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    Quote from athrunzf»

    Hello there. I've tried to do the same steps that you said, but looks like minecraft dont want us to play older version anymore x.x

    In my case, i want to play the 1.4.2 version with some old mods. Here is the part of json file that says download:

    You definitely can still play older versions; I've ever had any issues whatsoever playing 1.6.4 with my own mods installed in the manner described; even when they changed the json format to add in the downloads stuff older jsons continued to work.

    As for editing the json , you want to completely remove the entire "downloads" section that refers to "client.jar" - just select the lines and press delete, as I showed in my previous example. Here are the exact lines that you want to remove:

    "downloads": {
    "client": {
    "url": "https://launcher.mojang.com/v1/objects/42d6744cfbbd2958f9e6688dd6e78d86d658d0d4/client.jar",
    "sha1": "42d6744cfbbd2958f9e6688dd6e78d86d658d0d4",
    "size": 4928385
    "server": {
    "url": "https://launcher.mojang.com/v1/objects/5be700523a729bb78ef99206fb480a63dcd09825/server.jar",
    "sha1": "5be700523a729bb78ef99206fb480a63dcd09825",
    "size": 2018455
    "windows_server": {
    "url": "https://launcher.mojang.com/v1/objects/5c94ac0043dc21bc71b8e1fa3fbac62139c820fe/windows_server.exe",
    "sha1": "5c94ac0043dc21bc71b8e1fa3fbac62139c820fe",
    "size": 2199703

    It should now look like this (based on what you posted, which suggests that the json format for 1.4.2 is not the same as 1.6.4 or newer versions, where the "downloads" section comes between "assets" and "id":):
    "mainClass": "net.minecraft.launchwrapper.Launch",
    "minimumLauncherVersion": 4,
    "assets": "pre-1.6",
    "assetIndex": {
    "totalSize": 49381897,
    "id": "pre-1.6",
    "known": true,
    "url": "https://launchermeta.mojang.com/v1/packages/4759bad2824e419da9db32861fcdc3a274336532/pre-1.6.json",
    "sha1": "4759bad2824e419da9db32861fcdc3a274336532",
    "size": 73813

    Don't forget to change the "id": line (NOT the id for assets, which sounds suspicious since it should be "legacy", not "pre-1.6", and what you posted can't be the entire json file, which is around 10KB for 1.6.4 and includes a bunch of libraries that the game needs to run) and rename the files as otherwise the launcher will still redownload a clean copy (this has been the case since the 1.6 launcher).

    Also, if you are having issues launching 1.4.7, namely crashes, you need to run older versions in a separate game directory, which can easily be set by editing the installation (the importance of this cannot be understated; if you open a world in the wrong version it will be corrupted, or you'll be unable to downgrade):
    If the player wants to change the .minecraft file path, they can turn on the "Game directory" option. Now, navigate to the folder where the player wishes to relocate the .minecraft folder. The player can also open the Minecraft profile by clicking the green arrow-shaped "Go to folder" button.


    Alternatively, use a third-party launcher like MultiMC, which were designed for running modded versions; you don't even need to modify the jar or edit any files, just select the mods from a list and they will automatically be loaded when you launch the game, much like how Forge itself loads mods from a "mods" folder. They can also replicate the "classic" (pre-1.6) .minecraft folder structure (some mods, such as ModLoader, do not work with the current structure; there is a patch available but I don't know if it still works. All of these issues are simply because Mojang does not support mods and do not make any attempts to ensure they keep working, and most modders don't bother updating mods for old versions to fix them - most game developers don't even let you play older versions at all).

