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    In terms of profiles though, you do this: look at the images for reference (once they are uploaded to this post), but for this example I'll be using the Vanilla/Standard Launcher, you go to 'Launch Options' tab.

    Create a profile (Add Profile button), select a Minecraft version (from the list), if you have Forge setup select the Forge version, Forge versions are at the bottom of the version lists usually, right below Version 1.0 of Minecraft Vanilla.

    Select the 1.8 or 1.12.2, depending on what you want to do first. (I'll say 1.8 for this example to follow the images)

    Create a new profile for your other version, do the same steps but for that other version. (I'll say 1.12.2 for this example).

    Then your done, just switch between the versions in the profile list on your main Minecraft Menu of the Launcher you want and your good to go.

    If your using another Launcher like MultiMC or Twitch though that can differ.

    I feel like I should do a video on this now.

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    posted a message on Has anyone else here never spawned in a roofed forest biome?

    Hmm... I spawn in them fairly often (1.10 to 1.12.2 more so all the time besides Plains), only once in 1.14 I spawned near a Ice Spikes biome which I hadn't in years, and during a 1.12.2 world spawn during a video I was doing I got a Mesa Biome. But just recently I got a Roofed Forest Biome in 1.13 for something else in maybe a recent change from the mostly Plains biomes. I get the common biomes mostly more than the rare ones. Plains, Roofed Forest (usually neighbouring a Plains of course), Beaches (hate when I see sand and its not a Desert).

    For me the last time I got Ice Spikes compared to my 1.14 instance was I think 1.7.10 a long while a go. Other than that from not specifying world seeds all the time that I leave it blank in the box. I get common 90% of the time I think/feel and otherwise its a 0.5% chance I get the other biomes, maybe even less. But that's just speculation as I don't always keep track of the biomes I spawn in due to commonly seeing Plains or Roofed Forests. But I never find a Roofed Forest with the Woodland Mansion obviously so it isn't great sometimes if I wanted a reason to have a Roofed Forest besides the Mushrooms.

    The 1.13.2 seed I got recently that I remember is this:


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    I dislike creepers but I just /mobgriefing false them since I always enable cheats for emergencies or mobgriefing/keepinventory commands typically, or if I didn't know commands or didn't feel like it; I'd use datapacks or mods to remove their explosions rather than go to peaceful because I don't hate them that much just their explosion attacks more than their existence of popping up to attack me.

    Also why would you want pigs becoming optional? I can see reason in why pigs could be optional even yes for your original reasoning being the drop rates which yes does bug me at times. Yes they are useless for riding but were sort of anyways even with the carrot on a stick being added and with horse a carrot on a stick could more so be a joke reward or last resort if you can't get horses for whatever reason I guess, but pork is still a good option for food to me and the access to pigs for me isn't too bad, the amount of times I never get chickens for feathers sometimes bugs me, sheep for wool sometimes, and cows for leather, but pigs if I see them I need pork so they feel like the lucky food option for me but others I can see why someone would want them optional. It depends, if I'm sick of wheat but can't find the other crops, especially cocoa beans more rarely, pork is sort of my go to food besides bread, and I barely add food mods and stick with these foods often, but that's just me of course.

    I'd like the idea of customable elements to the game but whether they will make it fully accessible for certain ones in the game compared to how they did with terrain, ores, biomes and so on with the prior world options stuff which I loved but not customised much else, I find more interesting and accessible rather than the buffet or biome 5x5 to whatever changes. I'm not informed about them as much yet so excuse me for not knowing about them as much. But with the changes it gives me a reason to jump back to prior versions to customise those things besides other mod choices like I usually do for prior versions more so.

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    posted a message on Is Forge necessary to download mods on 1.13.2?

    Forge is not available for 1.13 or 1.13.2, Liteloader isn't even. Rift is. Datapacks are.

    Rift is the modloader you can use to get mods supporting 1.13.0 or 1.13.2 if you CHOOSE to use it of course, I might support it but I'm not forcing it on to people.

