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    Quote from majestyc2k1»

    Its pointing to Not Enough Crashes. The easiest thing would be to remove that mod.

    That's a mod that improves crash reporting and is probably not the cause of the error, which is actually listed under "caused by":
    Caused by: org.spongepowered.asm.mixin.throwables.MixinApplyError: Mixin [structhelp.mixins.json:StructurePoolBasedGeneratorOuterMixin] from phase [DEFAULT] in config [structhelp.mixins.json] FAILED during APPLY at org.spongepowered.asm.mixin.transformer.MixinProcessor.handleMixinError(MixinProcessor.java:643)
    at org.spongepowered.asm.mixin.transformer.MixinProcessor.handleMixinApplyError(MixinProcessor.java:595)
    at org.spongepowered.asm.mixin.transformer.MixinProcessor.applyMixins(MixinProcessor.java:356)

    Caused by: org.spongepowered.asm.mixin.transformer.throwables.InvalidMixinException: Unexpecteded ClassMetadataNotFoundException whilst transforming the mixin class: [MAIN Applicator Phase -> structhelp.mixins.json:StructurePoolBasedGeneratorOuterMixin -> Apply Methods -> (Lnet/minecraft/class_5455;Lnet/minecraft/class_3812;Lnet/minecraft/class_3778$class_3779;Lnet/minecraft/class_2794;Lnet/minecraft/class_3485;Lnet/minecraft/class_2338;Ljava/util/List;Ljava/util/Random;ZZLorg/spongepowered/asm/mixin/injection/callback/CallbackInfo;)V:handler$bgk000$extractRoomMinMax -> Transform LVT -> var=registryManager -> desc=Lnet/minecraft/class_5455;]

    I haven't been able to find much on what causes a "ClassMetadataNotFoundException" though, the only source with a reply mentioned an outdated version of Fabric.
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    As I like to point out, Minecraft was originally going to be a game centered about caving, based on similar games like Infiniminer; the amount of caves int the earliest versions was quite ridiculous (excluding the earliest versions, which went through several different methods of generating caves until InfDev, caves have actually been reduced at least twice in the game's history; they were more numerous in InfDev and Alpha than they were in versions up to 1.6.4):

    This phase began when Markus Persson (Notch) started working on a "Cave Game". He was influenced to create the game by Infiniminer, Dwarf Fortress, Dungeon Keeper, as well as one of his previous games, RubyDung.


    Infiniminer is an open source multi-player block-based sandbox building and digging game, in which the player is a miner searching for minerals by carving tunnels through procedurally generated voxel-based maps and building structures.


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    I just wanted to mention that I frequently make updates; for example, I just added a "better snow" option which makes grass blocks, as well as mycelium and podzol, render with a snowy texture when plants and various other partial blocks on on top and they are next to snow (this is similar to Optifine's feature, except Optifine renders a snow block on top of the grass while I made grass blocks use the snow texture on top, as well as a snowy side texture; this means that there will be a depression around the blocks but it isn't that noticeable from a distance, and short blocks won't be buried):

    There are also additional bugfixes, including fixing MC-1713 for hoes (you couldn't repair them in the anvil with units, only with another hoe; notably, MC-1713 was actually resolved as "works as intended", but hoes are able to be repaired with units since some later vanilla version). I never noticed this until recently since I'd never tried repairing a hoe in the anvil until then (I use a diamond hoe with Fortune III, Unbreaking III, Mending to harvest crops, which is too expensive (43 levels) to be repaired with a sacrifice unless it is down by 300-400 durability, which is much worse for amethyst as only a highly damaged sacrifice would work). Other items, like shears, were not changed since they wouldn't benefit much from item repairs (you'd spend not only twice as many resources but more levels since a sacrifice only costs 2 levels for the actual repair, while units cost (1 + enchantments) per unit and 4 are required to make a full repair).

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    Quote from Agtrigormortis»

    Food can be easy to come by in bedrock edition, but usually when you have farms set up because the spawn rates of passive mobs aren't very good on bedrock edition. This design is entirely intentional because you are expected to shepherd livestock into the pens yourself and breed them, or travel a long distance to find more.