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    I don't know about Forge 1.7.10 but you could do this by simply changing the value of a field (code from MCP 1.6.4):

    public class BiomeGenPlains extends BiomeGenBase
        protected BiomeGenPlains(int par1)
            this.spawnableCreatureList.add(new SpawnListEntry(EntityHorse.class, 5, 2, 6));
            this.theBiomeDecorator.treesPerChunk = -999;
            this.theBiomeDecorator.flowersPerChunk = 4;
            this.theBiomeDecorator.grassPerChunk = 10;

    That is to say, during initialization you can set "BiomeGenBase.plains.theBiomeDecorator.treesPerChunk" to whatever value you want (BiomeDecorator.treesPerChunk is not private or final); 0 will give a 10% chance of an oak tree per chunk (10% of these will be large oaks), which is the "default" tree frequency (e.g. ocean and river biomes do not set this field to anything and will have the occasional tree as a result; if you set it to 1 the real frequency will be 1.1 trees per chunk (10% of 2 instead of 1), and so on).

    This may not be the "proper" way to do things but this is how I've done such things (using MCP, not Forge) to avoid modifying or replacing more classes than necessary.

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    posted a message on The results of 100 play sessions of caving

    While I've been using my own "play session statistics" mod for the past 5 years I never collected the data until recently, when I added code that printed it out to the game log so it could automatically be collected, and I made charts of this data over a 100 day (play session) period, perhaps the best example so far of just how much caving I do - over this period I mined an average of 3476 resources, 3256 ores, collected 5504 XP, and killed 361 mobs - every day for 100 days straight.

    This shows all the data; "resources" includes ore blocks (not the individual drops), rails, cobwebs, and moss stone, while mob kills only include the mobs shown here (other mobs are not included, including a handful of silverfish). The amount of XP collected does not always track the amount of ores mined and mobs killed since I accumulate iron and gold ore in my ender chest, and when I smelt it I may not come back to empty the furnaces right away:

    Ores only; you can see that coal is by far the most abundant ore, averaging about 2/3 of the total, followed by iron at about 1/4 of the total, with all other ores being relatively insignificant; below is a zoomed-in view that shows rarer ores better:

    A lot of the variation here reflects how I explore large cave systems, from the top to bottom and edges inwards; mineshafts also have an influence as they are usually within a relatively narrow range (further influenced by this being a modded world with a lower lava level, as well as altitude ranges of rarer ores, while the range of mineshafts was unaltered. There are also more caves near and above sea level in mountainous biomes, partly offset by additional iron above sea level at 1/3 the density):

    Non-mineral resources; you can see that I find dungeons nearly every day (moss stone) as well as mineshafts every other day or so, even with a frequency that is about the same as 1.7 in the version of TMCW that I played on while recording this (they are 2.5 times more common in 1.6.4 as in 1.7; later versions of TMCW have about 1.5 times the 1.7 frequency). The big spike near the right reflects a particularly large mineshaft, the largest one that I've ever found (as measured by rails collected):

    A closer look at spawners by themselves, which are hard to see in any of the charts above due to being so uncommon, averaging about 3 per day:

    Mob kills; I did not record the data for individual mobs although I easily could have done so. Similar to rarer ores, there is a pattern evident where the number of mobs rises and falls over several play sessions, again reflecting how I explore cave systems, where the number increases as they become more concentrated in the center, then drops off as I explore fresh areas (this is also a good indicator of how many mobs might be encountered on the surface at night):

    Here is a table of all the data I collected:

    Finally, here is a before and after comparison of the caves that I explored, along with a surface rendering to give a better sense of scale (overall cave density in this version of TMCW is similar to vanilla 1.6.4, but cave systems are more separated into individual cave systems due to larger cave systems generating aligned to a 7x7 chunk grid). The actual area explored is about 15930 chunks (the number remaining after I trimmed away chunks without torches within a 1 chunk radius underground), and includes around 60 additional play sessions spent caving based on an average of about 100 chunks explored per play session:

    The top half is from before (I explored a bit more before I started collecting data):

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    Quote from looking»

    Well that's good you hate the mountains because they're going to update them soon heh... also, i think the music's stayed the same?