    I know about Rift since I document everything to do with Rift for 1.13.0 and 1.13.2 in the Rift Discussion Section, I'm not the creator so its not like the Liteloader thread, but I am someone that wanted to help clear up any questions like these for those that are curious if mods for 1.13 are legit or if Forge 1.13 is out.

    I put a lot of effort into that centralised thread to clear up curiosities and unsafe mod searching and help players out with how to install Rift with Vanilla, MultiMC5 or Twitch Launchers, what mods Rift supports, Rift mods & Datapack conflicts more recently I added besides a 1.13.2 list over a 1.13.0 mod list. Only getting mods from Curseforge or Github (github only for mods by those creators and more so well known mods like with Aether Legacy Rift Edition so far, I've even confirmed with the creator/maintainer of the mod so I know its legit) and documenting the ones I know state they require Rift and use Rift either by the name of the mod tagging Rift or mods that state they do in fact require Rift for a 1.13 or 1.13.2 modded environment.

    For proof obviously a link to that thread is here:


    I do want help with this thread but I do what I can, I shout out where sources not on Curseforge like Youtubers if I find mods from them, like I did for Aether Legacy Rift Edition by finding out from one of the other youtubers that does videos on Rift mods but not exactly like mine which is fine. I wouldn't have know it was supported if I hadn't looked and seen that video.

    Forge isn't out for 1.13 yet, anyone telling you so is lying and the dodgey sites are included in those lying site sources. Datapacks are legit or else Mojang wouldn't support them, but I see them as 'Vanilla halfway method to mods' more so than mods in the typical sense with a Modloader like Forge or Rift and setting them up sort of typical way, but typical 1.13 supported mods use Rift modloader in short.

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    posted a message on Is this Forge Download Site Legitimate?

    The only form of modding closest to Forge for 1.13 is Rift Modloader (which is a placeholder modloader until Forge for 1.13 in my eyes, I have used it many times and know a lot about it learning what works, what is new, whats a Rift ported mod and I know many mods are supporting over time like how mods support Liteloader besides Forge, so I know its legit mod files or a legit modloader or else I wouldn't be stating it, but there is no legit Forge for 1.13 yet to the public for players to download. If there were people would know about it and Twitch would support it, which since it doesn't exist as of yet, its not a thing and only is for dodgey sites to state false things).

    I am also documenting Rift mods I know are supported by Rift that appear on the Curseforge site only so I know what is legit or not, I update this thread often on these Forums so I stay with the Curse sites for safety and legit sources of mod files and the Rift modloader files and know I'm giving good information to players that is safe on the same sites and are monitored very well so I can't hopefully get the information wrong. The only other time I would state if a mod isn't on Curse is github (like with Aether Legacy Rift Edition or Rift releases not on Curse for reasons I want to know), but I put 90% of the mods listed that are 1.13 Rift Modloader supported towards Curse only. My proof of my thread and what Rift is about.


    And the closest to content other than Rift mods is Datapacks. So only 1.13 Rift mods and Datapacks are the only community content of note to me that act like mods. And I've used many and their monitored and safe on Curse Sites, so you know its ok to use them unlike say Planet Minecraft (for datapacks) that the downloads aren't always great or redirecting to unsafe places so I try to avoid that source as much as possible and stick with Curseforge or other Curse sites instead. :)

    The legal site for Rift is Curseforge, which Curseforge is obviously a safe website source like the other Curse sites like the Forums here :). But otherwise yes, Forge's major website is those listed above and the others are dodgey.

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    posted a message on Mod pack suggestions?

    Just to note I don't play many modpacks pre-made or use many of the same big mods anymore since I usually make my own for singleplayer or experiment with mods in any environment; but I wanted to help out so I hope my choices aren't too bad but my knowledge of modpacks is pretty average compared to mods big or small or quality of life so I hope my choices are ok. Just for clarity sake you know. :)

    Background thinking for pack choosing, skip if you want really: Basically, what Minecraft version, should I consider low PC specs just encase, considering a few on and offs of adventure over building or a mix of the two if possible to find one made that does that compared to what people themselves would make to suit them. All the decision making logic you know.