    Having only 2 or 3 sheep spawn in your local area per cycle in a plains biome and on grass blocks makes sense otherwise, if the spawn rates were 100+ per day it would be ridiculously easy to get wool, mutton, leather and all sorts off the farm animals.

    On normal difficulty all that happens to you is your health goes down to half a heart, it leaves you in a vulnerable state yes, but the hunger doesn't outright kill you. You are killed by a secondary damage type, the hunger itself doesn't kill, so theoretically you can get away with not eating if you are in a secure area with no monsters spawning in due to lighting, glass and half slabs arranged appropriately.

    When you leave your sanctuary all you have to do is kill a few animals per day, or eat 2 or 3 rotten flesh per night you scrounged off the zombies you killed and you're sorted.

    In hard difficulty you don't get away with not eating, not unless you're standing still and doing nothing while your hunger bar was already full, and this affects more than just your regeneration and your total amount of health, hunger can take your health all the way down to zero if you're not careful. This encourages players to set up crop fields, the necessities to keep on going.

    Show me some examples of people playing on Normal or Easy and not bothering to eat just because they can't starve to death; I've never seen this myself except when I watched somebody play on a custom map like Sky Block; food is one of my first priorities when starting out in a new world and I can't imagine ever just not eating. Also, mob spawning is vastly different on Java and Bedrock - on Java passive mobs basically never respawn once you've killed all of the mobs that spawned during world generation (much like how trees only generate during world generation unless you plant more, though passive mobs can respawn naturally but with a mob cap of only 10, which includes all loaded chunks, while on Bedrock they spawn much like hostile mobs do, which also used to be the case on Java until Beta 1.8, which is when breeding was added).

    In any case, hunger must be different on Bedrock if you need to constantly eat unless standing still since on Java you do not lose hunger from just walking, only when jumping or sprinting (albeit most players do both all the time), and even in 1.6.4 you can walk 10,000 blocks from the hunger you have when first spawning (20 hunger + 5 saturation, with each point lasting for 400 blocks). Likewise, you can mine 4,000 blocks, 20,000 in newer versions - twice the number I mined in this branch-mine which yielded 91 diamond ore (in other words, you can easily get full diamond gear without ever eating from first spawn and not starve - just make sure you don't jump up and down too much, e.g. use stairs or ladders to get up/down from the mine). The most strenuous activities are dealing and taking damage, regenerating health, sprinting, and jumping while sprinting (you lose one hunger point for every 20 jumps, 80 if not sprinting, which by itself costs 1 hunger every 40 blocks in both 1.6.4 and newer versions, so even in 1.6.4 sprinting is 10 times more costly than walking, all for a 30% speed increase).

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    What did you use to build it with? Endermen can only pick up a limited number of blocks, mostly plant and ground-type blocks; they can't pick up stone, cobblestone, wood, and many others:


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    The player skin is located in "\assets\minecraft\textures\entity" and is either steve.png or alex.png (this has been the case since 1.6 so I don't know why you couldn't find any information about it).

    However, you should not directly edit the jar and in fact if you do the launcher will think it is corrupt and download a fresh unmodified jar unless you take additional steps to make a custom version, which is completely unnecessary when you can do this with a resource pack, the intended way to change textures. You only need to follow the instructions here to make the pack.mcmeta file and then make folders along the path mentioned above (\assets\minecraft\textures\entity) and place your skin in the entity folder, renamed to match whichever skin you have (alex or steve. Note that you may not be able to use the one you want if you are offline as the game will default to whichever skin model you default to, based on your UUID; as far as I know changing this would require modding the game or using a different account).

