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    ~~Welcome to the thread~~

    This is the hub on Minecraftforums where you can share your free online games, or a link to a site with online games. Please keep in mind that this is a free online games thread. This thread is to prevent forum clutter. Now please read the rules, and the information so far.

    Remember, no free downloadable games. They might be malicious content, and I don't want people to get viruses.


    1. In this thread, we have basic forum rules. No flaming or trolling.

    Admin's Note: Referral linking isn't allowed anywhere within the forum either; If the game you are sharing has a referral program, please remember to double check the link you are posting so that it is a direct link to the website and not a referral link.

    2. Please only post free online games in this thread. Any games that cost money will be reported and removed from the thread.

    3. This thread is to prevent forum clutter. Please do not post any other free online games outside this thread, as a mod will probably lock it.

    4. Any malicious content, adfly links, or false content, will be reported, removed and your account will be issued a warning and a possible suspension. This breaks our rules of "Don't abuse a member's safety".

    5. Please do not reply to a bad game post. If a post that breaks a rule- just report it. If you reply to it it makes it harder for the forum staff to get rid of the post. If you post "omg tat game suckd!!11!" That is considered flaming. Do not do it.

    6. Have fun!

    Remember, if there is any free online games website, just PM me in this format:

    (Website with link)<br>(Small description of that website)

    Also, if you want to submit a game to add to the official list, PM me it in this format:
    (Game with link)<br>(Website found on)<br>(Small description of it)<br>

    Online Free Game Websites

    http://notdoppler.com/ - New games every Thursday

    http://www.crazymonkeygames.com/ - Great hub for free online games.

    http://armorgames.com/ - Find plenty of RPG and Adventure flash games on this great website!

    Online Free Games

    Stealing the Diamond
    Find creative ways to steal the diamond!

    Your stranded on this mysterious island... Aid it people by fighting off monsters.

    Play in this psychics simulator!

    Give up robot 2
    A retro styled, hard-ish platformer.
    And it has a grappling hook.
    Do I need to say more?

    Epic Battle Fantasy

    A free RPG.
    It's pretty short, but worth checking out nonetheless.
    Seriously, check it out.

    Fly your paper airplane all around the world through each level!

    Haunt The House
    Instead of being haunted, haunt the house yourself, and get these people out of your mansion!

    Button Hunt
    Find the button... That's it...

    Bloons Tower Defense 5 (Direct Link)

    That's right, 5 came out! 15 different towers, 2 different upgrade pathes, one new MOAB-type class bloon...
    You have to play it yourself! Trailer in spoiler below:

    Dragon Quest
    Your horse has been kidnapped! Use logic and skill to make your way through each level of the dragon's lair.

    Bloons Tower Defense 4
    Of course, not as good as 5, but still a good game with a simple, yet addictive concept.

    Happy Wheels
    Considered to be one of the best online games ever, Happy Wheels is a fun game where you race, ride, and other misc. things on user-generated tracks! Build your own tracks, unlock new characters, and pick your favorite character.
    Have Fun!

    User Submitted Flash Games

    8BitMMO is an 8bit-style 2D massively multiplayer game! It's a giant construction sandbox -- you can build a home or a castle in a persistent streaming world. Found and manage your own city. Fight evil Lawyercats and engage in player vs player battle.
    Submitted by: Sim9

    Poll Results

    Question: Should we have a video walk through section?
    Yes: 2
    No: 0
    I could honestly care less: 8

    That means no video walk through section

    Enjoy the thread!

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    Out of Character Information (OOC)
    Minecraft Username: WeAreAnonymilk
    Age: 14
    Timezone: Eastern Standard Time
    Experience in role-playing: I went on a very strict RP server, playing and enjoying it for 6 months, playing 2 different characters before it got shut down due to admin abuse.
    Have you ever been banned: Nope.

    In-Character Information (IC)
    Full Name: His real name is unknown, but everybody calls him Anti-Mage. "Anti" for short.
    Character Age: 18
    Anti joined a small monastery as a young acolyte, as an orphan at the age of 8. He was catered and cared for by the monks who had lived high atop on a mountain surrounded by a vast valley for 5 years. Then the war started.

    These demons started pouring out of the valley, claiming they must 'purge the ancients' of the mountain to claim it as there own. The monks could only watch in horror as there monks and soldiers were murdered by evil demons. Anti had not been sent into battle yet, and the monks never intended to send him. They only intended him to learn all their knowledge if they were to pass because of these ancient demons. They taught him ancient techniques, such as draining mana with each attack on a foe, or teleporting away a short distance.

    The demons kept coming up the mountains, eventually reaching the monks. Anti watched in horror as the monks who he had served biscuits and tea to were gruesomely murdered on the silk cushions they sat on, only for them to rise again to join the ranks of the demons. Anti had nothing left but to run away, a rogue. As he left the valley, his home, his sanctuary, he acclaimed the one phrase:

    "I shall end magic!"

    Personality: Anti is very quiet. He does not speak unless he needs to. When he does speak, he is very logical and aggressive.
    Appearance: [Picture/Skin is also accepted]

    Skills: Blinking short distances away to either get into combat or out of it, and draining mana as he attacks.
    Extra notes/details: Anti-Mage likes people, just not talking to them.
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    Well, our school is filled with assholes. So at lunch, the boys and girls are seated at different tables across from eachother. It's incredibly stupid. Anyways, the girls are always assholes to the boys at lunch. I.E: Stealing sweets and good stuff from our lunches.

    So one day, this popular girl swaggers riiiight up behind me. She leans over my shoulder, and steals my doughnut. My Doughnut.

    My Doughnut

    So, I punched her in the stomach as hard as I possibly can with no warning. She fell on the ground, and I heard she was actually pretty hurt from it. So I grab my doughnut from her trembling hand, and with glee, turn around back to my table, and continue to eat calmly. And all the other boys, and girls from the other table, just stared at her. Lying on the ground. While me, enjoying myself in my chocalate glazed doughnut. Everybody was completely stunned, and I was showing no reaction.

    To this day, no girls ever come back to the table xD

    In other words, I don't like sharing.
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    I didn't use this for cheating, I used it so when I was making something with redstone, I could easily see the wires underground.

    Thanks :)
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    Do whatever the hell you want. Who cares about other people's opinions? YOU shouldn't. They're just digital text on a computer monitor. Nothing more.
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    Bumping dead threads is in fact AGAINST THE RULES.

    • Bump Threads - Do not bump threads to get more replies or reply to older threads that have dropped off unless there is significant new information to add.

    You can report bumps. And if you do see one, please report it.
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    I don't think Santa should attack you. I think he should call upon a swarm of evil demon elves!
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    Wolves are a bit oddly colored, but other then that, great work so far.
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    Quote from DaBomb

    I wonder what a popcorn milkshake would taste like...

    Buttery. But how would you get that to a soft, cold drink?
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    TNT...duh. It's obvious.
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