    It depends really, base building and adventure seems like a good way to go, I'd like to ask what version of the game you'd like to go for 1.7.10, 1.12.2, just so were clear on what modpacks or mods to consider for making a decision here, but I'll do 1.12.2 anyways since its more safer bet I feel. And would you prefer a strong vanilla like feel with mods or more higher content adventure or RPG like mods? Since base building isn't too bad with certain mods, but adventure or RPG ones get big, and hectic but dimension mods that are just one dimension aren't too bad or mods with structures? I make a lot more of my own custom modpacks than playing pre-made modpacks just because I usually know what mods I want, but I think if its pre-made modpacks you want there are a fair few on Minecraft.curseforge that would fit the modpacks with a Vanilla feel but add assistances (recipe viewer, gravestone and otherwise sort of considerations here I mean) and you could add your own mods or have mods that fit what your looking for as options if you chose to. I'm also considering small scale since I don't know your PC specs and also I find small ones work usually for me to dip my toes into something I'd usually experiment with because of the type of modded player I am.

    Evaluation of what I found by searching for a few minutes: I'd recommend you look at the mod lists of those packs first just encase, and if the mods are familiar or they sound like they might be what your looking for if you don't know the mods. :)

    From poking around on Curse I found a few 'start you out but add your own' modpacks (just what I thought I'd call it for understanding reasons), and a few more on building and some exploration, I tried to avoid tech mods since they plague the modpack scene, I might love them but they are everywhere. I looked into mostly 1.12.2 since a common version everyone is playing on and its updated to latest mod versions seemed like a smart idea.

    I avoided quest based since many get really big on mods and also many focus too deep on the little things and I myself if I wanted to start out while quests are good (either quest based or a mod that adds quests that are adventure focused not meaning quest creating mods) it can get a bit tough at times, so I went with more Adventure or Base Design or both so you can make your own minds on what you want to do rather than following a strict path but that's just what I thought would work at least if I were starting out at least, if someone else comments and has better options than mine, I'd be ok with that since I'm no expert here.

    For a 'start you out and add your own' I went with: 'Vanilla Forge' adds common mods like JEI for recipe viewing, JourneyMap for being a good minimap mod, mouse tweaks for ease of crafting, and every other mod is sort of just nice for server stuff but I myself never use them, but there, there the FTB mods really. Its small scaled, add your own mods to the mods folder and your good to go.


    For building mods as in blocks and items and a few that add building tools I have: Creative building Pack, adds many of the common building content mods really.


    For a more adventure focused but with some other aspects I picked: Hexxit Adventure Reloaded, while yes the Hexxit 1.5.2 modpack updated to 1.12.2 its not bad


    For one dimension and more a pack I'd used if I were starting out and wanting something small: Aether Legacy Plus, adds the Aether, JEI and other small stuff, really as good as the Vanilla Forge I'd say for a small scale but is pretty good for Vanilla but a little something else.


    For biomes, Vanilla styled dungeons I got: Cobalt Extended Vanilla 4


    For otherwise when it comes to not losing stuff I'd say anything that has the gravestone mod or a 'gravestone like' mod which most do, or just use the keepInventory command when cheats are enabled 'gamerule keepInventory true' or 'gamerule mobGriefing false' I use it instead of gravestone like mods since I hate going back to where I came from to get my stuff once I get hurt or mobs bugging me with Creeper explosions, Enderman stealing blocks and Zombies breaking doors so on. But I use commands and mods like its nothing so I can't speak for everyone I know.

    I got to say for looking at modpacks there are a few good out there, but most can get pretty big and while I don't play many of the mods in these or those packs its tough to find one to suit biomes, building or dungeons just right so you know its fitting for people's PCs, has a good amount of each and isn't too 'out there' (awkward to fit but not be too over crowding on one area, like too much building or too much adventure). Probably why I'm so used to making my own, a few to experience some building, some ores if necessary, some adventure, some tech and some in the niche community of modding, but that's just me of course. I hope these helped, if you want mod recommendations to add to the 'start you out and add your own' packs I could let you know, but most common recipe viewers, and otherwise are in most modpacks and for building or adventure while I'm not into anymore like I used to, many aren't too bad to jump into. Anyways, good luck and I hope the adventures are well worth it.