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    In order to mod the game you need a proper decompiler/deobfuscator, such as Mod Coder Pack, which will translate all the files to human-readable source code with meaningful names. In 1.6.4 the class with the coordinate scales is "ChunkProviderGenerate", though this is a name that was chosen by MCP since the original source code names are unknown, and these names can be different for different versions. However, you can find the coordinate scale by searching for the value "684.412" (which is known to not have changed; the only real difference between Beta 1.7.3 and newer versions is that biomes can now control height variations). Note that changing this value will also change normal terrain, much like the options in 1.8's Customized world type (1368.824 will make the Far Lands start at half the distance but terrain itself will also be compressed so the distance between peaks and valleys will be halved):

      * generates a subset of the level's terrain data. Takes 7 arguments: the [empty] noise array, the position,
      * and the size.
    private double[] initializeNoiseField(double[] par1ArrayOfDouble, int par2, int par3, int par4, int par5, int par6, int par7)
        // Far Lands start distance = 2147483647 / 684.412 * 4 = 12550824
        double var44 = 684.412D;
        double var45 = 684.412D;

    You could avoid this by adding a value to the coordinates passed into the noise functions (as chunk coordinates; 784426, or 12550824 / 16, will make the Far Lands start near 0,0, with negative coordinates being normal until around -25101648; this method can't make them closer in both directions unless you add some additional code to check if the chunk coordinates are positive or negative and add the appropriate +/- offset):
      * Will return back a chunk, if it doesn't exist and its not a MP client it will generates all the blocks
      * for the specified chunk from the map seed and chunk seed
    public Chunk provideChunk(int par1, int par2)
        this.rand.setSeed((long)par1 * 341873128712L + (long)par2 * 132897987541L);
        byte[] var3 = new byte[32768];
        // This will make the Far Lands start near 0,0 in the positive directions
        int d = 12550824 / 16;
        this.generateTerrain(par1 + d, par2 + d, var3);
        // This will make the Far Lands start near +/- 512; adjust offset of -512 as desired
        int d = (12550824 - 512) / 16;
        this.generateTerrain(par1 + (par1 < 0 ? -d : d), par2 + (par2 < 0 ? -d : d), var3);

    Also, you can use MCEdit to copy and paste the Far Lands to a different location without having to mod the game, as I did myself when I modded 1.6.4 to remove the bugfix (the world download still works, it is mostly ocean with some Mushroom Island), which will eliminate many of the issues that cause lag in Beta 1.7.3, such as sand and gravel not falling properly, as well as the jittery rendering (these issues are due to the use of 32 bit floats instead of 64 bit, as later versions use).

    Note also that if you directly modify the jar the launcher will redownload a new jar, replacing it, since it will detect that it is corrupted (all code/asset files have their checksums checked on every launch; 99% of the time when somebody reinstalls the game to fix an issue the cause was actually a bad data file such as options.txt, resource/data packs, or world saves). You'll need to make a copy of the version by copying its folder in .minecraft\versions, then rename it and the two files inside to the same name, then open the json file and change the "id": inside to the same name and delete the entire "downloads" section that includes "client.jar" (both sections are shown here, only the last line, with a different version name, should remain with anything not included here left alone). You could also just run it within MCP if it is just a personal mod.

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    Quote from Agtrigormortis»
    Like seriously this is about the only reason I chose hard difficulty over normal with the world I am currently on with a friend, because this way food has a purpose and there are all the survival elements functioning within the game.

    I play on Normal and I can attest to the fact that food certainly has a purpose, I'd die dozens of times per day and be unable to make much progress at all if I didn't eat at all - not because I starved but because I wasn't able to regenerate health lost from mobs and environmental damage. Also, there is absolutely no reason to ever starve in any case; food is ridiculously easy to come by (maybe not so much on Bedrock due to different mechanics but on Java the game spawns 100+ passive mobs in the spawn chunks alone, one pack of 4 every 10 chunks, which never despawn. Crops grow 3 times faster since the default random tick speed is 3 instead of 1, and in any case you can simply make a bigger farm - an 8x8 plot of potatoes gives me enough food to last for a week when harvested with Fortune; without Fortune an 8x16 plot or harvesting twice as often would have the same effect). The only times I come even remotely close to starving is when I don't play enough attention to my hunger and it drops all the way down to 0 since I didn't need to eat in order to heal or sprint, and I have a stack of food on hand so I can stop it right away.

