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    Transfering from Convicted :)


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    Quote from Hailstorm77

    I Don't know I've been thinking about it too. This Server has been fun but it's also pretty stressful. Idk if I want to anymore. I probably will stay on. It's just no one really likes me anymore. They all think I'm Nano and apparently he's been doing some mean stuff.... So.... Yeah... Plus everyone sees me as the Strict Warden when I don't try to be... I don't like that all that much... Idk. You guys tell me what you think please.

    WHAT people think your nano? I would have NEVER EVER guess that...
    And its true you are the strict warden everybody hates. Just kidding <3

    Quote from mcarley10MC


    I see how it is MCarley

    Quote from Jnick22

    DOes this mean the admins wont think Im grief nation anymore... Cause seg is seriously going power crazed and trolled me and a couple other guys into not being able to play the server because of him. And for the last time I NEVER SAID I WAS GRIEF NATION look at this post posted by saron. I totally agree with him.

    And seg also told me in chat he was a co owner and "the highest authority" DOnt beleive me? well ­ off. I am ed off at this server. I just want to prove seg is the one that is being a ****. jesus.
    and BTW if it wasnt this server it was some other server with c block b block and a block. funny thing is saron's friend atleast got to play it after awhile.

    I for one think seg is doing a great job as warden And is Amazinly Awesome

    Still love you guys.. Except Nano

    <3 CometcoreOh yeah and some dude was in guard armor this morning.. Although i just killed him instead of screenshotting.. My bad but his IGN was something i cant remember right now. He was elite though thats all i can remember.
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    Okay. So this will be a little bit of an intense post on the forums and so i hope you will keep with me while i do this.

    I was alerted by blazer that i was being passed around to be demoted for inactivity. I do admit i have not been very much active. I dont know the server has lost a lot of its fun for me personally. I still Love this server and hope to still be on it, And i love everybody here, but warden for me is just not working, I can't skype much because of my loud family, Im like the least productive warden there is and yatatata. Anyways i think its about time that i quit. Its been fun while it lasted but i play minecraft for Mainly fun. The server has become more like a Job to me then fun. So i would like to get demoted down to free, or you can just reset me if you really feel like it but make sure you get rid of all my warden crap. i just can't be on as much as the next guy and i think Indy or Deli would make a better warden then me so they should get it over me. I still love you Seg and Indy and Deli and everybody on the server. Dont think that and i hope i can still have you on skype whenever i can find a Decent moment too, I dont know my Grades have been dropping too and my parents were yelling at me so i think this is best for me personally and for the server.
    Cya Guys
    Your retired warden
    <3 to everybody who has been with me and has been a great friend to me. I hope we can still be friends even when im not as high rank as you.
    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 :) :D :GPANTS: <---- BUDDER PANTS
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    posted a message on Zombie-survival free roam games?
    play Dayz or Warz even wait until roughly febuary for State of Decay!!! i recommend DAYZ
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    Quote from Zelow

    1) IGN: Zelow202

    2) Your age: 15 (16 in April)

    3) How long have you been playing the server? Iv been on there server for a while but have been playing very actively for about 2 and a half weeks.

    4) Have you read the Server, Prison, and Guard Rules? Yes and will read them again

    5) Any experience with prison servers? Yes iv played on another prison server, Synergy which I was also free on.

    6) What is your time zone? Cenaltr

    7) Why are you the best choice for guard? I know all of the guard rules. I will make sure that there is no PVP violations of the rules such as PVP camping, Safe-Zoning, and make sure there is not so much PVP that C blockers and rank up. I will not abuse my power as a guard meaning, I wont use my armor for unnecessary PVP, and I wont jail people for no reason.

    8) Other information:Prison User Of Course I have to deal with school so I am going have to guard from about 4:00 to 10:30. I can be contacted by my skype name thomas.lang209 and my email [email protected]


    Quote from sergeipwnu

    In Game Name: Sergeipwnu
    Why Were you Banned?: For storing guard items while guard
    When were you banned?: Just now
    Who banned you? (If known): Segkiller
    Rank on server: Free
    Why you should be unbanned?: I asked core to demote me cause I was getting bored of guard. So he demoted me but I still had access to /kit potions. I thought I would use it a little. Cause you know, Who wouldn't? then tell someone but segkiller thought it was while I was guard so he banned me for storing items.
    Other Information: I thought the worst that could happen was that you take away all my spawned apples D:
    Please forgive everything done wrong on my part and give me another chance please?
    I think I understand why seg banned me. He didn't understand my situation and that I still had perms for /kit for some reason. Also all of the guard bows and swords were from before I was guard.

