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    (Shoot him in the eyes)

    Age: 17

    Country: Uruguay (South America, though I lived in the states for 14 years, so my English is perfect)

    Youtube Channel: youtube.com/users/tehshutur

    Skype: Tehshutur

    IGN: Tehshutur

    Avalibility: Weekdays, about 3-4 hours. Weekends all day free.

    Are You Good At Role Playing: Yeah, I love it.

    What Are Your Strong Points In Minecraft: Building and PvP. That's all I do on my channel :P

    How Could You Contribute To The Group: I can play everyday, make everyone laugh, upload daily, and just have a awesome time.

    Why Did You Want To Join The Server: I was thinking of doing something related to this for a long time, but no one I know can host such a big server, so this a dream come true.

    Any Experience With Modded Minecraft: Pixelmon, and Mod Reviews.

    Time Spent In Total Playing Minecraft: ...Alot... :P

    About you: I'm Julio, I'm 17, live in Uruguay. I record once a day, although I haven't uploaded on my channel for a week or so due to my internet breaking. However I'm back, and would love to upload daily! I'd love to be part of this experience.
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    posted a message on Is there interest in the community for a minecraft movie thats actually a movie?
    Heh, contact Pixar, have a 2 hour sing along by Minecraft Steve, ft. Creepy the Creeper and Zombie Friends.
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    posted a message on The List of Personal Minecraft Goals, Quests and Challenges
    Quote from SGExplorer

    Hey, you've got to have progression somewhere. Complete set of diamond armor, already had that on my personal notes, (Along with another hundred goals) though now I'll be sure to put it in Level 5 now that you mention. The Kingdom is good, thats what you call a goal. At first it sounds overwhelming, I like it.

    Having a spawner, I personally never liked "item factorys" from making an automatic mob trab from a spawner, though "owning" a spawner is a good goal. Will be added.

    Level 5 Mega Challenges are going to be Explore, and Build. (You can see "Battle" has already been used in the last 2, I'm trying to manage all of them evenly) And your nether idea gives me an idea. How about (for level 6, perhaps) You go to the nether, and go on some kind of Ghast hunt? Maybe don't come back until you've collected 10 ghast tears (Gotta have difficult goals here now, remember) or have killed 30 ghasts? I always strive to make my "Mega Challenges" complicated yet "free" feeling with lots of twists, so thats a basic idea.

    Thanks for your suggestions and stuff, keep them up. It makes me happy to see some of my hard work generate some discussion!

    Yeah, that seems like a fun challenge!
    Now, I've thought of some more...Mostly because I get bored playing in Survival by myself, so setting challenges is a good way to pass the time!
    Level 3
    1. Build a Potion Stand
    2. Have at least 1 of each ore. (Coal, Iron, Gold, Diamond, Red Stone, Emerald, ect..)
    3. Have murdered at least 10 of each Oveerworld Hostile Mob. (Creeper, Any Kind of Zombie, Skeleton, Spider)
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    posted a message on Villager pathing?

    Villages set their own boundaries depending on a number of factors, the actual creation of a village is kind of complicated. XD

    Very Useful information about creating Villages.

    It has vital information on how to build a proper Minecraft Village! Hope I helped you out.
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    posted a message on The List of Personal Minecraft Goals, Quests and Challenges
    I got a couple of ideas! Hope I'm not moving too quickly..

    Level 5, moving up a level into more difficult tasks.
    1. Have a complete set of Diamond Armor.
    2. Have a Mob Spawner.
    3. Have a Kingdom which interlocks 2 (or more) Villages, with Villagers.
    Level 5 Mega Challenge: Battle
    • Using any set of armor, any sword, and Bow and Arrows. Go into the Nether, attack a Zombie Pigman, and survive a night. (10 minutes IRL)
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    posted a message on Searching For Recording Partner!
    Hello, ladies and gents.

    Today, I am here seeking assistance.
    Assistance in what, you may ask. Assistance in making a successful YouTube channel with thousands of viewers. Dear reader, I recently started a channel (No Videos Yet, hoping for some this weekend), and am currently searching for a recording partner. One of the main reasons it that, simply, two head are better then one. A single person may get stale, boring, lose followers. But a duo, or even a trio, can combine channels, migrate views, become successful!

    I, dab in all sorts of things. I've played many of the popular mod packs, (Hexxit, Tekkit) And can download others to play. Modded Survival, Block Hunt, Survival Games, PVP, Mini-Games, Pixelmon, Hexxit, and so forth.

    Couple of things.
    • I am a sixteen year old male, with no squeak voice
    • I consider my self funny O.o
    • I use my laptop mic. Although I am looking into purchasing a professional mic.
    • I have a flexible schedule, to accommodate to your needs.
    • I'm a friendly guy!
    • I have Skype, so we can communicate.
    So, yeah! If you're interested, leave a reply, or message me, what ever you find is easiest.
    Thank you, and Happy Holidays!
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