    This is also in 1.6.4, where you lose hunger far faster than in more recent versions - in fact, you don't lose hunger at all from just walking (they even nerfed the Hunger status effect, rotten flesh used to deplete 3.75 hunger, nearly as much as it gives you (4, plus 0.8 saturation), but now it only depletes 0.75 hunger)! Sheep also do not drop mutton in 1.6.4, making it harder to obtain food from animals (they are the most common passive mob) but I've always been able to find other animals within a 100 or so block radius of spawn (I do not explore further until I search for a stronghold, then start caving after the end-game). Note also that the numbers shown in the link are "exhaustion", where 4 exhaustion is equal to one hunger point, thus you can jump 80 times per hunger point lost (or only 20 times in 1.6.4 - which is quite a big difference, for example, if I make a staircase going down 60 blocks I'll lose 3 hunger points when coming back up, compared to 0-1 in modern versions, 0 by using stair blocks).

    Examples of how easy it is to obtain food:

    This was spawn in TMCWv3, right in the middle of a pack of pigs, a couple of which were killed for food before I got a wheat farm set up from all the tall grass everywhere:

    Spawn in TMCWv4, with pigs visible on a hill in the distance and cows off the screen to the left, as seen in the second screenshot:

    An analysis of the spawn chunks in a random world created in 1.6.4, with 179 passive mobs:

    Maybe you say, what about if you spawn in a desert? Well, the game actually has measures to try to prevent that - it searches for one of several "spawn biomes" to set world spawn in and failing that, it searches for an exposed grass block in a random pattern which can end up thousands of blocks away from the origin. Either way, you can walk indefinitely without losing hunger so it isn't that hard to find a different biome.

    In any case, there are many reasons to eat food besides just not starving, so hunger in Peaceful would still give food a purpose even if you didn't lose any health whatsoever, but still needed to keep hunger up in order to heal and sprint.

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    posted a message on How can I make a block indestructible but only for one creature type?

    Unless there is a configuration file with a list of blocks they can't destroy you'd need to alter the mod's code to change the types of blocks that can be destroyed, and this is not the same as actually mining a block - when people talk about "breaking" bedrock they aren't actually breaking it, only replacing it with a different block. For example, this is the code from the Ender Dragon which allows it to break nearly any block it passes through, completely unrelated to the player mining blocks code, or the explosion code, or any of various other ways blocks can be broken/removed/replaced (all the bedrock breaking bugs exist because checks to exclude it from being replaced only exist in certain places; remove it from the code shown and the Ender Dragon will destroy it):

    if (var13 != Block.obsidian.blockID && var13 != Block.whiteStone.blockID && var13 != Block.bedrock.blockID && this.worldObj.getGameRules().getGameRuleBooleanValue("mobGriefing"))
        var9 = this.worldObj.setBlockToAir(var10, var11, var12) || var9;

    That said, if they coded the mod properly (included a check for the mobGriefing gamerule, as seen above) you should be able to disable mob griefing (though this will affect everything, not just the dragon). Otherwise, the mod itself may need to be modified in code; you could ask the creator if there is a way to configure it (I have no idea which mod you may be using; searching for "minecraft mod magma dragon" didn't turn up much that sounded relevant).

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    Quote from Agtrigormortis»

    This is a substantial increase and while mending would be useful with it still, you wouldn't need to grind for XP to fix it for a long time.

    2 hits and a Creeper is down, you can kill 1,015 Creepers with this without repairs factored in.

    even if Mojang end up nerfing enchanting at some point in the future to only allow 3 enchantments per tool,

    you'd still have a very powerful sword item if you used Sharpness V, Unbreaking 3 and Mending 1.

