red < 0.0F) red = 0.0F;
                if (green < 0.0F) green = 0.0F;
                if (blue < 0.0F) blue = 0.0F;
                this.lightmapData[sl << 4 | bl] = -16777216 | (int)(red * 255.0F) << 16 | (int)(green * 255.0F) << 8 | (int)(blue * 255.0F);
        // Sets a light level of (0,0) to total darkness, not applied when Night Vision
        // is in effect or in the Nether/End
        if (setBlackLevel) this.lightmapData[0] = -16777216;
        this.updateLightmap = false;

    Also, a related issue is how easy it is to force permanent "Night Vision" by simply editing the game settings, which should also be fixed (aside from enabling exploits like this it is a leading cause of crashes and reinstallations (when they only had to delete options.txt) when downgrading, as the game doesn't apply any sort of bounds-checking to most of the settings). As with the light level 0 fix, there is no reason to object to this as the game has a legit way of enabling you to see in the dark (for Creative you can simply use commands or get a potion from the Creative inventory; alternatively, some way could be added to adjust the minimum brightness level from fully dark to fully bright but only for Creative/Spectator):

    // Prevents user from editing options.txt to set gamma outside its valid range of 0-1
    float f = this.minecraft.gameSettings.gammaSetting;
    if (f < 0.0F || f > 1.0F)
        System.out.println("Warning: gammaSetting was outside of its expected range (0-1); was " + f);
        this.minecraft.gameSettings.gammaSetting = Math.max(0.0F, Math.min(1.0F, f));

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    posted a message on Lags
    Quote from Sharpe103»

    No, I seriously doubt it.

    Anyway, it would have to be in either in spawn chunks or in chunks currently loaded by active players to exist. Is it in spawn chunks?

    Blocks like sugar cane are only randomly ticked within chunks which are 128 blocks of a player so it doesn't matter if they are in spawn chunks; I also really doubt that simple random block updates can ever cause any lag unless the server is already having performance issues (there are about 200 chunks within ticking range; assuming there are an average of 5 sections loaded per chunk this is 1000 sections, each of which has 3 blocks randomly ticked per game tick for a total of 3000 random block ticks per game tick).

    I've never had any issues from fields of hundreds of crops, or noticed any increase in tick time (usually 2 ms or less out of a maximum of 50 ms, despite hundreds of tile entities and dozens of entities at my main base in the spawn chunks (note that the first image shows 312 mobs loaded, far beyond the vanilla "E:" value of 113 total entities; it is higher even when at my base since the "E:" number only shows client-side entities while "mob counts" is server-side). Of course, 1.6.4 performs better than newer versions even without my own optimizations).

    That said, I do see redstone components (pistons and observers), which have been notorious for causing lag (redstone dust in particular is horribly unoptimized, especially with how 1.8+ uses "BlockPos" objects for coordinates, as noted in a comment).

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    posted a message on What do you think of deserts?

    The issue with unstable ground isn't an issue for me since back in 1.6.4 caves and ravines can't cut through sand or sandstone, leaving an interesting looking ceiling of sandstone stalactites (example); in TMCW I allow them to cut through any block but they turn sand above them into sandstone (as did Mojang when they first added this feature in 1.8, after I did, later removing the sandstone), and similarly the patches of sand that generate underwater (after terrain/caves are generated) generate sandstone over air so caves under oceans are completely dry aside from the usual springs (IMO, 1.13 made ocean biomes totally pointless by making all caves filled with water).

    As far as the biome itself goes, I mainly see them as adding some variation to a world which is otherwise mostly grass and/or trees, same for biomes like mesas (or my own modded biomes, which includes underground biomes in the form of sandstone caves in deserts, more recently expanded to go all the way down to bedrock; many of the biomes I've added in an upcoming update are "desert/mesa-type" biomes, as opposed to "grassy/forest-type" biomes). I do use quite a lot of glass to build my bases but I've never had any trouble finding enough from bodies of water around spawn so deserts aren't really necessary for a source of sand (you'd be surprised at how much sand generates underwater, even this base only used about half the sand in the lake in front of it, not including more outside the rendering. Unless there is a desert close to spawn, or along the path to a stronghold, I only find them long after I build my base since I otherwise only explore while caving, including my current world).

