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    posted a message on [Software][Plugin][Bukkit] Runecraft [use bukkit page for download]
    I watched some videos about runecraft and noticed you can tell some runes what to do with signs and stuff, so i wanted to ask (And suggest). Would it be possible to tell a waypoint rune what players it can let through as a regular player?

    Like for secret bases, or storages, or just some place you only want x amount of people to know about since a lot of SMP servers have rampant griefing.
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    posted a message on [1.6.6] Sign Colors [2.0]
    It wont work on SMP.
    I can see the colors and text but other players cant see anything written on the sign, and when i relog, all i see is a blank sign.

    Can anyone else confirm this SMP problem or is it just me?
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    posted a message on [1.4_01] newb XRay
    Quote from lahwran »
    it'd be better if it didn't work at all unless an admin allowed it, this is more like blacklisting ...
    I won't remove it though. This is close enough.

    What about the above sourceforge link that removes the "This mod informs players you are using it as soon as you join a server. So it is the server's choice to allow you using it or not. " according to the person who posted it?

    Not in a rush to use it so cant confirm though.
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    posted a message on TRON; REZCRAFT 64x (Discontinued)
    This pack is really awesome and beautiful
    Looking forward to download a 1.3 version of this.
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