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    Welcome back!

    My suggestion would be to give survival a try with plain old vanilla. They've updated the game with an incredible amount of new content, so you and your sister will find lots of new things to play with. Enchanting is always a fun thing to do, here are some suggestions for armor enchantments. You can also make it a goal to defeat the End Dragon or the Wither. And not to mention the Caves and Cliffs update is on the horizon which will bring a long overdue update to the cave system.

    That being said, the mod community continues to amaze me with the content they create and add to the game. If you decide to run the route of mods, you absolutely want to check out CurseForge. If you are looking for some quick suggestions, here are few:

    Horror Adventure Maps

    Horror Resource Packs

    PvP Mods

    Texture packs are also a fun way to liven up the game by basically giving it a facelift. Here are some general ones and some horror specific ones.

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    It really depends on what kind of world you are going for. My personal favorite thing to do is spawn in and immediately make note of where spawn is. From there I like to build my own village (I typically decide on a theme before hand.) and center the village around the spawn point. A good example of this would GoodTimesWithScar's fantasy village in

    If you are looking for some other ideas, here are some articles to perhaps give you inspiration or some seeds to use.


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    Some of my favorites are probably your typical answers, but Grain, Mumbo Jumbo, and GoodTimesWithScar are my favorites.

    Scar is probably my number one just because of his awesome attitude and great humor, plus I love his builds.

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    Yeah I agree that beacons need some form of update or adjustment. I think you have some good ideas for sure as I love the ideas that different materials could inherently change what the effect of the beacon is. Mostly what I would love is to see beacons allowed to be a different shape to better fit designs.

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