    That doesn't mean that Mojang will update them in the way that they want them to be - as in actually changing the terrain generation, not just adding some silly pointless features (likewise, if Mojang ever adds the fabled cave update it won't interest me if all they do is add some new mobs and ores, not actual changes to caves themselves, which were heavily nerfed in 1.7, and even then they probably wouldn't make them the way I like them).

    This is also a major reason why I've never updated past 1.6.4 myself, instead using my own modding abilities to create my own vision of the game, just the way that I like it (which I see as a separate version of the game, not just a "mod" for 1.6.4). Try finding biome and terrain generation like this in 1.7 or later (note the number of different biomes near each other and mountainous terrain in more than just Extreme Hills (when people say that Beta 1.7.3 terrain was superior they are referring to things like mountains in most biomes, not just one or two "mountain" biomes). This was was also created with the first version of TMCW, which has had 3 major updates since then):

    These are zoomed-in renderings of various mountainous regions; only the first one is an actual Extreme Hills biome:

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    posted a message on Is this forum DEAD?

    Official or not, I find it completely ridiculous how many people do sign up, yet never seem to post or anything, with a few as 2-3 active threads in the normally most active sections within the past day - the forums have gained another 147,000 members (currently at 5,778,087) since my last post (as I mentioned in this thread I wonder how many of those are even real, as opposed to bots/spammers - surely a third of a million new members since then should have resulted in a lot more activity, even if only, say, 1% of them, are regularly active (I've had an admin tell me that it is normal for most forum members to never post or only make a few posts, the so-called "Pareto principle", but this goes far beyond that).

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    posted a message on Most pointless things ever done in Minecraft

    In my case it wouldn't be so much something that I've made but my entire playstyle - mining thousands of ores every day only to store them away without ever using most of them, which I see as a byproduct of caving for fun (which is the whole point of playing a game, but one could say that I don't need to mine everything I come across; prior to 1.6 I did only mine what coal I needed as it couldn't be crafted into blocks).

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    You need to add lighting to the center of the room; I can tell that it is too dark just by looking, like in this example (my monitor is properly calibrated so I can easily tell if an area is too dark, with brightness set to max, but many people don't do this) - the effective range of a torch (light level 8 or above) is 6 blocks by taxicab, meaning that it is only 6 blocks if it is straight out in any single direction, while if it travels in 2-3 dimensions it will be less (for example, 4 blocks along X and 2 blocks along Y; or 2 blocks along X, 2 blocks along Y, 2 blocks along Z - yes, only 2 blocks in all directions is all that a torch can spawnproof. See this image to see what I mean; for every block above the floor you lose one block of range, so a light level 10 on this image is now only 8, and that is just 2 blocks away along a diagonal).

    Also, you can check the light level in-game by pressing F3 and looking at the left side, next to "light", where "block" should be 8 or higher ("sky" is only useful during the day; even at night it will still read 15 under an open sky).

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    posted a message on Replaying on the first version of TMCW (originally "New world")

    I saw a zombie in diamond armor for the third time in this world:

    Also, while not particularly large (wide) the cave I found it in was quite long, being a smaller variant of large cave ("normal" caves vary in length from 80-128 blocks, "large" caves are 192 blocks long, and "giant" caves are 256 blocks long. For comparison, in vanilla caves vary in length from 84-112 blocks; in both cases "normal" caves branch at 25-75% of their length to form two narrow tunnels at 90 degree angles (this causes wider caves to have a teardrop shape as the main tunnel suddenly ends), while large/giant caves do not branch):

    Also, I previously mentioned that I might make graphs of the data collected from each play session, which I did for a 100 day/session period, over which I mined 347596 resources, 325580 ore, killed 36092 mobs, and collected 550363 XP:

    More charts can be found on this Imgur album (I also posted it on Reddit): https://imgur.com/a/nSlPECk

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    posted a message on Minor cheat but a neat trick

    I once tried doing this, by setting render distance to "Tiny"/2 chunks, but it didn't work well because the server-side view distance is always 10 chunks in 1.5 (assuming that I was able to find where I died on time anyway, as it was in a cave/mineshaft), meaning that items despawn within 128 blocks (I don't think this holds true for a very low view distance; 2 chunks would mean that only items in the chunk you are in would despawn since the game only ticks entities if a 5x5 chunk area, corresponding to 2 chunk view distance, around them is loaded. The server itself appears to limit the view distance to a minimum of 3 and, at least in 1.6.4, a 7 chunk radius is kept loaded by the random chunk tick logic, so the real minimum despawn radius would be 5 for this version).