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    posted a message on Is Minecraft's modding community dying?

    Sometimes yes, sometimes no. I started in 1.4.5 and knew nothing about modding until really 1.6.2 to be honest. And hearing the modding communities of 1.2.5 to 1.4.7/1.5.2 was awesome to me, it was amazing the amount of things to do and see from players. Until I play those mods myself. The scene is here and there now since either the same are being continued and not much exploring new mods or other people's interests/choices have changed which isn't a bad, thing, its just slightly sad.

    In a believeable sense though, either the modding api, JSON changes, power apis (MJ/RF, FE, Tesla) and more have changed or arisen so its been going many ways, the way authors go about things just to get their recipes/items in the game has changed a lot. Spotlighting either is or isn't really as exciting to see features (depending on the mod) or its just getting stale depending on the modding areas you look into.

    But mods like Adventure Craft especially for that Legend of Zelda 'thing', or fantasy mods, game based on mods, sci-fi mods and RPG mods are here and there but either not being shown as often or just not here and more. RPG mods are still, and Custom NPCs, modpack making mods for questlines and otherwise are a thing.

    But the impact of hey this new mod or this new feature or just ideas to come up with might or might not be a feeling still there for some players/modders I guess? The time authors have. The big ones are good but I have used them to death and have less skill, understanding of things or ideas compared to most big youtubers or people in the community itself so I rarely get any good ideas for contraptions going I can make for hours or feel like adventuring anymore personally.

    I look for niche mods, and mainstream just to find something to do in the game nowadays because I don't know much else to do and I have not many ideas for mods. Tech, RPG or NPC quest Modpacks I never end up releasing. The 1.7.10+ continuation of new mods is nice but a bit much due to people moving on and 1.7.10 being sort of useless to make for besides happy people around it like it was with other versions, especially 1.6.4 to 1.7.10 jump which I at one point didn't want to do but got used to it and now play on any version I find good enough mods to play with.

    I created a youtube channel for niche mods with lightning power tech api/adventure ideas (Lightning Craft) quality of life or similarities to other big mods that don't have certain features with WAILA like ideas, storage like bibliocraft but somewhat different approaches, and yes a lot of what seem like clones I know, but small things are appearing, just not really anymore due to lack of any new ideas besides clones, similarities or the closest to a new idea.

    I do though have less spotlight watching or even Minecraft 'experience' feelings though anymore. As in watching people build, play survival and adventure maps I have seen enough of. But modding is good and bad depending on each person's experience. I got really into mod survivals around 1.6.4, didn't care for 1.7.10's changes, then moved to it for a while, then just went anywhere on curse for niche mods like Neotech, TSON Craft, Planttech, LightningCraft, Lord Craft, Omega Craft, WIT, TUMAT and more around the 1.8-1.9 modding period.

    And from 1.10.2+ I have sort of stuck with the authors I supported for a while like the Lord/TSON/Omega Craft author, and Giant Tools here and there as well as a few others. But my love for modding has died with mainstream mods due to looking for more ideas and creativity more or just author's time. But don't think I have the mainstream 'this' sucks theory as I do play them alongside my niche mods or even go back to 1.2.5-1.5.2 at times for more ideas or mods I never fully played through due to not sure what ideas I'd come up with/ever started in the first place. Just that finding something to do with them I have less I can do with them due to my ideas/skill and understanding of certain concepts more so than the mods being bad. So its myself not using things I don't understand completely being the issue rather than the mod itself. Modding is a mixed bag for me personally.

