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    I can't find this question either on here or the internet, nor do I know how to describe it properly. In version 1.7.2 when I click on anything with my mouse, I'm getting this annoying mans voice saying things like "dig" when I dig in sand or dirt, or in the menu part if I click on any button, like options for instance, the same stupid voice says "click". It says something on EVERY mouse click! This is annoying me to the point of uninstalling Minecraft. It doesn't do it in 1.6.4, just 1.7.2. I even deleted it from the version folder in my .minecraft then tried playing again under a different profile, but it WON"T QUIT!!! Please, could someone help me stop this? I'm playing the PC version in windows 7, vanilla flavor of minecraft, no mods. The only change is Chroma Hills resource pack.

    P.S. Could this be caused by hitting the super secret button? It started shortly after I clicked on it several times to get the textures/shading back to normal.

    EDIT: I found the sound files in the .minecraft/assets/virtual/ folder. the ones in a folder called legacy are the correct ones, but in a folder called legacy_af, this is where I found the annoying male voice sounds. I deleted all the sound files from there, including the folder, yet when I restarted the game, the legacy_af folder was copied back in somehow and all the sounds were still the annoying voice saying "sand, click, dig", etc.

    The annoying noises were added today. It's an April fools prank. If it's annoying enough you can turn off the master volume.
    Maybe you could take a sound file that has no sounds in it (and maybe the same length as the other files) and replace it with the annoying sound files. Then the game might not realize files are "missing".
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