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    posted a message on [Season 2] PokèWorld SMP - Whitelist | Survival | Pixelmon Reforged

    Username: TCXEdge
    Gender: Male
    Discord (you must have a Discord account): FreezeDry #8126
    Timezone or country: GMT +10
    Why do you want to join?: Been looking for a non pay-to-win server for a VERY long time. The fact its survival centred is amazing.
    What can you bring to the server?: Somewhat active and willing to participate in the community side of things but also will be doing my own thing, active in chat and disc etc.
    How many hours a week can you play?: 8-12 with more during holiday periods.
    Anything else you want to mention?: This server is the reason I created a forum account. I found a post about it on reddit and several of the community members had nothing but positive things to say which was awesome.
    Favorite Pokèmon: Vileplume.

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