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    posted a message on Replacing sounds in MCPE?

    I'm personally quite interested in this due to my starting to make a zombie apocalypse map recently. I've made a resource pack and a behaviour pack, but I wish to edit the music discs to have dialogue instead of music.

    In another thread here or possibly on Reddit, someone posted that you can indeed use ogg. I haven't tried it myself to confirm, but it sounds reasonable.
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    posted a message on Where did you hear about Minecraft?

    I heard about it from people playing Dwarf Fortress.

    I then heard about it from time to time, for a couple years. For example, since I was a big fan of The Late Show with Craig Ferguson, I saw him interview Notch. And one time, my nephew tried to show it to me, but he was too young to understand himself, so it didn't look that interesting.

    What eventually got me interested was a noob let's play by Gopher. I had been watching his Skyrim let's play videos, because he's very entertaining, and then he started a Minecraft series.

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    posted a message on What are your current goals?

    Lately, I've been playing hardcore with no armor, just a shield. So my main goal is "don't die", which doesn't always work. I may make armor when I get to the End portal, but I haven't gotten that far yet.

    My process is to stick around spawn until I build a nether gate, then begin exploring farther out. Before I go to the nether, I try to get a bow. This time around, I haven't killed enough spiders and no skeleton has dropped a bow yet, so that's my immediate goal.

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    posted a message on Tips for exploring caves and mineshafts?

    I'm trying to wean myself off of relying on torches on one side, for the reason Saiph2 mentions, but also because sometimes you have caves with multiple entrances, or you join up with a cave you've already entered from another direction, and the lights get confusing.

    My tricks:

    1. I use two torches to mark the way back: one above the other, if I have to go up or down, or side by side, if it's a horizontal tunnel.
    2. Non-torch breadcrumbs, kind of like what you mention. My preference is for a cobblestone pillar with a torch on one side to point the way back. I especially like this method when navigating the Nether.
    3. Polished andesite, diorite, or granite. I can make it while traveling and it doesn't occur naturally, so it stands out as something I placed myself. I put a torch on one side, like in #2, to indicate a way back, or use it without a torch to mark a route I'm currently exploring when I'm making trips back and forth to clear inventory or pick up new supplies. In a pinch, you can also use three polished stones in an L shape to point to a direction if you are out of torches.
    4. If I'm tunneling and find lava ahead or otherwise want to block off a passage for safety, I place a torch on the cobblestone or polished stone barrier to remind myself "don't break this wall unless I'm ready for danger".
    5. When faced with multiple directions to choose to explore, I try to start on the same side each time. Since I place my torches on the left instead of the right, I also explore the left-most passage first when the path forks, then I come back and do the next, in order, from left to right. You would do the opposite and go from right to left, if you followed that practice.
    6. In mine shafts, I try to place my torches in the middle of the ceiling support, instead of on the wall. Then, the way back is the path where the torchlight is visible, but not the torches themselves. I also use signs in mines, when things get really confusing.
    7. Smelting stations. I rarely smelt while exploring, but when I do, I usually leave the furnaces. It's just another landmark to make navigation easier.
    8. When I bridge across ravines, I usually add a cobblestone roof as well. Not only does that protect against creeper bombs or snipers from above, but if I'm in a different part of the ravine later, I can spot my obvious bridges easier and recognize that I've been here before.
    9. I try not to kill flowing lava or water sources, but instead dig a small pit near the source and redirect temporarily with blocks, so that I can leave it as another landmark. Also, if I suddenly need water or lava, I can run back and get it.
    10. I often skip mining until after I've lit up at least part of a tunnel, then mine on the way back. That way, I can get everything lit up and mark the correct path quicker, then mine in peace.

    I find that I usually don't lose my way back to home base very often. It's usually finding my way back to where I left off exploring, or where I want to go next, or two a spawner I lit up and saved for later. The polished stone pillars or signs help a little, but often I have to take a break from exploration and just construct a straighter shortcut to make a frequently-used route less confusing.

