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    Map Trailer:

    Download: >>>SUNBURN V 0.5 (.zip)<<<

    A Sunstorm just drove through the world, leaving it to burn. You have found the last refuge of blocks: clay was fired by the heat, not destroyed. Along with the other survivors, you made it to this refuge. However, the land you traveled through infused you with enough heat that you burn the very ground you stand upon! There are three layers of this fired clay, but it decays under you even as you move. You have a single goal, all the others forgotten, even as the Sunstorm comes back to haunt you.

    Survive. Run. Against all odds, win. And don't get caught like the others.

    Welcome to SunBurn.


    Any number of players can race for dominance over the Sunstorm. All you need is a server large enough.

    Minecraft Version:

    The Sunstorm is a product of 1.8. Any version below it, and it will not function.


    • Blazes spawn every once in a while in the game. Kill one, and get a Powerup. Some are Lucky, some are Meh, and some are even Horrible. Rest assured, though, it's worth it to get them.
    • We have so many command blocks, our brains exploded every time we contemplated the number of command blocks we had.
    • If you die, fear not. Your spirit can live on with the survivors. Just hit the Spectate button to go to the arena as a ghost.
    • The world resets so fast, and so easily, you can play as much as you want.
    • A distinct lack of friends is no match for the power of redstone. Play singleplayer, and race against the clock.
    There are hidden features, little quirks, and more. Try to find them all! (You might need Wire Segal to get your gamemode first...)

    • Minecraft 1.8 or later
    • Minimum 8 chunks Render Distance
    • Vanilla Server (Multiplayer)
    • Adjust server.properties (see below)

    • Default Texture/Resource Pack
    • Brightness: Full/Bright
    • Clouds: Off
    • 64-bit Java
    Server Information:
    For Multiplayer, you NEED TO have command blocks enabled.
    In your server.properties file, make sure you have these settings:


    This map is NOT compatible with Bukkit. We at Sunstorm Control Center apologize.

    Other Info:
    If you are a youtuber, you must give credit to the two Creators, TheDestruc7i0n and Wire Segal. Please follow this guide: http://lemoesh.com/attribution/

    Thank you for playing this map! If you have any questions, please contact @TheDestruc7i0n or @WireSegal. Also if there’s a bug, please, do not hesitate to contact us, and we'll fix it!

    Also, if you find someone who did not give credit please post them here, also post your gameplays, I will add it here! :D

    Thanks for playing!
    Alternate Download: .zip
    Alternate Download: .rar

    Also, donate if you can! http://thedestruc7i0n.ca/donate

    25 Playthroughs:

    xRpMx13 - The Incredibly Good Looking Gamer!:
    Okward Industries:
    Quote from TheDestruc7i0n»
    Small Update to post: (04/11/2014)

    • Updated download link to have security.
    • There are many, many playthroughs coming out and I cannot post them all here! I will update the count but not add and remove the lesser channels (sorry!), if you want your link to be added; please post here!

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    Quote from water_legends

    Hi guy's,

    I'm working a big project in the new snapshots so also with the new clone command if someone knows a filter that worked relative to the
    setblock structure filter of sethbling but instead of setblock, the clone command. because as is known that you can't clone more than around 4000 blocks and my structure is about 10 000 blocks so if there's an easy filter that makes you select the area that you want to clone and paste it just like the setblock structure filter.

    please let me know!

    Texelelf made this already:

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    Ahh it is you again. When I saw it on reddit I was like: This must be Ikean!
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    Horse Powered Redstone - Proof Of Concept

    I was in the 1.6 snapshot and saw how horses grew and others don't. With this I put a trip-wire on top of the horse so when it reached the 3rd or 2nd stage it will then trigger the redstone that then powers whatever you want.

    If the voice sounds weird, don't judge. I am only 14. ( ;p )
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