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    posted a message on What are your strange Minecraft habits?
    My strange minecraft habits?

    Collecting gravel

    Almost always jumping while walking

    Exploring surface caves all the time

    Looking for clay... then not collecting it

    Having very few worlds

    Reusing seeds

    Also, I challenged myself that on every server, I will either get a diamond hoe from someone, or use my first two diamonds to make a diamond hoe... simply for its uselessness. : P

    All my lowest tier tools are used first. Also, if I have multiples of a particular tier of tool (such as two stone axes, two gold shovels etc.) I will use up one first before touching the other. Simply put, I very procedurally go through tools.
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    That's.... interesting. But the pony skins are just awful. SHADING. NO NEON COLORS. MAKE EYES SMALLER. SOFTER COLORS. asgadjfas this makes the mod completely awful if the skins are like that.

    Not a mod I would install. Needs more information too. You said NOTHING about the ores, and NOTHING about what the ponies would act like. Needs lots of work.


    I changed my mind. Just no. No.
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    posted a message on Every time I try to sleep hostiles spawn next to my bed
    Hm... I know some ways that mobs try to eat you at night. Okay.

    -No beds next to a wall, make sure there is one space between the wall and the bed. You can fill with space with a block.

    -Make sure everything inside is lit up.

    -Make sure your house it not underground, sometimes mob spawning in nearby caves interferes somehow.

    -Try lighting up the area around your house a bit. This tends to help.

    -THE MOST IMPORTANT: I know that some popular youtubers who play minecraft aren't even aware of this one. Do not put double doors for your house! Doors function as one way for hostile mobs. To create double doors, one door must be backwards, and hostile mobs can teleport through when you sleep. I fell victim to this one. D:
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    Amazing. This will definitely be the texture pack I use :3

    although I'm kinda confused... are there two versions, 16 and 32? I'm sorry I'm stupid xD
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