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    This is what’s i use. Think of it like a shield. You have to pass through the perimeter/edge for it to take effect. So teleporting and spawning in will not work.

    Command block A : Set to adventure

    Settings: Repeat, unconditional, always on

    gamemode a @a[name=!yourName, rm=35, r=36]

    Command block B: Set to survival

    Settings: Repeat, unconditional, always on

    gamemode s @a[name=!yourName, rm=36, r=37]

    I recommend turning command block output off.

    Name=!yourName is optional. This prevents the blocks from changing your game mode.

    To get around new players spawning in on survival:

    1. Set world spawn to somewhere isolated. Get cords

    2. Commandblockchain:

    A. If player in world spawn, change spawn point

    B. Set game mode to adventure

    C. Teleport player to your real spawn area.

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