    You shouldn't need to grind for XP anyway, I never have to, since you get vastly more XP from using weapons than you need; even with how expensive TMCW's amethyst items are, at 48 levels or 3012 XP to repair my Sharpness V, Knockback II, Unbreaking III Mending sword by 25% or 1171 durability I get over 11710 XP back from using it, a profit ratio of about 4:1 (plus mobs with equipment drop even more XP; skeletons effectively average 7 XP because their bow adds 1-3 XP to their base drop of 5). This is more then enough to repair all my armor as well; resources are by far a bigger issue as amethyst is insanely rare (over a 30 day period when I mined 94241 ores 41 were amethyst, 380 were diamond, and 22864 were iron).

    Also, with the 1.9 Mending mechanics the profit is even greater - 20:1, as 11710 XP can restore 23420 durability (I once played a bit in 1.9 just to see how effective Mending was; all my gear was at or near full durability at the end, and this was before 1.16 buffed it so it searches for an item to repair instead of just picking one item and adding the XP to your XP bar if it it doesn't need to be repaired - yes, they buffed Mending in 1.16 so I don't think they are going to nerf it anytime soon).

    For another example, until mid-2014 I used an Efficiency V, Fortune III, Unbreaking III diamond pickaxe for all mining while caving, which costs 37 levels or 1406 XP to repair with a single diamond, restoring 390 durability or 1560 uses, which is actually even more expensive, costing 0.9 XP per use, meaning that if I only mined coal (0-2, averaging 1 XP) I'd only get 11% more XP than I need to repair it - yet it was still sustainable for me to use without needing any additional XP; I only dropped Fortune because when you regularly mine 3000 ores per play session and don't actually need the resources the number of drops is only a hindrance (I collected around 6000 resources per day, this lead me to use a backpack mod as one of the first mods that I used, later on making ender chests double chest sized in my own mods before making these a separate block used to transport resources between bases), and I added amethyst items in TMCWv2, which made it too expensive to use on a general purpose tool (you'd have to drop Efficiency or Unbreaking to keep the cost below the limit). Of course, with 1.9's Mending it doesn't matter what enchantments you have - all items gain 2 durability (8 uses with Unbreaking III) per XP, with more durability only providing a larger buffer for when you don't get enough.

    Also, I'd absolutely hate it if you could only put 3 enchantments on an item - including Mending - I'd absolutely never give up Knockback, and giving up Unbreaking isn't viable either (even with Fortune I wouldn't get enough amethyst; I made absolutely sure that all my "caving gear" could be repaired at an affordable cost when I devised the costs for amethyst, which is artificially inflated from what the durability costs would give; 4686 durability would result in a cost of 11 levels per unit but I add 10 more levels to make it 21). I even adjusted the enchantment costs so that when Mending is added items with 3 enchantments (4 with Mending) cost about the same as renamed items in vanilla 1.6.4 (vanilla adds 6 levels for having 3 enchantments, plus a prior work penalty of 2 for a total of 8 levels - the same as the cost I gave to Mending, with the penalty set to 0, so they cancel out; it costs me 29 levels to repair shears with Efficiency V, Silk Touch, Unbreaking in vanilla and 29 levels for the same shears with Mending added in TMCW. This also means that non-Mending items are cheaper and can last longer than they would in vanilla).

    Of course, since I play on my own custom versions I don't have to worry about any changes to vanilla - you can put Infinity and Mending on a bow in TMCW since I see absolutely no reason why they can't be compatible (IMO, the exclusivity of these enchantments was a direct nerf to using Infinity/Punch bows to boost elytra prior to fireworks; similarly, Silk Touch was removed from shears because you could use them to harvest blocks like grass blocks and glowstone without losing durability - my solution was just to make them always lose durability, which is also why I made hoes always lose durability when breaking any block when I gave them the ability to get Fortune, besides patching the "infinite Fortune on crops bug" (as far as I can tell there is no actual bug report for this, and it doesn't really matter much anyway since a diamond hoe with Unbreaking III can harvest 6244 crops before needing to be repaired, which for potatoes gives a net yield of nearly 20000 potatoes).

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    Quote from Agtrigormortis»
    although I don't seem to be having the same issue as you on bedrock edition.

