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    Parkour Central

    Welcome to Parkour Central, a Parkour map heavily inspired by Tetrix1993's 3rd Course (T3C), Eribney Parkour (EP), The Waffle Course (TWC), BlueShell Parkour (BSP), Domains of Parkour (DoP), Nix's Parkour Plaza and many more. It will be constructed in a span of multiple years, and I intend to keep a WIP thread here to update everyone on the progress of building the map, as well as a post on the main MCPE: Maps forum after I finish building Challenge 1 and releasing it to the public. I hope everyone will support this map. I am setting out to build the longest, most polished parkour map in MCPE. Below are screenshots of the first 2 stages in the Training Facility:



    CDR stands for Challenge Difficulty Rating. Each stage in a challenge is given a 'Level', based on it's difficulty. Example:



    [Level 1] < This is the 'Level' of Stage 1-1. The minimum 'Level' is 1 and there is no maximum.


    To calculate the CDR, the total 'Levels' in a challenge are divided by the amount of stages in that challenge. Example:
    Challenge 1: Training Facility

    Stage 1-1: Level 1

    Stage 1-2: Level 1

    Stage 1-3: Level 1

    Stage 1-4: Level 1

    Stage 1-5: Level 1

    Stage 1-6: Level 1

    Stage 1-7: Level 2

    Stage 1-8: Level 1

    Stage 1-9: Level 2

    Stage 1-10: Level 2

    CDR for Challenge 1: (1+1+1+1+1+1+2+1+2+2)รท10 = 1.3


    ECDR stands for Estimated Challenge Difficulty Rating. It replaces CDR before all the stages in a challenge are built and/or when the 'Level' may be inaccurate.


    Challenge 1: Training Facility - 10 Stages - Very Easy [ECDR: 1.3]

    0% Done

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