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    The advice you've gotten thus far is good and correct. Mo Creatures is currently on 1.6.2, but users also report that it will run just fine on 1.6.4.
    The version of Forge that is recommended for Mo Creatures is version 804, while the newest version of Forge is 871. Just as a heads up: I am currently running Forge version 871, and for me, none of the spawning is working correctly on it. Nothing, not even vanilla mobs, are spawning.
    If Mo'Creatures is the only mod your son wants to download and use, I'd recommend using Forge version 804, for Minecraft version 1.6.2. I've tested it, and the spawning works just as it's supposed to with Forge 804.

    Also, as to your previous question: You WILL need the new launcher to run 1.6.2 and above. The old launcher will only run up to 1.5.2.

    I'm not sure what type of computer you are running (Windows/PC/Linux), but I'm running on a Mac. If you have any more questions, feel free to message me(as it'll get you the fastest response from me).
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    Quote from PCAwesomeness

    Because 1.7 breaks mods! :steve_tearful: :steve_tearful:

    It's not dead, but it might be broken due to 1.7, the Update that Destroyed the World.

    Lets also remember that 1.7 just came out two days ago, and since the changes were so many and so large, it will take some time for the Forge people to get a working version released.
    As it is, MoC hasn't been released for 1.6.4 either, and there are still problems being had with the 1.6.2 versions. I'm sure that once these bugs are worked out that work will start on bringing the mod into 1.7.2. The modders I'm sure have lives outside of updating and fixing mods. We need to be patient.
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    Quote from bloodshot45


    New pet save system working well, here are some screenshots which show the ability to locate all your pets including unloaded ones. Also added heart tame effect for mocreatures =)


    This is awesome! The update shall be well worth the wait. c:
    I'll finally be able to figure out where the frick all my freakin' goats hopped off to! xD
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    Love this mod. c:
    Also, more people should play on the server mentioned on the previous page. It's quite pleasant thus far.
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