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    posted a message on Making Server Banners
    I would highly suggest you put an example so people can see what you are capable of
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    posted a message on Faction Config
    What exactly is the issue? Are people not in the faction able to open doors and destroy soil?
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    posted a message on PLUGIN DEVELOPERS FOR HIRE
    This forum is being created in case you need custom plugins. It will help developers and minecraft server owners find a match so they can create dynamic servers. If you are a developer that can make custom minecraft plugins please reply in the following format:


    Method of contact (I.E. Skype, Email):

    Requested payment for making plugins:

    Experience (I.E. Plugins you have made on servers, or bukkit):

    Speed (Do you have plenty of time to work or rarely can work):

    Any other requirements you have (Ranks, server popularity etc.):
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    posted a message on Server errors when using a premade world
    can you make a pastebin rather then a download?
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    posted a message on Port Forward Not Working
    have you tried having someone log in rather then using canyouseeme?
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    posted a message on Website for your Minecraft Server
    That is a cool website
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    posted a message on Strange errors when using WorldEdit + Essentials
    what type of memory is it talking about? On hosted servers there are 2 types of memory. The hosted server only lets you store x amount of data even when the server is off. 2GB is only the ram not the amount of storage permitted and those plugins are probably too much data.
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    posted a message on Every permission in group manager works except for build?
    I have had trouble with group manager in the past. I would suggest YAPP because it is super simple and works perfectly. But if you want to use group manager in the info section did you put build:true? That is what allows players to build
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    posted a message on Bought an Account a while ago. Go to update and am only allowed to demo.
    Try migrating your account to a mojang account
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    posted a message on Question about 2x2 combination lock.
    can you post some pictures? Also I would suggest that you use buttons instead of levers so that the redstone signal does not stay.
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    posted a message on Youtuber Looking for Minecraft Hosting Sponsor 2k Subs
    Your age: 15
    Name of proposed server: Whale Craft (Flexible)
    How much RAM you want: 1GB (This is very flexible)
    How many player slots: 10-50
    Describe your server idea: I would like to have many sections to my server. I want to definitely have factions or towny possibly both because I enjoy those. I also plan to have survival games, and walls. I want to have some minigames. I have some friends that are developers and I might be able to get custom plugins. I also plan to have a creative area where people can make some cool creations
    Why you want this server: I recently hit 2,000 subscribers and as a part of celebrating I want to make a server where I can play with my subscribers and friends from other servers.
    On a scale of 1-10, how badly do you want the server?: 9
    Proposed Plugins: Worldedit, Worldguard, survival games, warp portals, factions, towny, essentials, multivers, and more. (I already have many of the plugins I would like to use because I tried hosting a server on my own and I had to get all of the plugins)
    Donation Plan: I plan to have multiple ranks which will give them access to many different commands, places, and help. I do not know exact names but I have an idea of what different donator ranks would do.
    Do you already have a community? If so, how many active players? If not, how will you be getting players?: I have 2,000 subscribers (http://www.youtube.c.../GamePlaceParty) and I know many people from other servers that would love to play with me. I also plan to give good prizes for voting on the server in order to get higher up on server websites.
    What makes your server special? Why should I join your server instead of that other server?: I will offer many different games and what not so if you are on my server everything you want to do will be there. Also I have played with some famous youtubers that have taken an interest in making trolling vids on my server if I were to make one.
    Is there a reason why you can't pay for this server?: I just bought a new minecraft account and I am saving up for editing software. I also do not have time to get a steady job with youtube, and school.
    What is your preferred method of contact? Skype? PM?: Skype TheFancyWhale but really anything works for me as I check all of my methods regularly.
    What you will do for the company in return: I will put a link to the server hosting company on my channel and possibly get a code for a discount but the discount is not a must. I will also give the company 100% of the donations because this server is going to be for my subscribers NOT for a profit. Also I would love to put the hosting company's link in the description of all my new videos.
    Thank you so much and I hope you can consider me! I will look at all offers and even if my requested specifications can not be met I am willing to negotiate so please leave all offers. Thanks!
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    posted a message on [New World !]Best Vanilla Server ever!|Survival| NO PVP| NO Griefing|
    IGN: TiffanyValenti
    Age: 15
    Planet: Earth (Most of the time)
    Have You Ever been banned? No
    What are you looking for in a Minecraft SMP server? A fun time!
    What are you hoping to avoid? Griefing
    Why do you want to join this server? So I can have fun watching stream and join in on the action
    Do you know whats Team speak (if not just ask will help you get it is free)? I have team speak but I cant always talk because it is usually too late and I could wake up family members
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    posted a message on MCXBLA Official Known Bugs List [TU7]
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    posted a message on Community Gaming Channel All are welcome
    you send me a video and I will post it. In the description there will be a link to your channel, and if they like the video I posted for you, they will go and check out your channel for more cool videos
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    posted a message on Community Gaming Channel All are welcome
    Hi I have started a community gaming channel if you want help getting noticed. I give everyone full credit to channels. Email the to [email protected] or tweet me @gameplaceparty
    Check out the channel we have hit 2,000 views within 3 days! https://www.youtube.com/user/GamePlaceParty?feature=mhee
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