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    Try using proper grammar. You don't even make sense. Why don't you study grammar for a year, and then post a serious topic. Er, I mean "try usng proper grammer you dont even make sents whi dont you studi grammer for a yeer and then post a sereus topic"
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    Quote from elaxter

    Mr. Realism

    "Oh that game!? That game isn't realistic and can never happen, therefore it is bad! I don't care about good story and gameplay, only that it has Russians and AK-47-U's with an ACOG scope!"

    Ghost Recon?

    The Whiner
    Fails at an FPS multiplayer and then starts whining that everyone else cheated or that they weren't ready. Or that they had hacked in a nonexistent weapon. OR that the admin hacked a creeper into the game and placed it behind him. Also known as the most annoying of the "never loses" people.

    The Chuck Norris Dude
    These people take every chance they get to make a Chuck Norris reference.
    Example: <~Herobrine> Only Chuck Norris can save you now!
    Example: Lulz-XD_elite_dragonlord_darkslayer~1337 nuked Guy_1545
    Lulz-XD_elite_dragonlord_darkslayer~1337 nuked User_8763
    Lulz-XD_elite_dragonlord_darkslayer~1337 nuked TheKian
    Lulz-XD_elite_dragonlord_darkslayer~1337: Lulz, you just got falcon punched.

    Forum Gamer
    Plays some "100 ways to kill X" game on the forum and then later says "O, lulz, i pl4y3d th4t 0n3 g4m3, lulz." and then considers themselves a gamer.

    The Namer
    The namer spends ten minutes when creating an account just to make an obscenely long (and often obscene) name.
    Example: Lulz-XD_elite_dragonlord_darkslayer~1337
    Example 2: f***_gangnam_style~yo_face-is_a~b****

    Game Referencer
    Not really much of a gamer, but takes a look at a post, assumes they're talking about a specific game, then quotes them and asks if they are referencing a certain game.

    Wait a minute...
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    Sometimes patches create texture incompatibilities. Try uninstalling the patch (if possible) and see if the problem persists.
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