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    Quote from atomicTissue

    If you include spaces with the arguments it will not work, although future updates may fix that.

    It would be easier to do like this:
    cmd.shift();//removes first element
    And then just spawn mobs from this array

    Well, nice script.
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    "Dungeon Crawl" is a mod that adds roguelike dungeons. There is 15 levels, the goal of every level is to find exit.

    V2 Changelog
    -Added graves that spawn zombie bosses if you tap it.
    -Added zombie bosses.
    -Added nametags for bosses.

    -Procedurally generated dungeons
    -Shop (GUI)

    There is fifteen levels, the goal of every level is to find exit. On every level you can find various items - food, weapons, armor...
    On every fifth level you can fight the boss, if you defeat him you'll get the key to open the door leading to the exit.

    There is three bosses:

    The slime is the simple boss that will just attack you.

    The ender-cube has the ability to teleport near you.

    The magma-cube is the fire boss that will throw fireballs at you.

    On every fifth level there is shop near the exit. In the shop you can spend yourdiamonds to buy food, weapons, armor, etc.

    There is three magic scrolls: fire scroll, healing scroll and poisonous scroll.

    To start the game create the new world and type'/newgame' command.
    Don't forget to install the texturepack!
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