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    posted a message on OptiFine HD (FPS Boost, Dynamic Lights, Shaders and much more)


    I wanted to ask for permission to use this mod in an Modpack i want to Create (MC 1.12.2)

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    posted a message on Taking mod requests for simple to medium ideas

    How about a mod that substitudes Enemy mobs with more realistic ones (like Zombies -> Robbers or Skeletons -> Robber Bowman)

    just to get Minecraft more realistic

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    posted a message on Need Help [Realistic Entitys]

    Hey guys,

    Im currently working on a Modpack that should be as realistic as possible but thats pretty hard since Minecraft itself isnt that realistic when it comes to enemies.

    Im not a modder and im not used to java either thats why i want to ask if some Developer on here would help me to make a mod that substitudes all the fantasy Mobs for more realistic ones ( so for example the skeleton would be an bandit with bow and the Zombie a Bandit with sword, also they shouldnt burn at Daytime but rather be neutral as long you dont attack them. Just like spiders.)

    Also it would be nice if there are some random structures like Castles or Camps with spawners and some lootable crates.

    It would be realy nice if someone´s gotta help me out.

    Yours Sy.

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