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    Sure, you can have a few games but not too many cause I'd rather have more people see this so not all the games go to one person
    (Greed isn't cool ;) )

    Games/Packs I've bought

    The mojam pack at Humble bundle
    Not sure if anyone'll be able download these games as there are no keys for them - Just downloadable .exe files
    • Catacomb Snatch
    • Fists of Resistance
    • Broadside express
    The st. patricks pack at indie royale
    • Hard Reset - Steam and Desura key
    • Jolly Rover - Steam and Desura key
    • Vertex Dispenser - Steam key
    • DLC quest - Desura key
    • Lair of the Evildoer - Desura key
    Another Humble Bundle
    • Anomaly: Warzone - Steam key
    • EDGE - Steam key
    • Osmos - Steam key
    • Toki Tori - Steam key
    • World of Goo - Steam key
    Humble Introversion Bundle
    • Darwinia - Desura key
    • DEFCON - Desura key
    • Uplink - Desura key
    • Multiwinia - Desura key
    • Dungeons of Dreadmor - Desura key
    Really Big Bundle from Indie Royale
    • Really Big Sky - Desura key
    • Runespell: Overture - Desura key
    • Cthulu Saves the World - Desura key
    • Eufloria - Desura key
    • Breath of Death VII - Desura key
    Also if there's a way of giving away my Diablo 3 beta invite then I'll gladly do so to whoever's interested.

    There.. those are all the packs I could find record of that I've bought - I'll update this list or just repost when more packs/bundles come out and I buy them.
    So Yeah, take your pick and I'll send the keys via email, Skype, Steam, Desura etc.. whatever suits you
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    "addiction to games" and slighty off-topic "addiction to internet is a mental health disorder" -- stated by psychiatrists
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