    That's because Bedrock still uses the old system, where armor has a constant 4% damage reduction per armor point (they even link to a page for armor on Java before 1.9, as they are the same):


    This also applies to weapons, a diamond sword deals 8 damage instead of 7 and has no cooldown and Sharpness adds 1.25 damage per level (6.25 for Sharpness V) instead of 0.5 + 0.5 per level (3 for Sharpness V), as it also does in Java before 1.9:



    Interestingly, they also show that items have 1 more durability on Bedrock, though that might be because they are displayed properly (on Java, at least in vanilla 1.6.4, durability is displayed as 0 just before an item breaks, meaning that a diamond tool, with 1561 durability, actually has 1562 uses, as displayed by my own mods which fixed this so 1 durability left means it will break on that use).

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    posted a message on Hardcore: avoiding death by lava by quitting game?

    This is an old bug which somehow hasn't been fixed yet (this is surely even older than the almost 8 years indicated as the bug tracker didn't exist until 1.4.2 based on the oldest reports, likely back to 1.3.1 in singleplayer and possibly earlier in multiplayer):

    MC-212 Faulty fall damage when logging out and logging back in while falling

    MC-21650 Creeper explosion does not damage player when the player saves the world and returns

    MC-160051 Players can prevent fire damage by reloading world/re-joining server

    This is code from 1.6.4 that shows that there is a field called "initialInvulnerability" which is set to 60 when a player object is created and all damage is negated until it reaches 0:

    /** de-increments onUpdate, attackEntityFrom is ignored if this >0 */
    private int initialInvulnerability = 60;
    boolean var3 = this.mcServer.isDedicatedServer() && this.mcServer.isPVPEnabled() && "fall".equals(par1DamageSource.damageType);
    if (!var3 && this.initialInvulnerability > 0 && par1DamageSource != DamageSource.outOfWorld)
        return false;

    There is also a condition that checks if the server is dedicated, PVP is enabled, and damage is fall damage, in addition to damage not being void damage, but the first part clearly isn't what was intended as the condition will never be true in singleplayer (I'm not exactly sure what was intended here. According to MC-212 fall damage was fixed in multiplayer, which is indicated here - but why even have any of this code at all? At the most, I'd only make players invincible for a short time after they spawn for the first time (e.g. in case you spawn in a lava pool, which is rare but can happen).

    Quote from Agtrigormortis»

    Cheating on hardcore is worse than playing on a lower difficulty mode without any cheats imo.

    This is a quite odd statement to make, so you think it is bad to play on a difficulty lower than Hardcore even without cheats?

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    posted a message on Why I believe Minecraft needs a serious change
    Quote from Agtrigormortis»
    You can already survive a Creeper explosion at point blank range with full diamond armour,

    Not unless it is enchanted, or you are on Easy; on Normal they deal up to 49 damage, which penetrates 12.25 armor points (penetration = damage / (toughness / 4 + 2), where toughness is the sum of all pieces of armor), l3eaving you with 7.75 armor points or 31% damage reduction, so you receive 49 * 69% = 33.81 damage, enough to kill you more than 1.6 times over!

    Even more insane, even netherite isn't strong enough; while it has 3 toughness per piece (12 total) it still only provides 40.8% damage reduction, allowing 28.96 damage through. Note that "point blank" does NOT mean letting one walk up to you and explode, as they will start their countdown and stop moving when within 3 blocks, at which point you take about half the maximum damage. Also, on Easy, with 25 damage taken point-blank, you'll take 11.25 damage in diamond and 10 in netherite - that's still loss of half of your health in a single hit!

    For comparison, you can survive a point-blank creeper explosion on Hard in 1.6.4 since full diamond armor always reduces damage by 80% regardless of how much damage is taken, 73 in this case, which is reduced to 14.6, which is still quite a lot to take all at once; I wouldn't feel comfortable with that much health being lost, which will also take about a minute to regenerate at half a heart every 4 seconds.

