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    posted a message on 🍺 Ebrius SMP 🍺 | 18+ | 1.15.2 | Vanilla | Whitelist | Discord | Weekly Events | Community Focused | Looking for active players



    What should we call you?:

    Syolfor or Syol is just fine.

    Age: 21

    Country + Timezone: Mexico, CST.

    Tell us a bit about yourself:

    I'm a digital animation student and overall creative that finds Minecraft to be the perfect outlet after a hard day. As a person, I tend to be active and talkative, even though I can be timid at first with people I don't know. There is nothing I like more than to be part of an active community; helping out and discussing ideas always makes me feel like I'm part of something bigger. Other than that, my interests range from passing out drunk in a god-forsaken bar in the bad part of town, to being obsessed with pokemon and many things in between.

    How active will you be?:

    I expect to be on at least a couple of hours every weekday, and depeding on the specific week, almost all day on Sundays. It would be my main way of spending free time.

    Have you ever been banned from a private server?:

    Not at all. Have been part of some servers that have disbanded, but never banned.

    What do you think you can bring to the server?

    A lot of cooperation and help, as well as a positive, kind attitude. And of course some community proyect ideas from time to time.

    Any other questions or comments?:

    Just that my english (specially my pronunctation), can be a little wonky at times. I hope it isn't a problem. >.<

    EDIT: Almost forgot to mention my Minecraft messages just refuse to go to the inbox, so please send anything to my discord: Syolfor#5472, Thanks!

    Show us some of your past builds or contraptions (images/videos) (Optional):

    I don't really tend to take any photos of my builds, but I decided to create something for the application. Here:

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    posted a message on [CLOSED FOR GOOD] πŸ”° The Turf SMP πŸ”° - | 1.14.1 | WHITELIST | DISCORD | MATURE | COMMUNITY BASED | -

    Minecraft Username: Syolfor
    Age: 21
    Location: Mexico City
    How familiar are you with discord?: I use it just fine. However, I tend to stick to text conversations for the first couple of days, as I'm kind of shy.
    What made you choose The Turf SMP?: Because of the attention that is being paid to it by the administrator. I like servers that are active, and I had seen this thread before. The fact that it is still active is a really good sign to me, and something I'd like to be a part of.

    Edit: My discord is Syolfor#5472 if you could PM there, that would be perfect. My minecraft forum messages have been funky for a while and sometimes I can't open them at all.

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    posted a message on πŸ“ Gello SMP πŸ“ : 1.14 : Slightly Modified SMP : 16+ : Discord : Friendly
    • IGN? Syolfor
    • What should we call you? Syolfor is just fine. (See-all-for). But Anne is also fine.
    • Age? 21
    • Location/Timezone? Mexico City. Central Daylight Time.
    • Discord Tag (including #)? Syolfor#5472
    • Willing to chill in Discord voice chat semi-often (not req)? Yup, but only once some time passes. Getting to know people through text first makes me comfy.
    • Did anyone refer you? Nope
    • Other info about you (optional)?
      • I have been playing Minecraft for like 7 years now. I really like it, something akin to childhood Legos. I'd really like to join a small community to share proyects with and make some friends.
      • As a person, I am an oddball. Sometimes I am happy and friendly, others I just lurk quietly. However, I am always happy to have somewhere to play and rest.

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    posted a message on Moonlight [SMP] [Semi-Vanilla] {1.14} {16+} {Whitelist}

    Hey there. I hope you are still accepting applications. Here it goes.

    Age: 21
    IGN: Syolfor #5472
    Favorite thing to do in-game: A combination of exploration and building. I am particularly interested in building mob-related spaces, such as stables or zoos, and the whole process of getting the mobs in them. I also enjoy treasure hunting and finding beautiful spots to create wacky themed builds around them. Because of all this you'll never find me using external programs to locate anything at all. It's about the unkown!
    How active will you be: As active as a college student can be. I will be on at different times, sometimes for hours on end and others for 20 minutes. However, I do intend to make it my main method of relaxation after a long day.
    Pictures of past builds (Optional but preferred): Sadly, I have never taken screenshots of my builds.
    Youtube/Twitch (Optional): Nope.

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    posted a message on 𝐁𝐚𝐜𝐀 𝐓𝐨 𝐁𝐞𝐝𝐫𝐨𝐜𝐀 β€’ whitelisted 18+ commmunity oriented server

    Age: 20

    IGN: Syolfor

    What brings you to our community? It seems chill. I was looking for a place to relax and unwind inbetween my many college assignments, and remembered how nice it can be to be part of a server. Also, I like the fact that even with the age restriction, fun is still a priority.


    What are some of your goals for this server? An aquarium. A nice, cool, amazing and fishy aquarium. Of course I also want to meet some new people and build community proyects. But mainly an aquarium.

    Tell us a little about yourself! Im an animation student in Mexico. Even if I enjoy what I do, my real passion is cooking and baking. I am a casual gamer and would never say no to a smash battle or a quick LoL match. I absolutely adore PokΓ©mon and anything that has to do with it. I tend to be quite timid and reluctant to speak in voice chat, but I would be happy to help anyone who asks.

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    posted a message on [OLD THREAD] The Sanctuary SMP

    IGN: Syolfor

    Age: 20

    Country: Mexico

    How did you find out about The Sanctuary?: Browsing the server list.