    The lack of wood or passive mobs (none in 1.6.4, though a developmental version of TMCW has rabbits, but also no stone, as there is only sandstone underground, unless you make a cobblestone generator) also isn't an issue since there is always a different biome a few minutes away (unless you are on Large Biomes, and even then the spawn search algorithm tries to find a grassy biome; the only time I've ever spawned in a desert was in an oasis biome in TMCW's version of "Desert M" in a test world, which doesn't really count either way since it has trees and animals).

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    posted a message on Your First Minecraft base?

    This is my first base, from my first world:

    This is pretty much the same as it was back in 2013, with the only real changes since then being to the underground storage room, which currently contains the equivalent of more than 3 million resources collected while caving, with new corridors added as needed. The large area with a glass roof was also originally used as a tree farm, now it is basically just decorative, with half of it being a pen for passive mobs, just a few of each type. Otherwise, I've never felt the need to "improve" it (for example, this is the most recent main base I made, most of which have had the same general structure; still not exactly that fancy, like the detailed houses and stuff other players make, but I play the game as an exploration/adventure game, not a building game).

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    posted a message on Can't install forge on 1.4.7
    Quote from athrunzf»

    Hello there. I've tried to do the same steps that you said, but looks like minecraft dont want us to play older version anymore x.x

    In my case, i want to play the 1.4.2 version with some old mods. Here is the part of json file that says download:

    You definitely can still play older versions; I've ever had any issues whatsoever playing 1.6.4 with my own mods installed in the manner described; even when they changed the json format to add in the downloads stuff older jsons continued to work.

    As for editing the json , you want to completely remove the entire "downloads" section that refers to "client.jar" - just select the lines and press delete, as I showed in my previous example. Here are the exact lines that you want to remove:

    "downloads": {
    "client": {
    "url": "https://launcher.mojang.com/v1/objects/42d6744cfbbd2958f9e6688dd6e78d86d658d0d4/client.jar",
    "sha1": "42d6744cfbbd2958f9e6688dd6e78d86d658d0d4",
    "size": 4928385
    "server": {
    "url": "https://launcher.mojang.com/v1/objects/5be700523a729bb78ef99206fb480a63dcd09825/server.jar",
    "sha1": "5be700523a729bb78ef99206fb480a63dcd09825",
    "size": 2018455
    "windows_server": {
    "url": "https://launcher.mojang.com/v1/objects/5c94ac0043dc21bc71b8e1fa3fbac62139c820fe/windows_server.exe",
    "sha1": "5c94ac0043dc21bc71b8e1fa3fbac62139c820fe",
    "size": 2199703

    It should now look like this (based on what you posted, which suggests that the json format for 1.4.2 is not the same as 1.6.4 or newer versions, where the "downloads" section comes between "assets" and "id":):
    "mainClass": "net.minecraft.launchwrapper.Launch",
    "minimumLauncherVersion": 4,
    "assets": "pre-1.6",
    "assetIndex": {
    "totalSize": 49381897,
    "id": "pre-1.6",
    "known": true,
    "url": "https://launchermeta.mojang.com/v1/packages/4759bad2824e419da9db32861fcdc3a274336532/pre-1.6.json",
    "sha1": "4759bad2824e419da9db32861fcdc3a274336532",
    "size": 73813

    Don't forget to change the "id": line (NOT the id for assets, which sounds suspicious since it should be "legacy", not "pre-1.6", and what you posted can't be the entire json file, which is around 10KB for 1.6.4 and includes a bunch of libraries that the game needs to run) and rename the files as otherwise the launcher will still redownload a clean copy (this has been the case since the 1.6 launcher).

