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    Quote from 1adude

    Or just place the water/lava exactly where you want it permanently, and combine. No mining required.

    On a side note, how is the sheep breeding coming along? :biggrin.gif:

    I hate sheep. All 3400 of them (so far). Really hate them.
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    Quote from RunesGuy

    There is just ONE thing to say about this: ZOMGWTFOGBBQTHISISF******OSSUMSAUCE!

    Just seriously, I couldn't build this (I don't have the patience =D). How long are you building on this now? And how long do you think it gonna take?

    Anyway, g'luck!


    I spent about two weeks on the abandoned project and Ive been on this one for almost four now.

    I suspect that there is at least 2 months to go.
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    Quote from bigboiadminlefty

    Any Chance of you turning that into an RP Server?

    OK, so there have been requests for world down load, RP server etc...
    I dont know what the future will be, but I promise, I wont hog it or hide it, but I have NO IDEA how to do anything other than just play this game.

    Let me finish the thing, and I will share it to everyone's heart's content.
    My nephew just graduated with a degree in comp sci of some kind, and I know that he has a MC server of some kind that he admins and his buddies play on.... I'll get him involved when the time comes and let you all do what you want with the finished product.

    I Promise.
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    You just cant keep a stubborn survivalist down.
    Im recovered, resupplied (mostly), and building.

    Included in this update;
    Doubled the wheat farm
    Built the sheep pens
    Laid the Guard Tower foundations and started the build on it.
    ... Corrupt File SURPRISE

    Wheat Farm

    Figured that if its to be wool, might as well get ready to breed around 2.77 metric asstons of them or so. Gonna take a lot of wheat, heh.

    The old farm is laid out like this... 4 X 64 patches... there are four of those, for a total of 1024 blocks of watered farmland;

    I then laid a walkway of stone slabs over the irrigation ditch so I could plant the inside rows. In the next pic you can see the water under the walkway and see the expansion in progress.

    In the above pic you can also see the rows of torches on the sides of the wooden rafters that run the length of the rows... there is a torch on EVERY AVAILABLE space in and around this farm.

    Farm is now double sized for a total of 2048 blocks...

    It takes about 40 minutes to harvest and replant it all, lol.



    Did I mention that this project will take a lot of wool and therefore a lot of sheep? I started by trying to build on the land as it was, but came to the realization VERY quickly that there was a major project phase demanded.
    A lot of sheep are going to need a very big sheep pen / farm... time to clear some land (will need the cobble and dirt anyway)

    A progress series:

    the beginning attempt... scrapped quickly

    1 tear down the first pens, and take off all the dirt off the first hill

    2 take the dirt off the second hill, fill in the little ponds, and fill in part of the sea just outside the little safe-house and above the first hill, and build the basic foundations of the outside of the castle to establish the inside of the sheep pens. I like straight fences.

    3a take down the whole damn hill... better like mining if you're gonna go legit. 7 1/2 hours of picking stone :smile.gif:... notice the 2X2 blocks of gold ore floating above the finished field... didn't have an iron pick ax, lol.
    3b run out the entire fence rows and draw in the starter herd from the surrounding lands with some wheat.

    4 start the rainbow pens. Gonna need lots of color for the interiors

    5a The blackies will have their own slightly larger pen.... will need a lot of them for roofs.
    5b And, of course, a sheep herders hut... equipment, wheat and wool storage... and a bed... will be spending DAYS AND DAYS breeding sheep.. already have

    6 Finally... started developing the big herd.

    The Guard Tower

    Layed teh foundations and started building up the interior walls... notice that they are two-three feet thick (1block=1ft in this build) on the lower third... seems necessary to hold up the whole thing

    Also notice one row of white wool cladding on the outside.... meh, gonna take a LOT of wool.

    I have decided to build this tower all the way to the top, appx 120 block above ground level (not the castle's tallest tower either), before continuing on any of the rest of the project... I need a big accomplishment for renewed inspiration.


