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    So I was playing factions on a server, alone and then i clicked tab. Then flickering on the tab bar with the online players was this guy named bob and his name was just flickering. it was pretty odd. So i was walking near some horses, and then this guy with the name bob just was flickering near them. He had an Alex (or whatever it's called)skin. I decided to just close my game. I swear this actually happened. You may not believe me, but whatever. (wasnt able to get screenshots because of rapid flickering) *EDIT*: Was able to get a screenshot.

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    Idk where it will be, but it would be epic if it was in Japan!!!! :D
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    My IGN is Brentbobly, and believe it or not, my name is not Brent... I was thinking of a guy named Brent from my old school then there was some commercial on the TV and there were some bobboheads so... XD
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