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    posted a message on Looking for ALL Staff for LuminousPvP Including Developers And Builders

    Its mashed, let me be manager/dev and everything will be all right...

    You need help making executive decisions.

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    posted a message on UHC Warlords

    Recruiting staff for a uhc server...

    Create creative app

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    posted a message on Hey making a server Hiring staff

    IGN: MashedPotatoKing

    Skype: TNTendermen

    Experience: I've had many positions in the past, many were formed by trust/build experience.

    What position are you applying for: Anything where I can help manage player's questions, get rid of bad players, and manage other abusing staff members (Trust me, abusing staff members appear more often than you think.)

    About you: Im an ok builder with a good personality. I like helping out players in need, but also having a great time. I'm older than some of the community, which means I'm more mature. I know my responsibilities and do not abuse. I try to help other admins be nice to the players. My goal is to make the experience better for the player, so that they want to stay longer. As we meet, you will find more about my personality than what I can explain here.

    Rate your grammar: Eight out of ten, because I sometimes mess up my commas.

    Rate your building: Ok, have a look :) http://imgur.com/GzljrAw

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    posted a message on MineWave Servers Looking for Developers And Admins and mods

    Apply now

    IGN: TNTendermen
    AGE: (Privacy policy at my house, never give out ages on forums)
    Position: Administrator
    Why do you want this postion: To help. I have had previous ranks as an admin to know my duties. I like helping out others and I thought I could help out you too. I also have a good building technique that I think could help your server.
    How can you help us: I am a very good builder. I know a lot about plugins even though I applied for admin. I can help build, setup plugins, setup arenas, prevent hackers, prevent spammers, etc. I can be on for longer periods of time so I can moderate chat and build/setup things you need me to do. Just give me a task and I will do it.
    Can You Donate: No. This may sound bad, but if you can get me to do a lot of things I can provide great quality that could get you more donors in the long time.
    What can you bring to our server: My building/plugin skills. I can do the needed tasks in a shorter period of time but still can provide great quality. I can bring players, that can invite more players. I can also bring my brain and my character to think and create new ideas attracting more players and possibly donors.
    how can you make our server popular: Through great quality and attitude towards my job. I can also invite new people from other places.

    P.s. Just pm me if I made it. Don't if I didn't.
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    posted a message on Looking for Builders for a prison server!
    I don't have the pictures of the things I built cause the server shut down. Also I forgot the plotme servers I built statues on.
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    posted a message on Looking for Builders for a prison server!
    Builder Application:
    IGN: TNTendermen
    Age: I like to keep this private. I'll tell you on the server if I get staff.
    Experience: I've been almost everything. Haven't been head mod though. I was co-owner once. The owner told me everything I needed to know about becoming a staff member. I was one of his best builders. I also figured out a lot of configuration and built most of his things. My specialities include: Parkour, stair design, right media, right medium, etc.
    Building Scale(1-10): 8 because I don't like to exaggerate.
    Skype: I'll say on server.
    Other(Anything else that you want to add): I love world edit!
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    posted a message on Looking For a Server builder
    I couldn't send you a map, but I am a very good builder. I know a lot about design, media, mediums, etc. I love architecture and if your server has world edit or not I am able to help. I think it is cool that you are making a hub server and I myself have tried to create one. It didn't work because of the lack of staff, but if you need your's to succeed then I can help! I'm good at medieval! I would have to join your server to actually show you my skills. I can't provide a map, but I'm a very good builder which could make your server original.
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    posted a message on If you were to create a dream house, what would it be?
    Tell me about your dream house like you would have wanted it when you were in 3rd grade. Be really descriptive so that I can not be bored.

    How big
    What's in it
    What it's shape is like
    Other things I didn't mention
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    posted a message on Bing or google also Mac vs PC NO FIGHTS
    Bing or google? Why?

    GOOGLE for me. I've used google ever since then bing comes in and I'm like 0_0. I took the bing google test and I picked google. What about you?

    Now which is better mac or PC. No more ending with wars. Just say what you like more and you can pm fight if you want.
    I'm going to have to say mac because it's cool.
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    posted a message on My youtube is glitched on ipad mini
    Goto youtube.com and if your not all ready goto mobile youtube. It's better than the youtube app!
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    posted a message on What is the Biggest Lie a Teacher Has Ever Told You?
    My brain is a calculator. 0-0

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    posted a message on How bad is it at your school?
    My school I have to wear a belt, tuck in, and wear a collared shirt. People smoke weed, cuss out teachers all the time, get alc (like jail), skip school, get in fights, one got r*ped, racial offenses, bring weed to school, smoke weed, sexual offenses on many levels, and a lot of non virgins. Did I mention this is a middle school?
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    posted a message on Have Some Cool Minecraft name? Or tips? Is noob at it ..
    Be Sizzlin yup sizzlin
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    posted a message on 1.7.4 Server NEED STAFF

    Name: Josh

    Minecraft Name: TNTendermen

    Age: Privacy issues, will say on server.

    Position: Admin/programmer(I would prefer tech support)

    Why do you want it: I would like staff because I am experienced as an admin. I know not to abuse my powers from my own server/ other servers I have been staff on. I am a good at building. (Stair design + parkour). I know a lot about plugins, which ones are good which ones are bad. I helped a lot of servers configure plugins like essentials, mob arena, survival games, etc. With these skills i feel like i could help you too!

    Contact info Skype, I usually don't give it away but I might would give it to you on the server. Gmail, also on server.

    Other: Enjin is hard, but possible with me. You name it all try it
    Hope you liked my application!
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    posted a message on 10 Million Registered Users
    Proves that minecraft is amazing!
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