    Are you familiar with Discord?: Yup.
    What drew you to The Sanctuary and why are you excited to join?: I like community servers and think vanilla is the best way to play Minecraft, the fact that this server promotes interaction is perfect. Also, I liked the image design of the post. xD
    Tell us a little about yourself:

    I'm an animation student currently on the second year. I love creation and exploration, so Minecraft was just a perfect fit. Been playing for a long time now, but uni made me stop playing for a while. The update aquatic brought me back.

    I tend to be reluctant to interact at first, but I do love to get to know new people. I apologize in advance if my accent is confusing.

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    posted a message on Rainbow Harvest - Applications closed.
    Age: 20
    IGN: Syolfor
    Location: Mexico
    How did you hear about us?: I was searching the mineacraft forums for a whitelisted vanilla server like this one.
    What makes Minecraft fun to you?: The ability to express creativity through building while at the same time having a full world to explore. Like legos coming to life.
    Do you still wish to join, knowing you'll have fun?: Hmmmm. Yes!
    Is there other games you like to play as well?: Yup. I mainly play LoL and Overwatch, but I do enjoy some old classics in the SNES. And Pokemon. All things pokemon.
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    posted a message on -- Jackal's Den 1.14.3 -- 18+ whitelisted vanilla survival server, no map resets, dedicated hardware, large map, and anti-grief.

    Hello there!
    1) How old are you? I turned 18 a couple of months ago.
    2) What is your in-game name? Syolfor
    3) How did you find out about Jackal's Den? Well, I was searching the forums with my boyfirend for a new server , since most I've been in have suddenly dissapeared. I consider the vanilla experience to be the best out there, especially after trying servers that are filled to the brim with unnecesary add-ons. Also, I don't really like the immaturity some kids might have, so I consider this server to be perfect for my needs!
    4) What tool do you use to claim land here? A wooden shovel.
    5) Our members read these applications, so simply tell us a little about yourself: Hmm.. what to say.. well, regarding minecraft, I was the administrator of a server for about a year, and have been playing for around 4 years or more. Regarding me as a person, I live in Mexico, love to draw, and might be a little timid at first. However, I love to help!

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    posted a message on WHITELISTED Vanilla, Snapshot-Updated, Survival Server! For *experienced* players (:
    Hello! Onto the application.

    IGN: Syolfor.

    Skype: Syolfor Crimson

    Age:16-17 in a couple of months. Regarding maturity, I consider myself a highly mature person, however I do accept that some childish behavior still creeps up every now and then, in the form of jokes or pranks mainly. However I know how to take the consequences, and would never offend someone with them, and stop whenever they ask me to.

    How long have you played minecraft? I have played for years now. I do not remember the exact version, but ever since the first beta versions. During that time I have mainly played single player maps, getting in the world of servers around a year ago.

    Do you have a certain "specialty" (ex. redstone, building...)? Not really. My buildings are aesthetically pleasing, even if not the works of art some players can do. I know the general concepts to make building look nice, specially with decorations and indoors. My abilities with redstone are those of a paralytic slug. I hardly understand the basics, but when guided by a tutorial or someone else's knowledge, I can do it without problems. However, my abilities with digital drawing media (mainly Photoshop) are fairly decent, and I would be happy to help with anything needed.

    Why do you consider yourself experienced? After years of playing minecraft at least some of the basics have stuck with me. General and even some highly specific wiki-like abilities can be found in my play style. However, I have a big hole when it comes to popular youtube trends, mods or resource packs. To put it simply, I know nothing of those.

    Do you plan to record (not required)? Not at all. Im not proud of it, but making videos is just too awkward for me.

    Notes: Just some extra info I thought you should know. Im from Mexico, as that, I will sometimes ask about the meaning of words, and my english, even if acceptably fluid, can be confusing, specially during skype calls. Also, I tend to be quiet and reserved when first joining a server or meeting new people, just a warning of possible silence.
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    posted a message on 100% VANILLA WHITELISTED MINECRAFT SMP SERVER (Inspired by Mindcrack)
    IGN: Syolfor

    Why I want to join: In my opinion, smaller, more close-knit servers are what makes multiplayer Minecraft worthwhile. Servers that are too big lose that important connection between the player. They cease to be a community. I want to join to be able to play in a place where you can trust the rest of the players, where building something big means involving a lot of people. But most of all, I want to be part of a small server where my contributions help others.

    Age: 16

    Why you can trust me: Mainly because causing disturbances scares me. I'm more of a timid worker, preferring to leave chat quarrels and unnecessary fights to the absolute minimum. Also, I'm always up to helping people build or get materials, as creating myself is not my strongest point. I was a server administrator for around a year, so I know what kind of attitudes deserve a facepalm. Overall, I know how to be polite.

    What I'm good at: I'm good at gathering materials, as well as building. Not great, but I know more than to make my house out of cobblestone and dirt. My strongest point would be my constant online hours, my random minecraft knowledge, and my disposition to help.
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    posted a message on Zavae 1.2.5 | SMP | [WHITELIST!] [mcMMO] [LWC] [Essentials] [No PVP] [Anti-Grief]
    IGN: Syolfor
    Did you read the rules?: Yep.
    Age/gender: 14 female. ------> Le *
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