    As a 1.4.5 a little bit, 1.6.4-1.10.2 mainstream mod player I find that either forge/modding has been either good, bad, messy or changing for either way for us to do with vanilla updates being ideas to expand off of like advancements, recipe book for 1.12 (TechReborn has used this for its auto crafting table), old mod ideas brought back like Lost Thaumaturgy as a Thaumcraft 2 semi-bring back, Project E, IC2 Classic, Build Craft, Teckle as a Redpower sorting system type, Xycraft continued as Project X 2 still around here and there. But it depends on if the mainstream betters were still around. Factorization, Redpower/Project Red/Blue Power, Ars Magicka, Witchery, and many others are gone, continued by other modders or just who knows what the case of them are. Certain ones I know of like the continuations I mentioned and I know many more, but they are more so similarity mods, clones or just only like 1/4 to 1/16 the actual mod. Like teckle for example being the sorting and other useful blocks from redpower, no world gen, no tools, no other great features. I know its a lot of work, or that aspect was good to many people but what alternatives for say a gem tool mod or otherwise world gen and power system are preferred instead or not at all. Depends on the player or creator really. Who knows. Just observation, nothing more. I know really nothing about the mod community besides say 1.7.10+ so I can only say what I think more so than what I should know.

    So 1.2.5-1.7.10 mods being the highlights of many good mods whether tech, RPG/adventure, TNT mods (not a fan of TNT mods), recipes, enchantments, potions, food, farming, minimaps, mod pack making, and much more are good, but its sort of reached its point for either ideas, creativity, or just other things we can think of creating/playing next.

    I'm not saying its a true fact, just an observation, I don't disagree that a comment like anything I have said is fact as I'm just saying what I know or see, not that it is completely true.

    But the desire to play the game or other things to do with the game is more so that tough part. If it gets 10 years I will say its done well, but even for 7 its sort of done well as it has.

    There is a lot of things to do with the game to go back to your favourite time of modding, or use similarities/the real original mods, but the code changes and the creator's care for the mods is a different story. There are many reasons, more so than what I'm saying that is all observation not fact going on in this community.

    If said a lot of nonsense I'm not surprised. :)

    Also making their own games I see is more so beneficial than most do for fan projects or other means.

    Also meme or useless mods I do agree are pointless, I hate them a lot. Those, some game based on mods and TNT mods. Terrible mods that do nothing but fill in people with nothing better to do or stupid minds.

    Something more interesting to be like extra DLC content for hours is way more worth it to me and obviously a lot more people in this community, logically, creatively or length.

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    posted a message on Factorization 0.8.108

    Well I'm making a series (recorded only, not uploaded at the moment, I plan to soon) about the additions of mod features in terms of items/blocks and more, not the technical changes. And I dug a bit and found many, and I mean many 1.2.5-1.7.10 versions if people are interested about factorization's past, besides that the 1.8.9 on the first page of this thread (its in a spoiler somewhere). Its not much, I mention the details in the last line of my comment.

    I'm sad this mod is dying/dead. I see it and go, this is cool, but it disappears the next or is not that well respected for a mod that was just as good as the other mainstream mods out there. I forgot about it after 1.7.2. But when making my history of mods series to highlight the start and newest of mods through MC mod versions where I found out many items/blocks and more.

    I have a new mod shown each episode. I'm not trying to promote, just saying what I'm doing to highlight mods that matter to people mainstream or not. I'm a less known mods player now and mod spotlighting less known mods for creators that need attention, so old or new projects I'd love to save. I two have mods dropped in 1.7.10 that I'd love to see continued, so I get why you all are wanting it to be alive still. Factorization's episode is about ep19. So, it will be a while.

    But here is the older versions if anyone is curious:


    I hope this mod goes back up. At least its on 1.7.10, that is a good thing, since 1.7.10 has lots of modders still on it. Many mods have still stopped, been ported or many other reasons. But hopefully the community that remembers it continues to, or someone picks up the mod. I hope. I loved the 1.4.7 version in tekkit, and wanted to play more of it but just never had the time or forgot, now I want to try it again in 1.7.10 or lower and see what I can do with it. Also the 1.8.9 is like 1.7.10 but stripped away since it was probably a WIP still.

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