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    Hey, Guys,

    I have come to a decision about this series. I have decided to continue playing the world, but not doing updates. Instead, I will post up cool things I do periodically to showcase certain things in my world. I feel this will be more fun for me so I don't have to worry about getting the right number of pictures, having enough words, ect. I hope you understand.
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    Hello everyone! I have decided to give making a survival journal another try. My first one flopped because of bad planning,and I am sorry about that. This one however was created using a modpack I personally enjoy; Attack of the B Team!Please post to keep this thread active! I will post updates periodically once or twice a week. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. It will help. Now, let's get this thing started!

    I am using the Attack of the B Team modpack which can be found on the Technic Launcher, here
    Texture pack:
    I am using SphaxbdPurecraft with a patch Generikb put together. Here is a link to the main page The version you want is the x128 for 1.6.4. Then copy and paste everything in the patch's assets folder into the Sphax assets folder, then you're done! :D
    • Make a good sized house with multiple levels.
    • Give myself extra powers with Advanced Genetics
    • Build a power source and machines
    • Create a request item system using Project-Red Transportation
    • Make an automatic ore refining system
    • Kill the Ender Dragon and Wither
    • Make some sort of Mob farm
    • Do anything else I can think of in this pack
    • Have fun! :D
    Update 1

    (1.1) The Glorious Beginning!
    I spawned in a mesa-style biome from Biomes-o-Plenty, to the right I see a lush biome with a lot of greeneryOf course, I think that bonus chests go out of their way to annoy me sometimes.Some OK loot I guess. At least there is an axe!I'm making a crafting station. It's like a crafting table, except items won't fall out when you exit it.Let's get mining all of these ores!I found a nice opening, more ores for me! :DO: The sacrificial bat! I will fly!I can fly like a little birdy! :DHi, Mrs. Coven witch! Yes, I know I'm not skilled in the art. lolNow, if ya don't mind. I'll take your stuff! I do love me some iron picks!I got an Abraham Lincoln hat! XDFear me all ye zombies! MUAHAHAI'm not even going to look...Ooh! A party? For me? You shouldn't have! =PI found a wicker man, destroyed the spawner, and am now laughing at the mobs' futile attempts to get me.Now we are talking, and yes, I just now got armor. =P Let's get these mobs out of here!
    (1.2) Murray the Walking Suitcase
    I love cave systems! They give me everything I've ever asked for! What are you looking at? It was all worth it for an enderpearl!Diamonds...LOT'S OF DIAMONDS! :DYes please! Meet Murray, my new luggage! He picks up any item that is dropped on the ground!Mmm. Berry bushes!Don't you dare! (That machine down there is a pulverizer. I'm trying to make a leadstone energy cell, AKA a power source!)Whew!Ooh! Another cave system, with Diamonds!We're going to need a bigger axe! =PI also have my pulverizer, Aqueous Accumulator, and a steam dynamo to power the pulverizer! The AA provides water for the steam dynamo, which combined with coal makes it produce power! I made a leadstone energy cell! Now to give it power... (I finally get around to this in a later update.)
    (1.3) Are We On Tatooine?
    Finally, some sheep! I can finally get some sleep..Yes! my first village!You don't have to rub it in every time I see one of your kind!Hello, Mr. Jawa Tinker! How are you doing today? Carrots and potatoes! :DOf course the Necromancer has a graveyard. Now that is just a tad creepy...I don't think I've ever seen a village this massive!A hidden chest I found. It had horrible loot.A blacksmith! This isn't as common as it is in normal Minecraft due to more buildings.I guess this is good loot. All hail Sandy: King of Tropicraft!I'm getting ready for a zombie siege! This will be interesting.Traffic jam! lolUm, Sir, you appear to have something in your head. 'I love this necromancer! :D Best trade EVER!!!! :D
    Update 2

    (2.1) Rare Sheep?

    My first ravine so far! :D

    Better yet! It's a double ravine! :)

    Egad! The Doctor has been skeletonized! =O

    First of all, hi Mr. Enderman! Second of all, why are all the windows made of iron bars? :S

    I made another luggage! I named him Kent.

    I lit up the village to limit zombie spawning rates.

    A backpack! It ended up breaking, and it took up my chestplate slot. It's a backpack though! XD

    In normal difficulty at least they can't get in...

