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    posted a message on Feed The Beast Server taking applications now!
    IN GAME NAME:TheManToBeat
    FTB KNOWLEDGE (1-10):4
    LOCATION:USA, Arizona

    other QUESTIONS:
    1) Do you make youtube videos?(I don't just wondering) Nope

    2) Why do you want to join? I really want to play on a good FTB server with some cool people

    3) When can you play? uhh i really dont know my days are pretty spiratic.
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    posted a message on Spots open for FTB survival
    Experience with FTB: None ive been trying to get on a server to have some fun and learn about it.
    Why you are interesed: This looks like it could be that server i have fun on and meet some good people.
    Previous bans:None
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    posted a message on MindCrack Feed The Beast Mod Server

    Minecraft Username: The ManToBeat

    About me: Obviously im a great person with an ego the size of a truck.

    What can you bring to the server? Another fun person to have around and make some crazy stuff with.

    Why would I pick you? This is a hard question to answer because i mean why wouldnt you pick me? :)

    Best minecraft skills? Probably building and or organizing.

    will you be recording or not? (if not thats is fine too) No Computer sucks so baaad

    Age: 14

    Do you have skype? Yes and a mic.

    "I promise not to grief/raid, steal, or abuse others players."

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    posted a message on Hermitcraft - like Server
    Able to use TeamSpeak?Yes
    Why do you play minecraft? Because its fun and way different than all those FPSs
    Why do you want to play on this server? I need a good server that i can play and have some fun on.
    Tell us a couple of things about yourself regarding minecraft. I always have these huge ideas for builds but never have the time to start them. Hopefully with some help i can make a few.
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    posted a message on BrotherlyCraft [1.4.5], [Vanilla, Survival, LP Server] [WhiteList]
    - Skype name: russianshark12
    - Minecraft name (IGN): TheManToBeat
    - Why do you want to join this server?: Need a good server with nice people to play on.
    - Why do you think you should be white-listed: I hate making up reasons why should accept me so i won't say yes or no but id prefer yes.
    - How would you react to being pranked?: Obviously id laugh because only good jokes become pranks.
    - What is the funnest joke you've ever played on someone in Minecraft?: I dont know i havent played on minecraft in a bit. Im not really the kind to do jokes unless i think it would be amazing.
    - Youtube channel: Doesnt matter my computer sucks so bad i wouldnt be able to record the way i want to.
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    posted a message on Mindcrack Inspired Vanilla SMP Server [Whitelisted] [Nearly One Year Old!] [Many Spots Available] [24/7 Dedicated]
    Holy ­! Found this page looking for snapshot servers.HI!
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    posted a message on BRAND NEW MINDCRACK LIKE SERVER 24/7!




    Hours on:As much as i can 1-2 atleast.