    Although this isnt my ban.. I think its not too bad so i will say Accepted. Dont do somethign like that again!

    Quote from Dthndecay

    In game name:Dthndecay

    Current Rank:Elite

    What is your timezone?:Eastern Standered Time


    How long have you been playing on the server?:I have played since August of 2012 and stopped because when I was demoted from guard I was put in B Block and not Elite and have just recently started up again

    What makes you the best choice for moderator?:What makes me the best choice for ChatMod is that I dislike cussing in chat and will stop it and I will stop caps lock. I will assist new players and keep chat clean.

    Any additional info: I have skype and I have been in postions of authority on other servers. I am currently Head Admin for a server but need a break from and will play on here.clean.

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    Quote from Sarthi

    2) Your age:14
    3) How long have you been playing the server? 5 months
    4) Have you read the Server, Prison, and Guard Rules? yes i have
    5) Any experience with prison servers?i have been on many prison server s and i think this is the best one. I have tried to be guard but everyone hates me and wont tel me be guard.
    6) What is your time zone?Western starndard time
    7) Why are you the best choice for guard? Caseu i have never been guard before and i am good at laying down the law and telling people to stop. Also i am great becasue i am a good pvper and i wont waste guard kit unless it breaks
    8) Other information:I am a prison user AND TO SEG AND COMET I DO WORK :-)

    Accepted For now
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    Quote from Alpha_Kangaroo

    1) IGN: Alpha_Kangaroo (My main is rycartman)

    2)Your age:13 however i'm mature.

    3)How long have you been playing the server? About 5 day's now.

    4)Have you read the Server,Prison,andGuardRules? Indeed i have.

    5)Any experience with prison servers? I've played on killion detention centre before got citizen which is higher than free, and used to PvP quite alot on that server.

    6)Whatis your time zone? GMT

    7)Why are you the best choice for guard? Well i'm trusted for one also i'm experienced in PvP considering i've been moderator on a server called MiniMods which was a faction server also i've been playing on hscraid which is one of the best raiding servers, also i'm dedicated considering i've been playing non stop on this server for a few days and i'm loving it its an amazing server and i've never been jailed muted or banned on this server.

    8)Other information: I heard guard application's where being accepted so thought why not and thank you for reading this.

    Missing Something

    Quote from 305Anthemz

    1) IGN:305Anthemz

    2) Your age:17

    3) How long have you been playing the server? To Be Honest, I Think about 4 months

    4) Have you read the Server, Prison, and Guard Rules? Yes I have read the guard rules multiple times. I will read the rules more time if I have to.

    5) Any experience with prison servers? I have had experience with Don't drop the Soap, Killion Detention Center, Stone Cold Prison.

    6) What is your time zone? My time zone is roughly Eastern Standard Time +5

    7) Why are you the best choice for guard? I have the eye of an eagle and spot fights very easily. I am very active and have very good grammar. I love PvP and am good at it. It would be nice to have a shot and not screw things up again. I would really like to be Tr. Guard. I will give it to the people if they really push it and I am so keen and active at times when the prison is a chaos. I have a weird schedule where I would get on when no staff and like 5 Frees are on. This server is my life (apart from xbox) I might donate when I get my Christmas money (Yay FTW) I would like a 3rd go. This is why I am best choice of.

