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    Don't have Skype



    I have been an operator on a server that I've played on for almost a year which sadly shut down due to time management issues. I have also had experience as a moderator and what it's like to handle multiple players bombarding you with questions.


    I have decent building skills as well as a large familiarity with vanilla commands and items that are listed in the game.

    I tend to have anger issues and easily get ticked off sometimes. When I'm working on something and other people try to help, it tends to get annoying because I get stuff done faster on my own. Too much stuff all at once can overwhelm me. I recently have to leave a server that I've played on for almost a year and currently in the process of finding a server where I feel comfortable and accepted. (An MC Hobo).

    I'm an introverted person who is fairly creative, I don't due so well when working with others and I tend to get frustrated at times. I tend to be on high alert about people's grammar, technically I'm a grammar nazi. I like to play Minecraft, Subnautica, and Kingdom Rush. I have strong spacial relations and tend to see minor errors in builds which annoys me sometimes.

    If there's anything else you want to know about me, you can ask and I'll give you my best response.

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    Minecraft Account Name: TB_Kingdoms

    Age: 13

    Time zone: US Mountain Time

    Experience of Staff: I have once been an Admin before on a Minecraft server called Minecrap but I was demoted after causing some havoc between me and some players by killing them with little traps I've set up, I only did this because the server at the time had nobody on there so it made me very unstable and lonely with nobody on there from time to time. I was only doing it in a friendly type of way but unfortunately it made those players leave the server forever...

    Have I run a Successful server: Never had a server I owned once in my life even though I really want one.

    Do I enjoy helping players etc: Yes I do, I love to help out with others whenever I can! I can also help out with other staff whenever they need my help.

    Do I expect to be paid: No I expect nothing in return, I'm as happy already as I can be. :)

    Staff role: I know I shouldn't go right away for the admin but realistically I would go for a role in between Moderator and Admin, maybe head moderator?

    Extra information: I'm really good with building, coding with command blocks, and using structure blocks when 1.10 comes out (I've played on the snapshot). I also know almost EVERYTHING about vanilla Minecraft stuff, ask me something that you don't now about and I'll give a full on explanation about whatever you asked about.

    I would like to thank you for your time and I hope I can help this RP server grow whenever I can!


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    I apologize for that and hopefully I can be friends with anybody instead of being the enemy. -TB

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    I'm sorry sargos, I wasn't trying to be annoying on purpose. I would like to apologize for any actions I have done and I do respect that I should know different people's boundaries and when to avoid someone whenever they are a little to upset. If you could please give me one last chance to be on the server, I promise I won't bother you and talk a lot whenever you're working on something. Thank you for your time. -TB

    Username: TB_Kingdoms

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