    And last

    MCedit was necessary to fix my free fall spawn point after the snapshot catastrophe. Hated to do it, but the project ends if you spawn in already dead. Got a couple surprises along with the fixed spawn; half of my sheep are gone and ALL of my stored inventory... pffft no biggie, the building is 100% as it was.

    But I also got this little gem just outside the sheep pens;

    a huge water fall coming out of nowhere and about 500 blocks high. I think I'll leave it for a while :wink.gif:
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    Hey, sorry bout the pics... this must be getting a lot of hits.
    I just upgraded the photobucket to pro, so the pics should be back soon.
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    Quote from damianmccl

    Looks nothing like the castle itself man but the way you planned it out seemed pretty legit

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    No, didnt forget... but I cant use the backup, because when I changed the .jar to try the snapshot, the height mod resets the spawn point to original spot and with the changes to the map Ive made... i die on spawn. The old .jar didnt fix the spawn problem So its dead game or no inventory.

    Also, I might just be to computer ignorant to jack with files n codes in any way... heh Im old... Saw led Zeppelin play live if that's a good enough hint.

    /deep sigh

    Im not risking an attempt to refill my inventories with a mod... it will probably just screw things up worse again.

    It really hurt to loose one and a half stacks of Iron bars, four stack of brick blocks (thats a LOT of clay) and eight stacks of white wool (a tiny little drop in the bucket of what Im going to need in total, somewhere around 5000 stacks LOL). Mostly just lost stockpiled wood, dirt, cobble and saplings etc. Besides, if I didnt enjoy the game, I wouldnt play it as a game... Id go creative.

    At least the MEANS of production weren't lost... the sheep pens were/are done, the wheat farm is still there (and almost finished doubling its size this afternoon).

    So... Im off to punch a few trees..... sigh... no pic update tonight.
    Tomorrow night look for an update with pics of 2000+ block wheat farm, fully functional sheep farm (including Rainbow Pens), and the foundations of the Knights Tower in place.
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    What a complete and total flustercluck.
    I have nothing... at all... anywhere.

    I have a choice to make now.
    Do I cheat to refill my chests (dont even actually know who to do that), or do I go start punching a tree and make a wood pick... mine three pieces of stone and make a stone pick... and so on?

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    I had to resort to MCedit to fix my spawning problem.
    now... i have no inventory... anywhere. Nothing in my chests, nothing on my person.

    all 100% empty
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    Thanks Dreamer, Cowboy.... I'll grab that snapshot TONIGHT.

    I also have lots of new pics... I'll try to get an update up tonight too.

    Cant get the snapshot to open right. Probably the height mod is conflicting with it. So I put the old jar file back in and now Im spawning in at 512 height in the sky over land... cant fly to water.. :sad.gif:

    Looks like its going to be long night of problem solving.
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    Quote from 1adude

    Sorry to hear about your snow crisis. The cool thing about wool, though, is you that there are many more colors, so you can have a much more detailed roof with shading, etc.

    Anyway, if you are going to start using sheep, I would recommend downloading some of the latest snapshots, so that sheep can regrow their wool. Considering the fact that you have more than enough wheat already, you shouldn't need to worry about them eating too much tall grass! :smile.gif:

    Also, do you run a Mac or Windows? (In regards to your question about backing up saves.)

    On a side note, I have once again to say that this is an amazing project. :smile.gif:

    ok Im vaguely familiar with snapshots, specifically the one that allows regrowth of wool and feeding on tall grass... But, isnt that a mod though? Im committed to sailing this ship completely legit.

    PS thanks Nutbag.. simple enough.
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    Hey guy, thanks for all the encouragement.
    Spent the weekend on a snow hunt... no success :sad.gif:. not a flake of snow anywhere in a three map radius. On the positive side, I have gotten VERY good at survival mode long distance travel, and there are now 'safe houses' at the map centers of every map in a three map radius.... including the places where the map center is in the middle of the ocean; sorry no pics.

    So, that seals it. Wool it is. I took a personal day today, and I will spend a lot of the day on MC, so let the sheep herd begin.