    Oops! I was making my diamond armor and accidentally made two pairs of pants.. My bad.

    Murray, meet Kent! Kent, meet Murray! lol
    I ended up going mining in that ravine! :D I got a lot of stuff..

    A pink sheep! :o I've never seen one like that before!

    I think a house over there could look quite nice!

    I found a witches' circle. I'll keep it in mind because Witches do well in the MFR Auto-spawner..

    Somehow my machines got duped in the backpack.. I smell a glitch. (Don't worry, I'll get rid of the extra stuff..)

    Go away Tentacool! This isn't Pokemon! XD
    (2.2) A Hole in the Ground

    Mesa biomes look amazing in Sphax!

    Can someone direct me to the Easter Bunny's house?

    It can't rain in Mesa biomes. Smart Enderman!

    Hi, Mr. Zombie!

    See ya, Mr. Zombie!

    I'm ready to begin construction of my house! I'm going to make a hobbit hole! :D

    Almost ready to begin at least. I needed food and a creeper blew up in the farm.

    Hmmm... It needs to be wider I think.

    Much better!

    Looking good! It needs something though


    Almost there!

    Perfect! It only took almost 30 stairs too! :D

    That hat name... XD

    Don't even think about it! D:

    Let this be a warning to your kind! MUAHAHA

    This is painfully ironic...

    All the villagers appear to be gone! Including the Necromancer with the good trade! :steve_tearful:

    I'm replacing the stone with logs for the walls.

    I also got the floor done in the entrance hall.

    I wonder if these used to be villagers.

    Time to move stuff from my old chest to the new house!

    There, all moved in!

    It annoys me how much silicon looks like coal...

    I think that Coven Witch might be following me... lol
    (2.3) Remember the Trees

    I like how spiders don't attack in daylight. :) I killed it anyway. >:D

    For some reason this made me think of Dumbledore as an animagus..

    I'm running low on coal. Marvelous.

    Expansion time! I'm making a 13x13x3 room. This will take a while...

    O= Mind is blown! The chest next to the crafting station shows up! :)

    I got the mining done.. Now I'm going to line the walls with logs.

    On a side note, this was what the witches' circle hopper had in it.

    Creepers are already defacing my hill!

    Ok, I have over a stack of logs! Remember the trees who gave their trunks for this room!

    I am the king of misplacements! lol

    I have one wall done! I'm going to need more wood.

    That's two walls!

    I was running out of trees so I replanted some.

    The moment of truth! :D

    Walls done and lit up! Now for the plank floor and ceiling.

    First I need to get rid of this stone floor.

    Done! Now for the ceiling! (I got this done but forgot to screenshot it. *face palm*)

    A spider spawned. Time for more lights!

    I made a small lamp. I'll replace it with a lamp as soon as I get the materials.

    I kid you not. THREE creepers tried to blow me up on this very spot.

    I can now charge my energy cell!

    I made a small room to hide my electric equipment. The machines go in the gaps. I'll make more as needed.

    Power setup complete!

    My energy cell is charging up!
    My pulverizers first job is to pulverize some bones!

    I made some ghost blocks from the secret rooms mod to allow entrance to my tech room without a hole in the wall.

    I can now go right through that block!

    Full power! :D

    Next stop: Portal room and the Nether! :)
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    Sorry I haven't replied in a while! I have been at my Grandparent's house without internet. Nice updates!
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    I personally like seeing people use my skin, because I made it myself! I do see why you wouldn't like someone reuploading it though.
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    Hi, everyone! I have decided to start my own modded survival journal. It is called "A Golem's Adventure" and I will be playing in 1.6.4. If you like reading this journal, please post a comment or suggestion. New mod ideas are also welcome, but some mods won't work because they generate a lot of lag on my PC. For the Better Dungeons mod I have also made dungeons rarer and disabled a few. Please post to keep this topic active so more people can see it! Thanks for reading and without further ado here it is!Mods:
    1. BakeryCraft - Adds a lot of new foods.
    2. Barrels Mod - Adds barrels that can store a ton of one item.
    3. Better Furnaces - Adds upgrades to the furnace
    4. Bibliocraft - Adds a lot of cool storage and misc items.