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    posted a message on Pillagers in my trees again

    This is a known bug in 1.14 (and probably the 1.15 snapshots since there are no indications of a fix, other than a failed attempt in 1.14.3); Mojang apparently forgot to check for entity collision with solid blocks where they spawn ("solid" as in blocking movement, one of many criteria used to distinguish "solid" from "transparent" blocks, which have a long history of causing bugs like this due to the multiple ways a block can be defined as "transparent"):

    MC-163308 Pillagers still spawning in trees in 1.14.4

    If I read the code correctly, the patrol spawn sequence is this.

    In the xz location it picks, it finds the highest movement blocking block in the column that isn't leaves (in this case that would be the log block), checks if it's a spawnable block, and checks the block light is 8 or below. It doesn't do a check to see if the foot/head blocks of the pillagers are obstructed, and just spawns them in if those other checks are satisfied. I believe this also means they can spawn in on carpet, which was what I was trying to figure out when looking into this

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    posted a message on Is it possible to mod just one installation?

    You can create a new game directory by simply adding a name to the end of the default directory; for example, I have several directories:

    .minecraft - the default game directory, used by my first world (modded 1.6.4)

    .minecraft\TMCW - used for my current world and mod of the same name (another modded 1.6.4 installation)

    .miencraft\TMCWv4 - used by another modded 1.6.4 installation

    .minecraft\Testing - used for testing things

    To make the latter three all I did was edit the default path to add in "TMCW", "TMCWv4", or "Testing" (all without quotes, just normal file names) to the end and it automatically created new directories there when I launched the game for the first time (you can also create a folder like you normally would anywhere else and paste the path into the game directory box; this can even be on a different drive in case you e.g. have limited space on your main drive. In any case, you do not need to create any sub-folders inside it; just launch the game once and it will create the saves, mods, resourcepacks, etc folders).

    Also, while it is true that you can make sub-folders under "mods" for various Forge versions I absolutely do NOT advise this since it won't completely separate everything - try loading a 1.13 world in 1.12 or older and it will be totally ruined with no hope of recovery other than a backup. Similar damage occurs if going from 1.14 or the 1.15 snapshots to an older version, while e.g. 1.12 to 1.11 will still cause significant corruption and loss of blocks/items/entities, more so for opening modded worlds in vanilla (note that since 1.9 the game does warn you when you try to open a world last loaded in a newer version but older versions give no such warning, same for using vanilla to open a modded world of the same version).

    The game can even crash on launch as it attempts to load invalid settings from the game's "options.txt" file (and/or other configuration files used by mods), a leading cause of crashes when trying to play older versions, which many people "fix" by reinstalling the game when all they had to do was make a custom directory, or delete the file, but that isn't advised due to the aforementioned risk of opening a world in the wrong version. At the least, settings may be reset or changed when upgrading/downgrading.

    Also, as I understand it you can't make separate Forge instances of the same version with their own sets of mods unless you use separate game directories (as shown above I currently have 3 separate modded 1.6.4 instances, non-Forge so the version jar itself is the entire modded instance, but for Forge you'd need 3 separate mod folders unless you had separate game versions, e.g. "mods\1.6.4", "mods\1.7.10", "mods\1.12.2". This will obviously not work if you want more than one modpack for the same version).

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    posted a message on Add a 40 tick delay before explosion

    You want to use "World.getPendingBlockTicks().scheduleTick()" (from here) to schedule a block update; "notifyBlockUpdate" only tells neighboring blocks that the block in question has triggered an update (this appears to be what used to be called "notifyBlocksOfNeighborChange").

