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    Hello there, and thanks for clicking this thread! I always wanted Minecraft to be a little bit more modern without having too much stuff edited with it, so that's exactly what my goal is with this texture pack. I haven't done much so far, but suggestions from you guys are what is going to make this thing a lot better. Maybe I'll even upgrade to a 32x version if I have time.

    Also, to try and give you a more "modern" experience I'll include furniture tutorials to make your houses look as legit as possible. :wink.gif:


    Anyway, you're probably asking at this point what I've made "modern" so far. Well, here's a list of what has changed so far with screenshots below.

    - More see-through room on glass
    - Magenta Wool is now Off-White/Tan (lots of carpets are that color from what I've seen)
    - 2 of the paintings have been changed to resemble an HDTV and a flatscreen computer monitor
    - The tops of Sandstone are re-textured to look like Linoleum
    - Doors do not have windows in them (neither do the doors in your house, most likely)
    - Furnaces look more like modern ovens
    - Cobblestone is more brick-like
    - Lapis blocks are more similar to the Iron/Gold/Diamond blocks
    - Pistons are re-textured to look like tables (see Furniture Tutorials)
    - Small chests are now drawers; large chests are now a drawer on top and a cabinet on the bottom
    - Glowstone is a bit more "scattered" (more gravel-like vs. cobblestone-like)
    - Netherrack is darker


    Screenshots are below and have been re-sized for your viewing pleasure.

    Furniture Tutorials

    Chairs: Chairs are pretty simple, all you need to do is put a sign on both sides of a wooden stair block - at least that's how I make chairs.

    Tables: There are a couple of options for tables. One is a blocky table (or you can just say it has a table cloth on it) which is obviously just a few blocks, or you can make a piston table like this.

    :wood: :wood: :brick: :brick: :wood: :wood:
    :soil: :soil: :--+: :--+: :soil: :soil:

    Okay, so that's not exactly how it looks... Pretend that the wood is your floor, the brick is a piston (facing up), and the torches are redstone torches. That way you'll be using an extended piston as a table - looks pretty cool since it has space under it!

    DOWNLOAD LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/?nz82r0nv9innnbc

    Planned Changes

    - Modern ceilings/walls (these will probably be edits of wool)
    - More electronics
    - Darker stone slabs?
    - Kitchen/bathroom appliances (sinks, etc.)?

    As for right now, though, I'm really just looking for suggestions and feedback, so please tell me what you think of the pack and then suggest something that I should do! :smile.gif:
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    Quote from TheGrimReapR

    I think endermen Will be able to pull blocks away from structures (hence the pictures of them holding blocks) allowing other monsters to break in. This would make the game more challenging and require more traps and defense systems in order to survive.

    That sounds feasible, actually. Hopefully 1.8 comes soon so we can find out. xD
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    The New Mob of Minecraft 1.8


    Alright, so I see a lot of threads out there with people just saying a few lines of random crap about endermen, and that kind of gets annoying, so I figured I'd go ahead and post something that I actually thought out and get some feedback from you guys. Basically I'm just going to tell you everything that I've assumed about endermen to this point and then you guys can respond below. So, with no further ado, I guess I'll begin. :wink.gif:

    The Theory

    Endermen. What did endermen come from? Well, I'm amusing that an endermen is essentially...well, slenderman. A lot of things that we've been assuming have been related to this, as have the things that Notch let us in on. I mean, think about it to yourself. Even the look of these guys is pretty similar. They're unusually tall for a mob, and mostly black aside from their face. And sure, endermen have eyes, but it makes sense to have some changes of course - they aren't wearing suits either.

    Now I'll move on to behavior. From what I've seen on slenderman (and mostly I just watch MarbleHornets/TribeTwelve/EveryManHYBRID) he essentially "stalks" you and seems to be able to pop up wherever he wants, hence the teleportation. And he pretty much doesn't mess with you unless he thinks you're trying to mess with him, which is similar to endermen, which don't attack until you look at them straight on. Then he'll proceed to perhaps attacking you or pretty much trying to scare the living crap out of you.


    Now, I'm not saying endermen are slendermen, I'm just saying that they're pretty similar, and that's not a bad thing all. I just thought I'd go ahead and throw out my thoughts and see what you guys think. Basically the TL;DR version is that endermen are slendermen with some changes, but good changes.

    Erm, so thanks for reading this if you actually did, and I'm looking forward to responses. :smile.gif:
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    ...NZPhoenix, that is simply beautiful. One of the better things I;'ve ever seen someone build on Minecraft, and I say it out of all seriousness.
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