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    MC USER: Superhuman2000

    Age: 18

    Country/Timezone: Canada/ Eastern

    Discord Name:Don't Care#8076

    Why: I am good at building, farming and doing the basics. Main reason is to have fun and explore minecraft to the fullest with friends and maybe learn other things that i might be good at too.

    Other games: Whole COD 4 series, PUBG (also Mobile), Fortnite, and Need for speed ( I've literally played each one of em)

    Myself: My names Shaheer and im 18 and currently with be going to university to go into electrical engineering. I'm a nice guy and loves helping out. Loves sports in general and my favorite is soccer. I have played on another sever quite a bit but unfortunately school got in the way and by the time i wanted to join back that server shut down. So i guess this will be my primary server for the time being until i head off to university.

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