    5. Damage Indicators - Let's you see a mob's health and potion effects

    6. Deconstruction Mod - Let's you turn certain items back into their crafting recipes.

    7. Emerald and Obsidian Tools - Adds emerald and obsidian tools and armor.

    8. Enchanting Plus - Adds an advanced enchantment table so you can choose your enchantments.

    9. Extra Utilities - Adds many useful items.

    10. Golem World - Adds a lot more golems.

    11. ID Fix Minus - Fixes any ID conflicts.

    12. Infernal Mobs - Applies buffs to random mobs.

    13. Inventory Tweaks - Let's you sort your chests and inventory with ease.

    14. Morph Mod - If you kill a mob you can morph into it and get any special abilities it has.

    15. Natural Biomes 2 - Adds natural looking biomes to Minecraft.

    16. Nether X - Makes the Nether more exciting.

    17. Not Enough Items - Let's you see every item in the game and their crafting recipes.

    18. Optifine HD - Adds more graphics settings.

    19. Zan's Minimap(Replaced Rei's Minimap) - Let's you set waypoints and shows a small map of the area you're in.

    20. TreeCapitator - Makes chopping down trees easier.

    21. Waila - Tells you what you are looking at and what mod it's from.
    New Mods:

    1. Applied Energistics- Adds some cool storage modules.
    2. Balkon's Weapons mod - Adds a lot of new weapons.
    3. Buildcraft - Adds cool machines that make your life easier.
    4. Cake is a Lie- Adds a bunch of new cakes.
    5. Chest Viewer Mod- Let's you see what is in a chest without opening it! It also works with furnaces and hoppers.
    6. Familiars Mod +All Packs - Adds familiars that add certain effects to you.
    7. Mariculture mod- Adds a lot of new ocean generation and some other cool stuff.
    8. Rouguelike Dungeons mod-Adds some epic new dungeons!
    9. Tinker's Construct - Adds a lot of new weapon customization and new ores.
    • Build an advanced crafting table.
    • Make a house, potions hut, fishing shack, armory, and enchanting hut.
    • Kill the Wither
    • Kill a blaze or bat.
    • Go to the Nether so I can fly as a blaze or bat.
    • Make a railway system.
    Update 1:
    The Beginning (1.1)
    I spawned in a taiga-like biome from Natural Biomes 2 with no wildlife in sight.This is my bonus chest. It's pretty bad. The apples will be helpful though.Let's get some wood! Now that I think about it I'm not sure why I didn't just make an axe... :steve_lol:I mined 21 stone in this exposed area.I made some stone tools. Who needs wood tools anyway? =PI treecapitated some trees with my new axe! I think I'm almost ready to build my house.I think I'll make my first house in that biome!Finally sheep. I think I might actually survive my first night.
    The "Tree" House! (1.2)
    I found a cave on my way to the spruce biome. I might use it for mining.I started work on my tree house! It's going to have two rooms. A bedroom and a main room.I put in a door and chopped in some window space.I'm getting some sand for the windows. After all, why else would I make space for them?Here is the bedroom so far. Ignore the spruce wood, I used it for scaffolding.I found some sugar cane near my house so I replanted it! I always have a hard time finding it for books, this will make it easier! =DA beautiful sunset from atop my house!I out in the windows! (They take SO long to smelt!)I got part of the roof partially finished. I'm going to cover them with stairs after a while. But for now this will do.Here is my house from the snow biome. I took it when I went to get wood.I now have plenty of wood to finish my house! =DYou know how the title says this is a "tree" house? Here's why! I ended up removing the actual trees. =PHere's the completed house from the outside!And to end off this update, two images from the inside! I hope you enjoyed it! =D
    The Cave of Facepalms(1.3)
    The first hostile mob I've had to fight. It had to be a skeleton! Yes! I found a cave closer to my house to explore.I found 8 iron right off the bat.That entire area was coal with a few iron.So it's one of those caves that just go back up to the surface huh? Oh well, I'm sure I'll find a better one. On a side note, I planted some of my sugar cane so I don't need to go exploring for it.A new cave! This one looks promising. I'll go in as soon as I smelt my iron. I made some iron tools and an iron chestplate. Let's go caving!After searching for about 5 minutes, I finally found it again. Let's see what this cave has to offer!A bat! I've halfway completed one of my goals.You have arrived at facepalm city. At least we found a bat....I ended up going home so this update won't be really long. I'll try to find a good cave between updates and we can explore it.
    Update 2
