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    Mods don't get read/loaded properly if there isn't a mods folder, this applies to Forge, Liteloader I'm pretty sure, Rift and Fabric. Forge or Liteloader is usually what people have used a mods folder for before Fabric for example so it would have usually generated a mods folder or people usually recommend you create one then put the mods into that folder. If you not using any mods from 1.13 or 1.14 or are planning to use an older versions like 1.12.2 then put the mods into those but 1.13+ mods Forge, Rift, Fabric don't use the 1.12.2 method of version folders. Or just disable them but put them out of the way so you don't get confusing besides what the file names version numbers say.

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    Well, with the MCForums 'alive/saved' and 2 days before it were to be archived if not for being picked up. I'm glad to be back, will I have the curseforge/FTB Forums threads of Rift up still, yes, since I did create them after all and I don't want to bother removing them, and they can just stay for users on those platforms I guess. :) YAY!

    Do I plan to do much with this thread though... Well, Forge 1.14.2 is out and most likely all mods will support it. Will I post Rift 1.13.2 mod updates though, yes. Even if they are few and far between. But that doesn't mean there might not be any.

    Otherwise this thread will stay open for asking questions, help with Rift and more, but on the mod update posting side it will be rare or stay as an 'active' archive of sorts.

    Again more time will be given to Fabric (Rift for 1.14 or Liteloader for 1.14 if you want to think of it that way) and Forge 1.14.2 posting of course.

    If you want to check out Fabric and what's going on there you can so from this thread here (besides being in my signature of course): https://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding-java-edition/minecraft-mods/mods-discussion/2938388-fabric-1-14-mod-loader-mod-discussion-section

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    posted a message on Fabric 1.14 Rel/Snapshot Mod Loader/Mod Discussion Section - This Thread and FTB Forums will have Fabric & Forge 1.14 Posts.

    Good to be back, while I have the FTB Forums thread I'm not going to remove/abandon it since it was fair amount of work to setup and might be relevant or interesting to people on that platform.

    Fabric and Forge 1.14 mod posts, assisting users with issues/asking questions will still happen on this thread and I'll try to be active as I was daily with mod posts again. :)

    I may or may not post videos though due to the management I might need to do with that on the first post (shouldn't effect the new posting of videos though on this thread) or the need to update that mod list (oh fun), but otherwise I'll try to be as active on this thread like I was before.

    Starting tomorrow I'll get around to the usual mod posting and then try to carry over the FTB Forum mod posting and links and so on maybe into a big post? But the latest mod updates will be in a much smaller one after it.

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    posted a message on Any Mods you recommend?

    For any newcomer to mods I'll say this:

    -What do you enjoy doing in Minecraft?

    -Try modpacks first before installing Modloaders like Forge, Rift, Fabric/Datapacks. I say this so it's easier for users to get a feel for mods before using Installers which most users use to create their own custom modpacks or use for other instances (Forge for most versions of the game to be modded, Rift for 1.13/1.13.2, Fabric for 1.14), using multiple different Modloaders can get confusing sometimes and isn't best to recommend to a newcomer, not so much the install instructions just going about all this stuff I think could be confusing if you aren't familiar with this sort of thing.

    Using modpacks I think gives you an idea of not only what exists for mod possibilities but how people balance their games with mods also I guess.

    Otherwise for finding modpacks here is a video on the types that exist out there:

    Obviously once I know what things your into for Minecraft I can easily select mods that will suit rather than just a bunch of mods everyone says they use and it might not really make sense at all to a newcomer with such mod content or the mods and their elements might not appeal to you. Like if your not into Tech mods I won't suggest any but if you into Adventure, World Gen (Plants, Ores, Food, etc) then I'd recommend those besides the usual useful ones like JEI as a Recipe viewer/cheating option, or a Minimap to put on screen instead of Minecraft's fairly interesting map system that I've just gotten around to learning now.

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    posted a message on Installing Optifine, Forge and Shaders for Minecraft 1.14

    Make sure you go to legit sources, if you want a 1.14 mod setup check my Fabric Thread in my signature (Fabric is 'the' only 1.14 modloader right now until Forge 1.14 comes about),: https://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding-java-edition/minecraft-mods/mods-discussion/2938388-fabric-1-14-mod-loader-mod-discussion-section

    Even though only a very few things around Shaders exist for it so it's best to ask the Fabric team on their Discord since I don't know much about it other than something like Canvas Renderer and some requirements for it I think. Again don't know much about it.

    Fabric Team Discord:


    1.13.2 Forge is fine but in public beta and Optifine doesn't work with it yet but does with Rift which I also have a thread on in this here 'Mod Discussion' section of the Forums as well as in my signature but not likely any Shader support for it.

    1.12.2 and 1.7.10 are common for mods, shaders and so on but the support is lacking for obvious reasons in 1.7.10 towards devs more so than players. TheMasterCaver already gave you the correct links though for what you'll need for those.

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    We already have the book and quill for this, but if you meant to find some in loot tables of structures I'd think that would be interesting, but it could be seen as similar to the map finding in treasure chests I guess to guide you to the next one compared to just maybe a 'this explorer went far and wide but failed and here lies there remains after struggling to find the treasure' or something.

    Also signs besides the book and quill are good for to-do lists or mentioning things to players. Also book and quills don't have security (if they do by commands maybe) so any player can read them really.

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    posted a message on Singleplayer is getting boring

    It depends on what you like to do, that makes the game fun with or without friends, with or without mods/datapacks, adventure maps, puzzles, droppers and so on. I do get bored of the game in singleplayer and am over saturated with it even after the hype/popularity was for it during 2015/2016 and those now coming back to it in 2019 I was and am still playing it every so often for things to do like testing mods, now getting a feel for survival again after dropping it in 1.12.2 for a fair bit as I had no clue what to do. My signature is clear what I'm doing now for 1.13/1.14 with mods to keep me going with the game while doing other things like modpacks and puzzle maps that I've never made before, but I know not all can relate to that depending on the player/creator they are. XD

    If your up for a co-op on Discord I'm ok with that I guess. But I don't have a server, it would have to be a direct connect or something.

    Otherwise, if you want a forum thread to look for those that also want others to play with them there is a thread literally for that. I just have to find it. Ah here it is, "also in the same Thread section too as this one of survival mode"... Ok then... https://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/minecraft-java-edition/survival-mode/2485318-need-a-friend-to-play-minecraft-with-click-here

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    posted a message on Aether 2 vs Aether legacy

    Aether 2 is a continuation of the Aether with new content and a new approach to dungeons, Aether Legacy is Aether 1, in a nutshell. If you liked the way the Aether was but for modern versions of the game use Aether Legacy. If you want the new approach to the Aether or new content than use Aether 2. I could go 'deeper' but I think that says enough if your familiar with the mod's differences at least.

    I'd check out their mod pages so you can see the differences rather than me stating what they have when the mod pages give a good enough idea of what your getting into with either mod or you could try out both in 2 instances and see which you like better. I haven't used Aether 2 before but I know of it briefly from videos and what the mod page states. While Aether Legacy I am more familiar with in certain areas but not completely.

    I'm not going to state which is better if it's up to you, since I don't know if you want the new content or challenge, or the old school approach I can't really say for sure, both are good for different reasons.

    Aether 2


    Aether Legacy


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