    Frankly, I think that general armor penetration was one of the worst things to ever be added to the game and you can bet I'd remove it if I ever played in a modern version (which is never), though I did add it for axes only in TMCW, with the same rules as in 1.9+ when used by mobs and half the effect when used by players, and amethyst armor (better than netherite relative to diamond as armor has 20 points vs 18 for diamond so it actually has a higher base protection level, there is otherwise no relationship as I added it 5+ years ago) has armor toughness against axes (zombies naturally spawn with axes so this makes them more dangerous for armored players than ones with swords). Along with a reduction in player armor protection, from 4% to 3.3% per armor point (mobs are unaffected, and get 22/20 armor points in amethyst/diamond, or up to 88% damage reduction) I also nerfed creeper explosion damage, from 49 to 36, but reduced the rate at which it decreases with distance (linear instead of exponential decay) and restored the pre-1.2 ability for them to keep moving while counting down:

    Damage for vanilla and modded / after max armor damage reduction / ratio after armor
    D    V (80%)    M (66.7%)  Ratio
    0   49 (9.8)   36 (12.0)    1.22
    1   37 (7.4)   31 (10.3)    1.39
    2   27 (5.4)   26 ( 8.7)    1.61
    3   19 (3.8)   21 ( 7.0)    1.84
    4   11 (2.2)   16 ( 5.3)    2.41
    5    5 (1.0)   11 ( 3.7)    3.67
    6    1 (0.2)    6 ( 2.0)   10.00

    Of course, once you factor in enchantments you can survive a point-blank hit on any difficulty even in leather armor since you get at least 80% damage reduction with maxed-out Blast Protection (armor penetration doesn't affect enchantments), but that only further supports the issues I have with armor penetration; there should be a clear benefit to better armor. Also, this means that I'd have to upgrade my armor if I played in a newer version; as it is I don't wear helmets except for mob drops, and only two pieces have Protection IV on them in vanilla (in TMCW I added Protection IV to my boots, which only have Feather Falling IV in vanilla, to offset the reduction in player armor protection), and since armor penetration effectively exponentially scales stronger sources of damage this would disproportionately reduce the damage dealt by weaker mobs (which themselves have been buffed in TMCW; zombies have much higher chances of weapons, especially on Easy/Normal, and they and skeletons have much higher chances of armor/better armor and enchantments on armor and weapons; I see several skeletons with Flame and Punch bows, even both at once, every day, and that's just on Normal - on Hard they can get level 30 enchantments).

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    posted a message on Looking for a mod or similar that simply makes beacons visible for very long distances

    The reason why beacons have a limited render distance is the same as why you can't see anything else past a certain distance - the game only loads and processes things within your render distance and it doesn't even know if a beacon further away even exists. Sure, you can increase render distance but this exponentially increases the amount of computations and rendering (d^2), so it rapidly becomes impractical to increase it past a point, and even if you force-loaded chunks around a beacon it won't render since they are are out of render distance (much as playing on a server with a view distance set to 32 doesn't mean that you'll see that far if the client is set lower). Apparently, on the old Console Edition beacons render from anywhere in the world but I believe they kept the entire world loaded all the time (hence the maximum world size and global mob caps), which is clearly impractical with "infinite" worlds.

    One possible work-around is to store the locations of beacons in a separate location, in much the same way maps can show the locations of markers even when the chunks they are in are unloaded, with the beam rendered at a maximum distance so it doesn't just disappear due to being so small (possibly also rendered as a simple line as you can't make out the details anyway, and avoiding the need to have the tile entity itself loaded, which would automatically occur as soon as the chunk the beacon is in is out of render distance). I don't know if anybody has actually done this though (I just found various suggestions, like the one mentioned above, and this one).

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    posted a message on 1.16.1 launcher crashing while preparing game/ no crash report (possible optifine bug?)

    This is an indication of file system corruption; you'll need to run "chkdsk" to fix it, and I'd advise making a backup of any important data because this may indicate a problem with your hard drive, especially if other errors are found and you didn't have a system crash or power outage recently (you should be making backups in any case):


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