    The Mining Trip of Doom!(2.1)
    I made some modifications to my house since last time. Including a second floor! Here's the inside. Currently there isn't anything in here.Let's go caving!This sure is a nice welcome!Lava. I better not go near it!Guess what happened near the lava? Yeah....Three creepers and a skeleton? You have got to be kidding me?Iron! This is starting to get better!:D An abandoned mine shaft!This lava is out to get me...Ok. I am going to go get some stuff before the next update because I lost practically everything to lava. All I can say is, that mining trip didn't go so well. At least I found a mine shaft though.
    The Dungeon Explorer!(2.2)
    First order of business..Take that lava! >=DI found some iron I had put in this furnace before I died! :DIs that what I think it is? :oYes, it is! Dungeon ahoy! :DBefore going in I made some decent stuff to wear.This room is..A bit weird. Random bookshelves anyone?These spawners appear to be broken. I'll look into that.'It appears the better dungeons spawners are broken, but these spider spawners are fine!I got some nice boots from an infernal spider.That dungeon was broken and really all it had was a bunch of food. Oh well.Some gold! :DThis is my complete inventory at the moment.I thought I made dungeons LESS common...Hi, zombies! I come in peace!They didn't come in peace. D: I opened the door and got rushed by: two baby zombies and five normal ones. Ow.I went and got my stuff, and I was ambushed by THIS person! I ended up turning it to peaceful because it turns out that half the things in this mod are ridiculously hard to kill. This thing almost one hit me... -_- Because of this I'm going to uninstall this mod and roguelike dungeons will take it's place. I didn't change difficulty to cheat, I just think that some of these things are WAY to OP.The Success! (2.3)
    Time to explore the mineshaft!Worst. Loot. Ever.I ran into one of those weird dirt rooms. I always wonder why they even exist..Ha ha! You seem to be stuck in that cobweb! Let me slay- I mean help you. :PThat's one bad creeper!I hate how infernal creepers always do that before I can kill them. :(Diamonds!I hit the jackpot! 7 in one vein!This is more like it!Now I know where to get obsidian!A ridiculously OP infernal creeper chased me and I died from fall damage. XDAfter much confusing after my death point malfunctioned, I managed to find my stuff! That 5 minute timer is intense sometimes.I ran out of wood, so I went ahead and made some stone torched from Tinkers Construct. (My skin is acting weird wh
    ich is why it's a Steve. I fix it later in the update.)An infernal zombie was kind enough to drop...An iron hoe. Woopie.I got attacked by an enderman when I accidentally looked at it. :rolleyes: At least it dropped an enderpearl!Somehow a squid spawned here and died. lolFInally, I'm up!On a side note, between updates I made some iron furnaces.I also went and made some ore doubling upgrades!My complete inventory after the mining trip.Iron for days! That upgrade is awesome! :D
    Update 3

    Preparations! (3.1)
    I decided to start a farm. It will start off by having melons and wheat! I'll add other things later.Here is the farm so far, I like the stone torches. They look pretty cool.For this modpack I'm going to start using the Crafteryada texture pack. It's still in beta so some things are the default textures.Infernal spider. I didn't know I ahd particles turned off, but that's what it is!It gave me...Cookies.I have never had this happen in survival! It's so cute!I made an add-on to my house for the Nether portal. I had some problems making it look good due to the location of the farm. I think this setup looks alright.I made the portal! Next update I will venture into the depths..
    Format Disclaimer:
    I give credit for the format to Zbakkar_Herbrine who's survival journal is found here: http://www.minecraft.../#entry27781447
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    Two words: Zan's Minimap. =P I have the worst sense of direction ever so I really need to use it to find anything.
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    Cool mod! I think it has a lot of potential. That skin is hilarious! It reminds me of Craig the mailman. (Any TDM fans know who I'm talking about)
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    Let's put it this way: by the time I actually have ENOUGH items to trade for diamond gear, I have already got enough diamonds to make all of the diamond gear.
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    One of the best ways to survive for a long period of time is to just build a bed and explore! Just remember to sleep at night.
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