    8) Other information: "Prison User" I am a wise shot, At the moment my current rank is Chatmod/Free.I have been chatmod for 1 month,So i thought I should try out for guard


    Quote from IMm0rTAL12345

    1) IGN:ImM0rTAL12345
    2) Your age:14
    3) How long have you been playing the server? i think this is my 3rd week now
    4) Have you read the Server, Prison, and Guard Rules? Yes
    5) Any experience with prison servers? Yes
    6) What is your time zone?Pacific
    7) Why are you the best choice for guard? I am fair and loyal and will respect all rules and will make sure no one will lose there resources by an intruder
    8) Other information: Best prison server i have been in! I am also A block and have never been jailed or banned in this server

    Missing something
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    Quote from IxReapzz

    ***Ban Appeal*** I guess the server is down for you all so...

    In Game Name: IxReapzz

    Why Were you Banned?: Admitting to X-Ray when I was in C ( C Blocker)

    When weer you banned?: 2 and a half Weeks Ago

    Who banned you? (If known): DeliciousFruit1

    Rank on server: Free

    Why you should be unbanned?: I never was meant to be banned, I only expected a warning or temp-ban at maximum. I really love this server and have been playing it for 4 months. I am really sorry and will apologize. I will give money to Cs and B Blockers for help. You can punish me in any way you want. I just want to be unbanned. Sorry, I just wanna have fun with great friends on the server. I'm hammered because I'm banned

    Other Information: If you don't want me to help C and B blockers you can reset ALL my money. I will be kind to everyone on the server, I just want a second chance.

    I have been banned 3 times now but I just need one more chance

    Been banned plenty of times before. Instead of ignoring it.. i think im Going to Deny it
    And by second chance hes means seven chance
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    Quote from LumpySpacePimp

    In Game Name:LumpySpacePimp
    Why Were you Banned?:Well what it SAYS is: "Hacking/Nodus vl.5000
    When weer you banned?:A few days ago
    Who banned you? (If known):Segkiller
    Rank on server:FREE
    Why you should be unbanned?:I should be unbanned because I was never using any hacks or mods on the prison server EVER. I dont know who told you that I use hacks at school, but I don't. The computers are too slow at school so I end up playing happy wheels instead of playing minecraft. Another thing to consider is that nobody has any proof of me using, I do not have a history of hacking on any server, and that I have been playing on this server for about 6-8 months and nobody has ever said anything about me hacking before this.
    Other Information:People who know I do not hack PLEASE support me to get unbanned because YOU really know whats is going on.

    I have never hacked on any server IN MY LIFE. I do not like hackers and I would NEVER hack myself. The VL thing never said that I was hacking and Segkiller banned me for no reason other than people saying that I hack. Also everyone I am sure agrees with me that sagkiller got very ban happy and started to ban people for no reason on some occasions, like for replanting(BTW I remember the sign saying that not replanting is a jailable offense) So seriously segkiller calm the hell down. I have realised that you have been a douche ever since you and cometblazer released enderdragons on free, destroying everything I owned in my chest and destroying peoples houses. I dont really want to come back to this server now that the wardens dont care that SAR0N's house was griefed and they didnt listen to him. TO sum it all up, THE WARDENS ARE LAZY AND LIKE TO FOOL AROUND AND BAN PEOPLE THEY DONT LIKE OR DONT AGREE WITH.

    Hmmm What to say here...
    1. If you didnt want to come back you wouldn't post an Appeal
    2. seg doesnt ban for no reason.. Although i would like to hear about teh Tree griefing ban...
    3. I helped Sar0n with his Griefing. I told him Bran did it (he did) because he thought he was banned, Im not allowed to take back everything he was Taken away from because Maybe he shouldnt have trusted Bran or talked to him about it and not complain to us. its not are fault he trusted Bran...
    4. They apolgized about the Whole Dragon thing and said they wont do it again. We Refunded some items and Tryed to help out a bit. And seg is Not a douche...
    5.THE WARDENS ARE LAZY AND LIKE TO FOOL AROUND AND BAN PEOPLE THEY DONT LIKE OR DONT AGREE WITH. That is Partially True.. I do like to fool Around.. And im a little bit lazy... But i do NOT ban people i dont like or Dont Agree with.. Not sure about the others but There are some People i just Straight out dont like.. I wont say who because thath would offend somebody. But i am not on for a reason to get Them Banned. And i dont agree with many people but you dont see me banning everybody that doesnt think like I do.. Everybody is different,
    6. All and All i think you are just a Butthurt guy who wants to be unbanned so he can do some Crazy stunt to get yourself rebanned. And i think you are just yelling at the wardens because you know you arent going to get unbanned so you figured Eh why not go out with a bang. Go do something else and stop posting your apps that are never ever going to get accepted..
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    posted a message on MINDCRACK Feed the Beast [Whitelist, Survival]
    Minecraft name: cometcore
    Skype: XcometcoreX
    Age: 15
    Do you have any previous experience with Feed-the-Beast?: A lot actually but not a Ton if you know what i mean.
    Why do you want to join?: Because im looking for a friendly Fun server where we can have fun and prank are neighbors (like mindcrack server does) but not go too far like grief or anything Rude like that. I think i am Suitable for the job although i might not play as much as the others as i Do have other things i must do. I will try my best to get on at least once a day... But i might not im just warning you now. I would love to join though and see this Community thrive and help it,
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    posted a message on [New] |1.4.6| Feed the Beast | MindCrack | Whitelist | Server |
    Name: Adam
    Age: 15
    IGN: Cometcore
    What are your plans when you join: Having Fun. Teampspeakin my heart out and being cool and being Very powerful :) I also just really want a nice community and fun friends.
    And can we prank people?
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    Quote from Alpha_Kangaroo

