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    posted a message on Community Creations: WeedLion Presents - Burgers
    Remember kids, this is what happens when you do burgers. And drugs.
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    posted a message on TSK- The Shattered Kingdom (Unique RPG) Looking for - Builders | Terraformers | Plugin-manager | Plugin-Developer | Graphic arti
    Name: Kai Haskell
    Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time

    Age: 14
    Skype: theaveragehero
    Position Wanted: Builder, Terraformer, or Lore Writer.
    Are you employed on any servers?: I was staff recently, but am taking a break from Moderating.
    Do you work good with others?: Depends on who I'm working with. People my age or older, yes. Anyone under ten, that's where it gets tricky.
    What can you bring to The Shattered Kingdom?: I can bring experience in building, writing, and the occasional box of donuts.
    What makes your abilities unique in comparison to others?: If I don't like it, I keep working on it until I am satisfied. I won't leave (most) jobs undone. However, I probably won't start a job I know I can't do either.
    What is your greatest weakness personally?: My time management skills are questionable.
    Previous experience: I've built spawns for several servers. Most Notably I have been a Supervisor (below Admin, above Moderator) on Redstone Community. I have also used the role of Admin on the skyblock server Blockcrafter.

    Why do you want to become a part of The project?: Being part of grand projects is always fun, especially when you get to see all the hard work you've put into it being enjoyed by others.
    Proof of work: (I'll add some in a minute, let me find the dang pics)
    What is your greatest weakness in you're field?: I haven't completely figured out how to use the Voxel List.
    Level of awesomeness 1-10: I hate the "Judge Yourself" game. Lets see... It's in between 2-10.
    Does The color of The application make it more clear or harder to see?: Not really. I changed the color anyway.
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    posted a message on Snapshot 13w16a Ready For Testing!
    Playing it right now. Aaand my horse is glitched into a wall. Oh well, still cool. What I want to try is a race between pigs and horses.
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    posted a message on Admins in Minecraft Realms
    That's a good point. However, it's still in Alpha so you have to give them some slack.
    (Like the above, your lucky and gratz!)
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