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    The Ender dream 1.12.2

    Click here for images.

    Info about the map (contains small spoilers about the map):
    A solo adventure map
    There are 6 different areas with challenges/tests.
    The 6 different areas is called: Darkness, Fire, Nature, Air, Water and Earth..
    There are 16 easter eggs scattered around the overworld and 7 in the end.
    Estimated playtime: 2-4 hours.
    This map took me about 7 years to make (with ALOT of breaks).
    Strongly recommended to have conquest texture pack since I made the entire map with it.(inside the package).

    Click here to Download the map

    Special shoutouts:
    Jeracraft (helped me build begin city.)
    Youtube channel

    Thafrayer (made the first version with him)
    Old version

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    When I saw the aquatic update coming up about a year ago and i wanted to use that stuff for my adventure map. Been waiting all the time for worldedit to upgrade etc. now I found out that if I upgrade my world (still got a copy) all my command blocks get messed up. And fixing that mess is a no go. i'll guess i have to continue in 1.12 till its finished. too bad. Anyways here is a sneak peak!

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