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    posted a message on Add a 40 tick delay before explosion

    I don't have any experience with newer versions or Forge (I mod 1.6.4 since that is what I play on) but you have to schedule a block update; for example, the following code makes water and lava flow after being placed (the last parameter is the number of ticks, which in your case can just be 40); in your case you'd schedule an update in onBlockActivated, with the updateTick method deleting the block and creating the explosion (FWIW, you should set the block to air before creating the explosion, as otherwise it will block some of its effect):

    public void onBlockAdded(World par1World, int par2, int par3, int par4)
        super.onBlockAdded(par1World, par2, par3, par4);
        if (par1World.getBlockId(par2, par3, par4) == this.blockID)
            par1World.scheduleBlockUpdate(par2, par3, par4, this.blockID, this.tickRate(par1World));

    Note that you do not want your block to receive random ticks, as it will otherwise randomly explode (by default this is set to false so updateTick will only be called if a block update is scheduled)

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    posted a message on I just don't get Fortune on a book
    Quote from Hexalobular»

    If that doesn't work you need to enchant something, either something that will give you an enchantment you might use sometime or a throwaway item like a stone shovel for 1 lapis and 1 XP level.

    Since 1.14 enchanting junk items is no longer necessary, and actually more wasteful - you can just enchant the book (or other valuable item) and if it doesn't get what you want disenchant it in a grindstone, which also recovers some of the XP.

    Also, you can use the following link to find out the chances of getting a particular enchantment, although it isn't as useful for books since you can't view the data for a particular enchantment ("Choose an enchantment"), only what you can get at a particular level ("XP to use"):


    According to this, there is a 2.6% chance of getting any level of Fortune on a book enchanted at level 30, including a 1.8% chance of Fortune II (they only show the top 25 enchantments but Fortune III would be much rarer, well below 1%, meaning that you'd have to enchant hundreds of times to get it). For comparison, a diamond pickaxe has a 34.9% chance of getting any level of Fortune (21.2% for Fortune III) at level 30.

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    posted a message on Question on DIM1 folder
    Quote from Hexalobular»

    (I don't think you can get another dragon egg or the insane amounts of XP for killing the dragon if you have already killed it once, though I'm not certain about that.)

    For this you have to edit level.dat to reset the status of the dragon, which makes it sound like it may not respawn or the fight may not work properly if you just delete chunks (at least in 1.6.4 the dragon is spawned when the chunk at 0,0 is populated), as well as data pertaining to End gateways, which may also not regenerate if the game thinks it already created them (presumably, you can just delete the entire "DimensionData" tag, or its "1" subtag in the case they ever add more dimensions with special data. Obviously, always test on a backup):

    DimensionData: This tag contains level data specific to certain dimensions.

    -1: Data for The End

    --DragonFight: Data for the ender dragon fight. Only appears after the end is entered.

    --ExitPortalLocation: Location of the End's exit portal that the ender dragon flies to upon it's death
    ---X: The X coordinate of the portal.
    ---Y: The Y coordinate of the portal.
    ---Z: The Z coordinate of the portal.

    --Gateways: Contains a list of locations of the End gateway portals that haven't been spawned.
    ---: The angle of a future gateway, from 0 to 19. 0 is east of the exit portal, and numbers increase clockwise.

    --DragonKilled: 1 or 0 (true/false) - If the dragon is currently alive.

    --DragonUUIDLeast: The least significant bits of the current Ender Dragon's Universally Unique IDentifier. This is joined with DragonUUIDMost to form the dragon's unique ID.

    --DragonUUIDMost: The most significant bits of the current Ender Dragon's Universally Unique IDentifier. This is joined with DragonUUIDLeast to form the dragon's unique ID.

    --PreviouslyKilled: 1 or 0 (true/false) - If the ender dragon has ever been defeated. Used to determine EXP given by dragon


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