    I do not know how to 'back up' a game to be able to recover from a lightning fire. Any hint/tips on this would be most appreciated.

    Also, as requested, I will certainly post a world save st some point as well. Could use some tips on how to do this as well.
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    Serious construction has begun

    Included in this update:
    The wheat field is full and producing
    The Gatehouse shell is complete (sans roof)
    The Minecraft Warming dilemma

    Wheat field

    After a couple partial harvests, I finally have enough seeds to plant all 1024 pieces of farm-soil

    Even though it takes a little longer underground because there is no sunlight, only torchlight, the crop is safe and eventually it all ripens

    And, yes, it was a HUGE investment of time to dig out the space and lay the dirt/water/paths/torchs, and plow/plant the whole thing... here is one harvest:

    WELL worth the time for a future sheep farming fanatic like me. Because, even if I go with snow instead of white wool for the main building walls (and i hope to do just that, thanks for the suggestion guys and the warning about lightning), I am still going to need lots and lots of wool for the dark grey roofs and all the interiors.

    The Gatehouse

    WOOHOO!! FINALLY!!!!! Im building something!

    The first wall going up

    And one story of one facade is DONE... Probably the easy part is forever over lol

    So, /pat self on back... /move to inside wall

    First story was a breeze... all smooth stone

    And second story, this one made from sandstone, gets started... NICE contrast
    I should have taken picture of my mistakes, because I made a BUNCH in this section, and had to tear them down and rebuild.

    Took a little time to do the inside arch, and celebrated by spending a nice sunset with one of my buddies.

    I dare say, this wall got a little complicated... its hard to build these insets and offsets when you are 15-30 blocks high without a net, and when you cant see the whole structure because you cant fly, lol. I had to constatnly run/ or jump down and run off about 40 blocks into the grass to see what I was to do next.

    Notice in the pic above, one of the second story cross walls is up... and notice that it os partially made of dirt.... when you are baking your own bricks, 21 stacks at a time, you have to collect a crapload of clay (unbelievably time consuming, and this map is almost clay-dry now)... anyway, bricks become damn precious things and I wont be wasting a single one! The dirt sections will be removed and replaced with air once the roofs and side buildings are added.

    Did I mention baking stone and bricks 21 stacks at a time?

    So a good first phase.... and the two big walls of the Gatehouse are complete:

    Still need roofs, the third story parapet, and glass, (not to mention interiors, and spiral stairs in the towers)... but I felt done enough to post an update.


    No Snow

    So Im very seriously worried about the fire hazard of wool after reading some of the replies in this thread, and I would LOVE to just build a snow golum and start power-harvesting snow... but I CAN'T FIND ANY SNOW to build the dern golum. I've been to the center point of the eight surrounding maps to start a 'master map' incorporating the nine full sections, and didnt see a single flake... grrrr.

    Going to have to run to the ares TWO maps away looking I guess... expect a slight delay before the next update as I will be spending some grind-time breeding dark grey sheep for roofs and taking breaks to run 30-40 minutes in each cardinal direction looking for a snow biome.


    As always, comments are welcome, both critical and constructive.

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    Quote from ballermon

    Read the title. He realised this limitation in the other thread and decided to go from "no mods at all" to "ok, one mod." I'm guessing cubic chunks to raise the ceiling limit beyond 128.

    Correct, I used a height mod. However, I don't think it was not the one you mentioned.
    I tried both Fishtaco's height mod, and one other , and I tried them both extensively. Unfortunately, I cant remember which one I did settle on.

    I could probably tell easily by looking in my .bin file?... but Im not a computer wiz, so probably better left alone, LOL.
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    Quote from ballermon

    Snow is a great alternative to white wool. Easy access by digging up snow from underneath a Snow Golem and impervious to fire/light and even lava!

    This alternative was mentioned in the first attempt thread. I didn't pay it much attention at that time. But it seems on the surface like a good idea. I am going to consider it very closely.
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