    Why U want on:Been looking for a server to play on for a while and this one looks promising.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Snapshot Server[12w40b](24/7) Whitelist apply Here
    What is your reason for joining: Been looking for a vanilla server and hope this is a good one.
    how old are you?:13
    are you aware if you grief we have the map backing up every 30 mins and you will be perma-banned?: Yeppers
    What Are You Best At?: Thinking of cool things to build.
    would you describe yourself as Mature?: Mildly
    What Is Your Skype Name?:russianshark12
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    posted a message on Mindcrack Server [24/7][Let's plays][Dedicated][Whitelist]
    Youtube(If you have one):SnoodInABox
    About your self:Im pretty funny to say the least and i dont have an ego at all...
    Why you would like to join:I have been looking for a server like this to join and hope this will be the one i can play on.
    Are you going to record?: No i dont think my PC can handle that and i dont have any recording programs.
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    posted a message on [Castle Warfare] Castle Wars [Role-Play] [PVP]
    Have you read the rules?:Yes
    Why do you want to join?:Loking for a fun and unique server to play on.
    Why should we let you in?: Because I can do an Arnold Shwarzenagger impression.
    Have you ever been banned:?Noop
    What kingdom do you choose:?WinterRol
    Character Name?:Artyom
    Characters Goals?:Find his people.
    Characters Biography?:Artyom lived in a small village in the wilderness. They were all alone hunting gathering and sleeping. Until the Undead came through a portal releasing their scourge of death and destruction on everyhting in the snowy village. Artyom being a young strong boy when this happened was enslaved and forced to build their fortress. Him and the other 4 that were taken had a plan. They knew the patrol times, where the exits were the weapons caches and the sleeping quarters. So they snuck off taking weapons and what they could to make it back. But when they went through the portal the village was gone. No burn marks nothing just gone. But barely visible in the snow was this: Day 7 We've been running for days and haven't found anything. Were running low on food and were barely holding our eyelids open. If anyone finds this tell my son Artyom we miss him and we are headed east. And east they went but they never found them. So he decided to live in the kingdom of WinterRol training to get revenge on all undead and searching for his people.
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    posted a message on *NEW* | 1.2.5 | 100% Vanilla | SIMILAR TO "MINDCRACK" | RECORD YOUR LP VIDEOS | WHITELISTED
    -Do you know what the mindcrack server is?Yes i do they play UHC and pull very messy pranks.
    -What country do you live in?USA
    -How active will you be on the server?Yes
    -Do you record for youtube? If so whats your channel?No i have no recording software and couldnt if i tried.
    -Tell me something about you.I like the ocean.
    -Why do you want to join the server?Ive been looking for a small server for a while and this one looks suitable.
    -Why should i accept you into my server?I would be friendly and build amazing things and lets not forget the pranks that will be pulled.
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    posted a message on Mindcrack 2.0
    Hey sorry i cannot record because my computer would **** bricks if i tried although i would love to be in something on youtube. Hopefully in the future i will be able to record but for now i cannot.


    Location:USA Arizona

    Skype:Yes Pm me if you need it as this is the internet and is not safe.


    I would love to join a server like this as i have quite a few good ideas for building and am just dieing to create. I also would love to meet some great people and have some awesome friends to team up and do pranks with.
    Until i am accepting i will be waiting.Here.Forever.In MY CHAIR.
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    posted a message on ♔ [24/7] [1.3.1] TimeCrack - Inspired By MindCrack ♔ **Accepting Whitelist Applications**
    Disappointed you can remove me from this whitelist if im on it.
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    posted a message on ♔ [24/7] [1.3.1] TimeCrack - Inspired By MindCrack ♔ **Accepting Whitelist Applications**
    Just put it to a pull i personnaly would like it without sethome and home that makes it to easy there are srvers for that and this is not one of them i feel. I think you should accept the people you want to the 25 person limit then close the server to keep it a small community thats more friendly than an overpopulated server. If you cant decide then just put it to a pole.
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    posted a message on ♔ [24/7] [1.3.1] TimeCrack - Inspired By MindCrack ♔ **Accepting Whitelist Applications**
    Re-Post Edited Version
    Application Format:

    Why do you want to join the TimeCrack Server?: Love Mindcrack and looking for fun and good people to talk to I really was hoping to find a community server like this in its early stages so i could help build and make it better and just love playing mincraft with other people. I am not a redstone guru so dont come talking to me about snorlaxes or whatever they are called however i can build some pretty sweet abonded cities or an underground atlantis if thats your cup of tea. I want to make this one of those servers that the voxel box goes "How did they build that" and also would like to find someone else on the server thats like me and wants to make the server as crazy awesome as i do.
    Will you abide by the simple rules?:Option C. No of course i will.

    Do you have skype?:Yes send me a pm or whatever you like and i will send you my info.

    Age:156 months old or 13 years.


    How long have you been playing Minecraft?:Since a few days before Beta came out.

    Sorry for the first time i think if you reword the first question to What will you do for the Timecrack server and why do you want to join?Or add a second one that says What will you provide for our community? Would be a lot more clear.Thank you if you read this again and sorry for wasting your time if you don't accept me.
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