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    posted a message on Are you a good builder/mod? If you think you can help us with our build as a builder and or mod than read below!!!
    Hey there
    My name is Tom or T_miner2 and I'm the staff manager on a soon to open survival server. If you are a good builder and a responsible guy we want YOU to be a member of our staff.

    Please awnser the following questions in your application. If you wish to message any private info to me so it isn't on the thread please feel free?

    Building rating/10:
    Maturity level:
    What job do you think you could do well on our server?
    Have you been staff on a server before?
    what is your 'signature' build like spawn, castle...?
    Do you have any photos of builds?
    How much time can you put in?
    Skype: (you will need to have Skype to work as staff)

    Thank you, please put all applications as a reply to this thread and any private info you can PM me.
    Good luck!!
    Tom Acklin
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