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    Hey, I was wondering if there was a talented modder out there who would make a mod that adds the 360 crafting U.I (or gui not sure what its considered) in the pc version and add gamepad compatibility. I really want to use my gamepad (xbox 360 controller) on minecraft, so when Minecraft360 comes out, im used to the controls.

    Please and thanks,

    There is a .jar file already that lets you use Xbox cord controller!
    once you get that go off of the controls from here
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    Quote from ThatNoobGuy

    I've never posted a rage post before, but **** you Mojang.
    I've had MineCraft since Alpha, not late Alpha, but early Alpha just after InDev/InfDev when MineCraft was Notch's hobby. Now Mojang are Multi-Millionaires, and what do the people who started MineCraft get? **** all. Full release? That's crap, there's still generation bugs, glitches etc... What use do NPC Towns have? So many things don't have uses. Mojang become a million pound company OVERNIGHT. Why can't they re-pay the people who got MineCraft popular?

    Ummmm umadbro?
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    Quote from Dy1an362

    o hay i got in after repeatingly clicked on the server :biggrin.gif:

    Diamond to you! :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond:
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    Quote from GLT

    People,i did it :smile.gif:
    I killed ender dragon in ender realm (the end). And... Ender dragon dropped an egg and portal to the surface too.So i enter in a portal and o see a lots of words :biggrin.gif:

    Good luck with killing dragons.

    srry for my bad english too

    So did I.....On creative!!!! :biggrin.gif: :iapprove:
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