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    posted a message on Question concerning the various editions, and supports.
    Quote from tatsuya113»

    Firstly, I've heard conflicting things concerning the future of support. It was my understanding that at a certain, unspecified point in the future, the goal was to end regular updates for the java version. Here we are a few years later, with it still going strong. Is the java version going anywhere soon, support wise?

    Soon, no. They hired more developers for Java recently, and currently have more people working on Java than on Bedrock.

    Beyond that, there's nothing solid, but the general trend right now seems to be that ideas are tested in Java, then implemented in Bedrock.

    Quote from Geneo»

    Add-ons are the new way to customize the game. They aren't as powerful as mods are (yet). The big advantage add-ons have over mods are that they aren't version specific. That means you don't have to play old versions of the game, and that they not only work now, but will keep right on working even when the game gets updated. There's some that you can buy (they're cheap), but there's many free add-ons you can download (just like you do mods).

    You may be thinking of the texture resource packs, which for the most part don't require an update when the version changes, unlike Java edition resource packs. However, when Bedrock updated to 1.1 the addition of colored beds made older resource packs break creative mode and crash the game.

    Behavior packs are even more version specific. The developers periodically add or change the way component syntax works and it can break a behavior pack. Still, I think it's possible for some add-ons to continue working in a new version, whereas I don't think that's possible at all for Java edition mods.
    Quote from Mastermined»

    Don't think you have to purchase Add-Ons from the store. They were implemented before the Marketplace was, if I remember correctly.

    That's my recollection, too. I don't really use the Marketplace, but the last time I looked at it, there weren't any behavior packs available in the Marketplace, unless they were embedded in a map
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    posted a message on How did you choose your username?

    Back in the BBS days before the Internet, I picked the name Talysman. Then, some of the BBSes that ran some kind of Citadel BBS software added a "Title" feature that added a little something after your username, and I became Talysman the Ur-Beatle, because of a joke that I made once on the boards.

    Since then, I have always been either Talysman or Urbeatle on every forum or social media platform, or anyplace else I've had to create an account.

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    posted a message on Looking for swamp biome on my seeded world,

    P. S.: It's not the temple closest to spawn, because that seems to be an igloo. A very weird igloo.

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    posted a message on Looking for swamp biome on my seeded world,

    Looked in your world a little more and found a swamp (no witch hut) at -984, 247. Attached a screenshot.

    You could also try the command

    /locate temple

    There's no command specifically for witch huts, but I believe they are counted as temples.

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    posted a message on Looking for swamp biome on my seeded world,

    Hmmm... a quick check in the game itself suggests that Amidst is correct for the immediate area, but in Bedrock, the swamp area at -512, 0, 512 is replaced with roofed forest. The second "swamp" I checked out was mixed plains and regular forest. Funny... the taiga and flower forest biomes appear to be in the correct spots... the recent changes to world gen (ravines) may have changed too much to keep them in sync.

    Best suggestion now, if you don't have cheats on in this world and don't want them on, is to make a second world with the same seed but in creative mode and just fly around.

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    posted a message on Looking for swamp biome on my seeded world,

    According to this post, you can add 4294967296 to a (negative) Bedrock Edition seed to find the equivalent Java Edition seed, which you can then use in Amidst to find biomes, although there are slight differences in geography and none of the structures will match, including witch huts. I've successfully used this a couple times to get worlds that looked more or less the same in both Bedrock and Java, although I have had some failures that I couldn't explain.

    Your seed translates into 2645839183. This shows a start spawn in plains with nearby taiga and forest. Does that sound right? If it is, it looks like there is a swamp to the southwest across the ocean and one due west, past the taiga.

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    posted a message on Shulkers are too OP
    Quote from Ptolemy2002»

    With the new combat system, enchantment doesn't help very well because you still can only attack every few seconds, and by that time the shulker has either attacked you again, or went into it's shell.

    Oh, come on.

    You can't seriously be complaining that it's harder to fight shulkers because of the new combat system. They were added at the same time. You've never fought shulkers using the old combat system.
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    posted a message on Skins in New Version

    Wasn't able to get the Windows 10 version updated (it's still showing 1.1.5,) but then I remembered I also have the Android version, which I almost never play. It updated fine, and I was able to get it to sign into XBox Live, but getting it to load the same custom skin I use on Windows 10 doesn't seem to work.

