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    1. How long have you played Minecraft? About 6 months
    2. Why do you like Minecraft? I love the exploring and building. I love to mine and collect things
    3. Name your playing style. Spend days just mining things and then building
    4. Location:: Western NY, USA
    5. Age:: 40
    6. Amount of time you spend playing weekly? 20 hrs or more
    7. Have you ever been banned or kicked from a server? nope
    8. Pictures(if any) of your greatest builds! I will have to take some lol
    9. Other (This counts the most, any info you think we should know of course!) I really want to try out a multiplayer survival server and see what its like to be able to play the game with other people. Gets boring sometimes playing by myself
    10. Finally your IGN(In Game Name) Sweetheart71
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    Would LOVE to go to this with my son!!!! OMG
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