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    Quote from Kye_Duo»

    ok, so you have files in the forge version folder? if you do here are the steps:
    go to your launch options tab in the launcher
    click on add new
    in the drop down menu select the forge version that you have installed
    click the check mark by the java executables, you may need to add more memory later as you add mods.

    if there is no forge version in the version menu or there are no files in the forge version folder, do the following
    create a 1.10.2 vanilla version
    run it once
    reinstall the version of forge you need
    if no forge profile is present, retry the instructions above

    Yeah this worked. I just didn't see the forge option in the drop downs because it was hidden somewhere near the bottom haha im so blind. Thanks for the help!
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    posted a message on Minecraft Transport Simulator - Realistic transport for Minecraft! (Formerly Minecraft Flight Simulator)

    I searched this topic everywhere and I can't seem to find any mention of my problem. I looked everywhere on the internet and couldn't find anything.

    My problem is when I use the old forge launcher for 1.10.2, it fails to create a profile in the minecraft launcher. It creates a version folder but not an actual profile. I do not have any other version of forge, and I am required to use 1.10.2 because of my world i'm planning on using this mod on.

    This mod is really awesome, I love it. I just wish I could actually use this haha. Sorry again if this is a popular question, I searched and didn't find an answer.

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    posted a message on Where does minecraft take place?
    Quote from Abnegation

    If you set your render distance to tiny, Silent Hill.
    The render distance is pretty tiny even with it at 16 chunks.
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    posted a message on Did the Terrain Become BORING? (UPDATE 6/5/13 - 1.7 is a biome update?)
    Quote from Kholdstare

    Only really Alpha was radioactive (I'm all for vibrant grass, but Alpha-esque coloring would be annoying after a while). Beta grass was only extraordinarily colorful in rainforests and jungles (then again it's nearly identical to existing coloration), otherwise it was pretty tame and even dull in some places (though usually if it was dull it was covered in snow). It's really more that the current grass color is dull and muted than that Beta had radioactive grass color; the vast majority of it is a dull green or blue, with the only outlier biomes being jungles (which have overly vibrant green grass) and savannas (which have mustard-colored grass).
    I agree completely. My post wasn't meant to demonstrate that grass-color used in beta was ugly, but rather grass colormaps without blue are.

    Besides, we're not necessarily suggesting radioactive grass color. We're just suggesting grass color that isn't dull and muted. We're also not suggesting grass color that literally has no blue in it, we just don't want large amounts of visually blue grass. Seriously, it makes EH and taiga look infinitely worse in apparently a lot of our eyes.
    I understand, it was a mistake on my part.
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    posted a message on Did the Terrain Become BORING? (UPDATE 6/5/13 - 1.7 is a biome update?)
    Quote from Newlight

    I miss the Beta grass colour too,the current grass colour is too dull and blueish.

    Default grass color map

    Grass color map without blue coloration

    Grass without blue is a radioactive eye-sore
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    posted a message on What have you done recently?

    No one understands you, pooch12 the buttface!

    I did.
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    posted a message on Ascetically Pleasing Block Combinations
    Bricks go with everything.
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    posted a message on I'm pretty sure i'm not the the only one who disliked the old world generation
    Quote from KyoShinda

    I think they changed the caves in 1.6, but I could be wrong.

    Also, they made some biomes so rare that they pretty much don't exist now and I think the ice spikes biome is ugly, other than that I like it.
    It gives you means to explore and expand.

    Quote from Kwitcherbelyakin

    - Technical biomes aren't the answer to lack of variety.
    They seem to be working just fine.
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    Quote from Dunklestien

    I think that there needs to be a VERY STRICT age minimum for servers.
    This is to get rid of all the little kids who clog servers talking about butter and ruining the game for every one else. I know that some of you are in sky army so you won't support, so if you're in sky army just leave this topic. WE NEED THIS TO GET RID OF BUDDER SPAMMERS!
    This is a very narrow-minded approach to the problem. Refusing young children access to servers in hopes to stop spammers won't work because:
    1. Not all sky fans are children
    2. Not all children are sky fans
    A better and less discriminatory way to solve this issue is to ask the server owner to install a filter that replaces the word budder with gold in chat and signs.
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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.8 - Reason to keep Playing
    Quote from TagAnimationz
    RPG and Sandbox don't really contradict. If anyone has ever played rollercoaster tycoon 3,you'll notice that there is a sandbox more,and a campaign mode in which you can do whatever without objectives. But also in campaign mode,you dont strictly have to follow the campaign as long as it gets done.
    Those are two completely different gameplays packaged under one game. You are suggesting that there would be a quest along with the regular game, which in contradiction.
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    posted a message on Bring Back Our Old Friend
    Quote from DarkForce2000

    Why should somebody add any further argument to this already settled post.
    I'm sure you saw the poll that was posted on suggestions a while back.
    More people wanted roses back more than didn't want them.
    The argument is far from settled. There are still many facts you people are still missing.

    Since IDs can only have 15 sub-id's, and the poppy has 15, Mojang cannot add the rose back without replacing an already existing flower or creating a new block ID. Both of which are not ideal. The OP nor really anyone acknowledges this.

    The poll was a representation of the mindset of people on this thread who voted, not the minecraft population. This thread is about defying the limitations of physical memory and adding roses back, meaning people who do not care about this issue are least likely to read this thread, or bother voting, making the poll biased.
    No more should people need to defend the rose as it's pretty well guarded.
    If Mojang want to add it back they will. But everyone will just have to wait now.
    It's quite clear Mojang is adamant about their decision. If your day is ruined by a flower, download a resource pack, that's what they're for.
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    posted a message on 1.6.4 simple server - no ranks - mcmmo - economy - jobs - chestshops
    A little on the laggy side
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    posted a message on Are Fan-Boys Taking Over Minecraft?
    Quote from Superintendent

    I'm a teenager, who started playing Minecraft in 2011. It still wasn't that popular of a game. But now, almost every day I see some younger kid wearing a Minecraft shirt. I feel cheated, because I don't have one. I never wanted one, but now since these kids are wearing the shirts and acting like they know everything about Minecraft, I kind of want a shirt to show that I am a "greater" fan and I started because I found I found the game first, and not because it was popular and all my friends played it.
    I got Minecraft from an older friend, and the way I see it Minecraft spread from older kids to younger kids.

    I also see a lot of hate on SkyDoesMinecraft lately, and it is because of his young fans spreading every quote he says. But that's not the point.

    So is Minecraft being "taken over" by younger kids and "fan boys"?
    Seems like you're just being selfish.
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    posted a message on What music do you listen to while playing minecraft?
    I know this is strange but...

    the Mask of Zorro soundtrack.
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