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    We're a faction-based server with ranks and a great environment in general to play Minecraft.
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    Trailblazer has it all! Check it out! We welcome everyone of every interest. At least give it a try. Also check out our website at http://trailblazer.webstarts.com/.

    -Hunger Games
    This is always available in our world /goto TheHungerGames. Once you get there, you will see instructions to join. If enough people are willing, the game will start automatically for you.
    Lots of Trailblazers have factions. Go to /warp help and on the wall they are explained more. Create or join one. It doesn't matter!
    There are tons of PVP arenas around. In the Portal Room (still in progress - /warp PortalRoom) there will be an area for PVP portals. Check them out and bring your friends.
    A favorite mini-game among Trailblazers is /warp jump. Check it out! There's also a section in the Portal Room for Mini-game portals.
    We have ChestShop, so build your own shop at /warp shop, right by the spawn. Also check out the Admin Shops.
    -Fantastic Builds
    You may be thinking we're just trying to fill space now, but really. There are TONS of absolutely amazing builds here. All around the spawn are some examples, but there are tons beyond them. Will you be one of those who is known for their buildings on Trailblazer?
    There are many staff members on Trailblazer to help you with your needs. Don't ask for ranks, but there are ample opportunities to earn some of the lower ones.
    -Pixel Art
    Pixel art has become popular on Trailblazer, so check out the world /goto art. There you can have a blank canvass to make your own.
    There are tons of these all around Trailblazer. Build your own or check some out from the Portal Room.
    -So much more!
    It's impossible to list everything Trailblazer has to offer, so the only true way you can see it all is if you join. Do it! We triple-dog-dare you! :steve_joyous:

    There really aren't very many rules. They're pretty much common sense ones. In the game do /rules for a list.
    1. No griefing
    Duh. You will be temporarily banned, and if you continue to do it, you will be banned forever. That's a long time. Don't risk it; we have CoreProtect, so not only will we be able to fix the grief, you will be discovered.
    2. No asking for promotions
    Once in the game, you will see a few opportunities arise for you to rank up. Granted, the ranks you can get somewhat easily aren't very important ones, but at least you won't be labeled as default.
    3. No asking for gamemode
    Creative is a rank, so it goes with rule number two. Don't ask. It makes you look like you can't read.
    4. Be decent
    This is very general, but we want to simply create an environment that's enjoyable for everyone. Keep everything PG and don't cuss. Words like crap and telling someone to shut up are fine, but dropping the f-bomb will normally get you kicked. If you continue, you will be temporarily banned. Also going along with this, threats to hack or shut down the server will not be tolerated. These offenses are inexcusable, so be smart and keep your mouth shut if you feel threats sneaking up your windpipe.

    So, check it out. You are most definitely missing something if you don't!! :steve_wink:
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