    Server: Killion Detention Centre
    Rank: Free

    I'm allready A Block on this server, therefore would i go to free insted of elite?

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    Quote from 2001StanleyCup

    Hi everyone, lately I've gotten alot of negative comeback from you (names are not too important) and with that I just wanna say ­ off. You who bugged me because I couldn't celebrate christmas with my mom and my grandpa because they both are dead, you may sincerly go ­ yourself. This is something that not only hurts my feelings, but it also makes me wanna quit playing on the server, and it's one of few servers that I actually like. So please, stop talking ­ about my mom and my grandpa, or I'll have to take charge of this my own, and make you suffer the concequences. This is not a threat towards the server, this is just a reminder of how much you actually can hurt a 17 year old boy's heart and feelings.

    Okay. Will Do And ill tell everybody not to also.
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    Quote from nike621

    WHy were you banned: Suspected hacks I think it was a while ago
    Who banned you?:Seg or blazer i think
    When were you banned?: I think a few months ago
    Why should you be unbanned:Becasue i dont hack and i sorry for raging and telling the secret i was just acting really stupid i hope you can forgive me i really enjoy this server i enjoy playing with my friends but i cant do that now becaseu this is the only server we have i hop that i some day i can play with deli and all of them soon again again im really sorry i hope that blazer is not to mad at me possibly for the last time -nike62

    Accepttttted But on probation
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    Quote from zachman1221

    In Game Name: zachman1221
    Why Were you Banned?: Spaming
    When weer you banned?: Around 6:20 pm PST.
    Who banned you? (If known): I am not sure, there were a few wardens and mods on.
    Rank on server: Free, and I did donate.
    Why you should be unbanned?: Im sorry that I spammed, and it will NEVER ever never ever Happen again.
    Other Information: I did donate to the server and I did help segkiller fix the mines.

    Quote from zachman1221


    In game name: zachman1221
    CurrentRank: Free
    Whatis your timezone?: PST
    Age: 18
    Howlong have you been playing on the server?: On and of for about 2 months I would say.
    What makes you the best choice for moderator?: Well I was a warden on a different server and the only reason why a came on was a player spammed on that other server your ip :L i ended up playing there everyone once in a while and then donated :D .. blah im rambling yea yea Ill get to the point. Im admins on many servers I own my own and I get bored of all of them fast :L so i go in cycles which ones I play on < yes irrelevant, sorry cant help myself, but as I stated I do own my own and admins on others, I know many server commands, and Im good with plugins. I try to help out new players all the time, and I do know there is different age groups playing this game and many others and some of the older ones tend to swear, hell some younger ones to, which they should not. I know what is counted as lang, disrespect, racism, etc and they shall be muted, temp banned, etc due to the severity of it.
    Any additional info: A few wardens like me :P ie cometblazer said in all caps ZACH HEYY when I came back from not being on in a while :D anywhoo I hope you do consider my application and do accept it :) AND Also its not like i payed for a WORKING mine reset plugin AND its not like i gave it to you... AND its not like your using it atm.. AND its not like i love you..

    Thanks for your time

    ~ Zach!

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