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    Me and my brother found this seed online and found some things that they didn't say were on there. I will post coordinates and a brief description.

    x -2029 y 70 z 1300 This brings you to a plains biome that is right next to a small Extreme Hills +

    x 1171 y 129 z 2182 You will spawn on top of a Savanna Extreme Hills +

    x -330 y 62 z 6412 This is just a beach biome with a large ravine next to it and a 17 block deep pond

    x -171 y 70 z -4321 This is probably the largest village I have ever seen. Part of it is in the water, part is on a hill, and there is even a house in a cave

    x -2146 y 70 z -6340 All that is here is a large ravine that is probably 30 blocks across

    x 6442 y 70 z -884 If your're into horses, the you will love this horse plain biome

    x 6343 y 70 z -783 Just about 200 blocks away from the horse plains is a overhang that seems to be inverted

    x 12073 y 70 z -3525 This is a village that is about 55 blocks from a desert temple

    That is all the places i jotted down. There are many more. If you want to discover more spot, download ADMIST. It's a program that allows you to insert a seed and it show you everything the world has to offer. But beware, sometimes villages don't spawn where ADMIST says they spawn

    Download for ADMIST:

    ( Ad free | Adf.ly ) Windows [Exe]

    ( Ad free | Adf.ly ) Mac OS X [App]

    ( Ad free | Adf.ly ) Linux [Jar]

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    You mean Super Mario Failaxy, called that my SkyDoesMinecraft and Minecraft Universe
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    This map was very easy at first, then got harder, kinda. A good map for beginners.
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    A 5 1/2 minute ride on a single track taking you through a desert, forest, winter biome, jungle, and over a gigantic bridge

    *****DOWNLOAD HERE*****
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