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    posted a message on R3D CRAFT - Play Minecraft in High Definition (04.04.17)
    So far I am loving this pack, it is so awesome! Perhaps support for Thaumcraft is the biggest mod that I didnt see on the poll that I use, though maybe adding support for the Buildcraft addon's Addition Pipes, Addition Buildcraft Objects, and then Logistics Pipes these are all mods I just about cant live without, I use basically a cut down Technic pack.

    I truly look forward to the completion of this pack. Keep up the good work man!
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    posted a message on Vanilla Island Server (20 Slots)
    Quote from pop9090

    I did.

    Still saying im not white-listed... you spelled SwitchLove correctly? And the server is 1.2.5 right?
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    posted a message on Vanilla Island Server (20 Slots)
    Quote from pop9090


    Disconnected by Server: You are not white-listed on this server!

    Can you check that you added me?
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    posted a message on Vanilla Island Server (20 Slots)
    Ign: SwitchLove
    Age (dont lie): 20
    Maturity: High, but quite laid back
    Swear that you wont grief: I do so swear
    Extras: SSSSS

    PS: You spelled maturity wrong.
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    posted a message on I need help with a mod
    You got the wrong section.

    Try http://www.minecraftforum.net/forum/55-tutorials/
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    posted a message on Is my computer good or old and lame
    Quote from kaBloomster

    Dell Inspiron 531s
    Windows vista Home
    AMD Athlon 64 x2(dual core) 4000+ 2.1ghz
    3Gs of DDR2
    Nivida Geforce 6150SE nForce 430
    Internal 500gb with a External 1TB
    Onboard Soundcard Realtak HD Audio(sounds great to me)
    PSU 400W
    What's your computer?
    What do you think of my?

    Thats about an average computer really.

    Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit SP1
    AMD Phenom II X4 830 2.8 GHz
    6.00 GB Dual-Channel DDR3 RAM
    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 Ti
    3TB Hard Drive Space Internal
    2TB Hard Drive Space External

    I average 250 - 350 FPS while multitasking, up to 600 while not.

    Quote from Collinw24

    I have a Mac and get 290 FPS. So, macs don't suck.

    Basing if a computer is good or not using Minecraft is ****. Minecraft is a very low resource game. Now if you got 290 fps on Crysis or something that'd be a better way of judging.

    Quote from Mcdude123Nate

    Still are **** for the price.

    Quote from Jamacanbacn

    macs are over priced for what they give u, they suck for their price u might as well by an alienware for the price they make u pay for a macbook air OUTRAGEOUS

    I concur completely your paying more for the name of the brand than whats inside it.
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    posted a message on Server error no one can connect to my server?
    Have you port forwarded?
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    posted a message on NEED A SERVER HOST
    I could easily set you a server up, me and my cousin play on one off my pc. Do you have any plugins in mind you want? Idea as to what the series is going to be of? Do you have a pre-generated map or just looking for a fresh one? Anyways if your interested get back to me and I can have it up by tomorrow afternoon at the latest (aka Friday, 10/21).

    Name: Tim
    IGN: SwitchLove
    Age: 20
    Country: USA, Texas

    Plugins I currently use on my server are:
    AdminCmd - A whole slew of commands
    CreativeStick - Quick block destroying/placing
    DynMap - Live map rendering on a web page
    InvTools - Set certain tools/armour to never break
    Safe Creeper - Creepers don't damage world, Endermen don't pickup/place blocks
    Sortal - Sign Based Teleporting
    VoxelSniper - Mass World Editing Tool

    I can add any plugins you want though and edit the setting to your liking. We'd just have to sit and talk it out.

    Just let me know.
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    posted a message on [API] Minecraft Forge
    Quote from Alex Humva

    Can someone please explain to me what's going on with Forge for 1.8+? As I've heard a dozen different things from a dozen different people, and it's all rather confusing. So, if someone official can explain it to me in a slightly less confusing way, it'd be much appreciated.

    Long story short is it's being worked on. They were just about ready to release but hit a nasty bug. I expect that we can expect a release within a few days, assuming no more major bugs pop up.

    Quote from crazypotatos

    I went to where the downloads are for 1.8.1 and there is no info for client minecraft. it just has the downloads. So can someone please just explain what I need to do, or if I can even play on 1.8.1 with buildcraft or what?

    Here are the steps:
    1. Delete the META-INF if you still have it in your minecraft.jar
    2. Install ModLoader by dragging and dropping the files into your minecraft.jar
    3. Install ModLoader MP the same way
    4. Start the game to make sure it works
    5. Put the BuildCraft files as they are (as zip files) into your mod folder
    6. Run the game and enjoy BuildCraft
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    posted a message on [API] Minecraft Forge
    Quote from Eloraam

    To everyone complaining about 1.8 (or worse yet, cursing at SpaceToad - please don't do that), here's the situation.

    1.8 broke a LOT of code. I've been single-handedly responsible for the 1.8 port, because the other modders have been on vacation or on business trips or the like. I've got the vast majority of it working, and I've managed to do so for a while, but because of the sheer amount of broken things, I've been slowly working through the bug list of my own mod in order to test the things in Forge that got broken.

    I fixed the second-last item on the work list today. There's one more to go before we can package a client version, but it's a doozy. It'll take me a full day's work to accomplish, and I've got a nasty cold right now.

    A version is in SVN right now that should let people start porting their mods. In a couple days, we should have client packs.

    That sucks, I hope your feeling better soon! :smile.gif:

    Quote from Furious1964

    Anyone know how to milk a cow?

    Well you see... it all starts with a pair of rubber gloves, an udder, and a pulling motion...

    Quote from madindehead

    @ Eloraam

    Take your time on porting Forge over :smile.gif: I'm sure we can wait a bit longer :wink.gif: People need to learn patience.

    I agree, take your time, I'd rather a finished version than a buggy version. Fyi you and SpaceToad are like my heroes, I love your mods. :Diamond:
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    posted a message on [1.3.2]WeedCraft v2.0 [Client][Server]
    Great mod idea, but not to rag on your mod or anything, but you may want to look into a sprite artist.
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    posted a message on OptiFine HD (FPS Boost, Dynamic Lights, Shaders and much more)
    Quote from DutchMofoTeam

    Please throw yourself infront of a train.. :dry.gif:

    I concur, he clearly does not understand the complexity of this mod.

    Quote from Deluxx

    I don't know why people bother with these posts, I know you're trying to help, but when have they ever worked?.. I mean ever?

    Presumably the same reason people like you say stuff like you did.

    Quote from Slantzalot

    Is it true that there's another update coming out tomorrow? Isn't that just going to make 1.8.1 optifine obsolete?

    It depends on the updates, some times a transition from say 1.8.1 to say 1.8.2 is simply a few small bug fixes. However depending on how much the code is changed, it could make or break a mod.
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    posted a message on Is this laptop decent?
    If you plan on doing no gaming then this is a decent laptop for college work. Its a decent processor and it's a decent amount of RAM, so it should be just fine for you. The hard drive is kinda small though, but that's to be expected. For its price I'd say its a fair deal.
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    posted a message on Novus Astrum
    What is the width of your circular island?

    On another note this is fricken epic!

    Disregard the question, I misread the post >__>
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    posted a message on [1.4.7][Forge] Magic Chest - wood on steroids! (1.0.2 pre-alpha)
    Quote from petrus4

    Ah ok. Thank you very much. :biggrin.gif:

    Not a problem, always glad to help.
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