    Also, if you are having issues launching 1.4.7, namely crashes, you need to run older versions in a separate game directory, which can easily be set by editing the installation (the importance of this cannot be understated; if you open a world in the wrong version it will be corrupted, or you'll be unable to downgrade):
    If the player wants to change the .minecraft file path, they can turn on the "Game directory" option. Now, navigate to the folder where the player wishes to relocate the .minecraft folder. The player can also open the Minecraft profile by clicking the green arrow-shaped "Go to folder" button.


    Alternatively, use a third-party launcher like MultiMC, which were designed for running modded versions; you don't even need to modify the jar or edit any files, just select the mods from a list and they will automatically be loaded when you launch the game, much like how Forge itself loads mods from a "mods" folder. They can also replicate the "classic" (pre-1.6) .minecraft folder structure (some mods, such as ModLoader, do not work with the current structure; there is a patch available but I don't know if it still works. All of these issues are simply because Mojang does not support mods and do not make any attempts to ensure they keep working, and most modders don't bother updating mods for old versions to fix them - most game developers don't even let you play older versions at all).

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    posted a message on The results of 100 play sessions of caving

    While I've been using my own "play session statistics" mod for the past 5 years I never collected the data until recently, when I added code that printed it out to the game log so it could automatically be collected, and I made charts of this data over a 100 day (play session) period, perhaps the best example so far of just how much caving I do - over this period I mined an average of 3476 resources, 3256 ores, collected 5504 XP, and killed 361 mobs - every day for 100 days straight.

    This shows all the data; "resources" includes ore blocks (not the individual drops), rails, cobwebs, and moss stone, while mob kills only include the mobs shown here (other mobs are not included, including a handful of silverfish). The amount of XP collected does not always track the amount of ores mined and mobs killed since I accumulate iron and gold ore in my ender chest, and when I smelt it I may not come back to empty the furnaces right away:

    Ores only; you can see that coal is by far the most abundant ore, averaging about 2/3 of the total, followed by iron at about 1/4 of the total, with all other ores being relatively insignificant; below is a zoomed-in view that shows rarer ores better:

    A lot of the variation here reflects how I explore large cave systems, from the top to bottom and edges inwards; mineshafts also have an influence as they are usually within a relatively narrow range (further influenced by this being a modded world with a lower lava level, as well as altitude ranges of rarer ores, while the range of mineshafts was unaltered. There are also more caves near and above sea level in mountainous biomes, partly offset by additional iron above sea level at 1/3 the density):

    Non-mineral resources; you can see that I find dungeons nearly every day (moss stone) as well as mineshafts every other day or so, even with a frequency that is about the same as 1.7 in the version of TMCW that I played on while recording this (they are 2.5 times more common in 1.6.4 as in 1.7; later versions of TMCW have about 1.5 times the 1.7 frequency). The big spike near the right reflects a particularly large mineshaft, the largest one that I've ever found (as measured by rails collected):

    A closer look at spawners by themselves, which are hard to see in any of the charts above due to being so uncommon, averaging about 3 per day:

    Mob kills; I did not record the data for individual mobs although I easily could have done so. Similar to rarer ores, there is a pattern evident where the number of mobs rises and falls over several play sessions, again reflecting how I explore cave systems, where the number increases as they become more concentrated in the center, then drops off as I explore fresh areas (this is also a good indicator of how many mobs might be encountered on the surface at night):

    Here is a table of all the data I collected:

    Finally, here is a before and after comparison of the caves that I explored, along with a surface rendering to give a better sense of scale (overall cave density in this version of TMCW is similar to vanilla 1.6.4, but cave systems are more separated into individual cave systems due to larger cave systems generating aligned to a 7x7 chunk grid). The actual area explored is about 15930 chunks (the number remaining after I trimmed away chunks without torches within a 1 chunk radius underground), and includes around 60 additional play sessions spent caving based on an average of about 100 chunks explored per play session:

    The top half is from before (I explored a bit more before I started collecting data):

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