    What I did:

    1. Clicked on the hanger
    2. Selected the third ("empty") skin at the top left
    3. Clicked the Customize Skin button on the right
    4. Selected Photos, which takes me to my Google Photos account

    I had uploaded the PNG I use on both the W10e and Java versions without problem. However, all that happens on Android is that it flashes a black screen, goes back to the new MInecraft loading screen, then to the main menu. Once, I also got a "Minecraft has stopped" error, but most of the times, it just restarts without comment.

    Has anyone else been able to install a custom skin yet? Is anyone else experiencing this problem? Has anyone had better luck with skins that don't have the second layer (jacket, hat, etc.)?

    If it's not uniquely my problem, I'll wait until the W10 version updates to verify the same skin still works, then check the bug tracker. But I just wanted to check what everyone else is experiencing first.

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    posted a message on Improved Player-Villager Interactions

    I'm not that worried about making villagers smarter or giving them dialogue. I kind of like them being kind of ditzy and inscrutable. But I would like them to have more variety in their behavior, as if they did have some kind of intelligence, just nothing we would understand.

    The big change that should be made: Give villagers arms. They currently have "implied" arms, which they keep folded. But the illagers also fold their arms when not alerted to a player's presence, then take them out to wield an ax (vindicator) or cast a spell (evoker.) So we know it's possible to add that feature. This would be good for some of the features you suggest: reading a book, fishing, using the anvil. (It would be nice to give witches arms, too, just for completeness.)

    I think villager robes are kind of interesting, but I wouldn't make them equivalent to leather. Make them provide no protection, but dyeable. Perhaps also make them craftable, requiring 8 blocks of wool in the same shape as a breastplate. Since the new crafting recipe system allows you to block crafting until a recipe is unlocked, you could make buying a villager robe a requirement to unlock that recipe.

    You could take that one step further and add an upgraded villager robe: custom player skin. This would work the same as custom player heads: if the robe has an owner listed, the robe appears as the body (excluding the head) of a player with that name. This would not be craftable, but must be purchased from a villager after that trade is unlocked. In survival mode with cheats off, you would use an anvil to change which player skin the robe uses.

    I think one thing nitwits would be good for is to make them laborers for hire instead of traders, like other villagers. I think you can explore that possibility a bit in Bedrock edition using behavior packs, but it would be nice to be able to do it in Java edition, too, so that you could use functions to add custom laborers.

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    posted a message on Shulkers are too OP
    Quote from ZaffreAqua»

    They're an end-game mob. They aren't supposed to be easy as Spiders.

    They teleport because they're an End mob. That's kind of their thing. It also prevents them from being sitting ducks. You have plenty of opportunity to attack while they're shooting at you. In fact, the entire time they're shooting at you they're highly vulnerable. They weren't created just to kill you via raw damage, you're supposed to have Feather Falling and position yourself in preparation for an encounter.

    They're balanced just fine. You can pick them off from a distance if they're that bad since they'll peek out sometimes. Heck, they also have a chance to drop the best storage item in the game, and they don't respawn. The End really is a place you have to come prepared to and expect to die in.

    If I'd change anything, it would be to make them respawn, perhaps at a very low rate.
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    posted a message on [MC Java 1.12+] Two Mushroom Islands Close to Spawn

    Seed "2325" starts you on a tiny, barren island in the middle of an ocean. To even get a tree, you need to swim a ways. I only found one tree on the next island I went to, and only got one sapling, so be prepared for some very frugal tool use at the beginning. There are two nearby ocean monuments, one near the spawn island, one due east of spawn, so swim carefully!

    If you swim either east or west, you can find mushroom island biomes, which will at least keep you safe and well-fed while you wait for your one sapling to grow and farm enough wood to be able to keep making tools. The western one (the one I didn't pick, naturally...) has several mineshafts off the coast.

    One of the strongholds (2192, -896) is 34 blocks away from an ocean monument (2216, -872), which may be helpful for people attempting the How Did We Get Here? challenge. There's only one eye in the portal, though.

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