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    ", sans-serif">Emberland

    Hello dear minecraft enthusiast!

    Emberland is looking for a new developer for our server. We are searching for a developer who can help us with the technical on the server.

    We are looking for the a developer who has many years with experience with developing. We are a small community who haven't launched
    to the voting-sites yet. We are planning on making the server perfect before we launch.
    The server is towny themed, with arenas for pvping We got tons of things already into the server like
    Custom Enchants
    Bounty hunting
    Custom World Gen
    A good spawn
    A shop
    Good eco
    We just made a website www.emberland.org
    Server version currently is 1.16.4
    Server ip: emberland.net
    Interested? Come into our discord for a good talk!


    Things we need from a developer:

    - Age: 20 +
    - Easy to talk to
    - Helpful
    - Comes up with ideas
    - Respectful dev
    - Is serious has some kind of IT education or is self learned.
    - Know tons about plugins and how to work on them.

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    Hello Minecrafters !

    Emberland is searching for new builders to join the server!
    We are looking for a builder who loves building medival themed structures.
    Emberland is a server who haven't launched yet, and are looking for new faces to help us complete the server.

    Come join us at minecraft server ip: Emberland.net
    We also have discord: https://discord.gg/hF3BcE3

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    Hello everybody! I am currently hiring people to help me create a awsome new minecraft community!

    I am searching for experienced staff, I am currently looking for
    Website designer.

    The server is going to be a bungeecord server with towny rpg and then a lobby for minigames so people can play and have fun!
    This is a really big project and I could use all the help I could get.

    Come online at emberland.net
    or join my discord: https://discord.com/invite/hF3BcE3

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    Hello! I'm currently creating a new server, and i'm looking for staff members!
    The name off the server is Hidden Transcendence.I'm creating a towny/faction server haven't decided yet.

    I am looking for builders,

    And Plugin Developer.
    Staff needs to be mature

    Join my discord if you want to join the team
    I am currently all alone

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    Hello there, so I have never written a post like this before but.
    What I am looking for is some very creative good builders, who can do for the most part medival style.
    For the staff. I need someone who is very good with plugins and understands essentials.

    What you need to be is 16+
    More than 2 years off experience!
    Be mature
    The server is 1. 12.2 Spigot

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