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    Try the Fabric Discord https://discord.gg/v6v4pMv and post a request in the "mod requests" channel, it might be considered. If you want to do Fabric modding yourself try these tutorials:



    YouTube videos (few on it but from a few devs I know):



    Fabric doesn't have too many sources for modding tutorials other then the videos I've found and the documentation on their website which does get updated often I'd say. It's not like Forge which has been around for a longer time and has 100s of tutorials.

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    posted a message on Help with this crash report, I don't know what the problem is.

    As it's a modpack the only question I can think of is about your memory (can you run the pack?), otherwise I assume your running it through Twitch and it works with the versions of the mods/latest or recommended Forge bunched with the pack.

    Otherwise I'm assuming no additional mods or tweaks were made as that can break the pack.

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    Expanding a Desert Temple like my first base with proper creative input to it (compared to small ones for just chest storage like all the ones I make now XD), and playing the game to get many resources, building a custom village with stores for no reason other than to build instead of mod progression.

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    Welcome to the 1.14 Fabric Forum Thread (a wiki with daily info and Fabric & Forge mod posts) A place for Fabric information, but has still mod posts for both Fabric & Forge.

    Redesign/Shortening Completed with spoilers, colour-coding and improving what the content section says.


    Fabric 1.15 Thread:


    A List Of 'Almost' All Mods For Fabric: (list many mods, libraries, APIs and more, compare to my own listings if you want with listings here)


    Other (Fabric Discord, player help/support, mod requests, anything Fabric related):


    Minecraft Gamepedia Wiki Entry For Fabric (moved to FTB Wiki so this doesn't exist anymore)


    FTB Gamepedia Wiki Entry For Fabric


    FTB Forum Thread for Fabric:


    Modloader support across Curse for Liteloader, Rift & Fabric and "Not only for Forge":



    1.Fabric Good To Know Info

    1.5.Modpack Links

    2.Download for Fabric Modloader (NOT FABRIC API)/Install Instructions

    3.Fabric Modloader 1.14 Install Tutorials (Completed)

    3.5.Fabric Modloader 18w50a Install Tutorial Video & Getting Started Guide.

    4.Archived Mods (more to do with my Youtube stuff but still relevant I guess, swapped out for Datapack Loader Mod Unrecognised Datapacks spot that wasn't being used)

    5.Mod Listings/Mod Links/Mod List Stating All Fabric Mods (1.14 Release and 1.14 Pre-Rel & Snapshot are going to be different lists)

    6.Recognisable Mods Ported To Fabric & New Mods Only Available With Fabric

    7.Github Mod Links (for those looking for mods not on Curseforge like my usual recommended downloads of Fabric mods)

    8.Library Mods To Keep Track Of Either For Mod Requirements Or Developer Use

    9.April Fools Content (Links, Videos, References, Etc.)

    1.Good To Know Info

    Fabric Good To Know Info:

    Fabric is a 1.14 Release/Snapshot Mod Loader (it's lightweight like Rift & Liteloader), so use it and the 1.14 snapshots at your own risk, like Rift for 1.13/1.13.2, Forge 1.13.2 Betas, this modloader uses .mixin, similar to Rift & Liteloader.

    The things to know about the Fabric Installer (NOT FABRIC API) is:

    -It supports the Vanilla & MultiMC5 Launcher, it was limited to only support MultiMC around 18w50a or so at first.

    For Clarification - Fabric Installer and Fabric API are not the same thing:

    -Fabric Installer is what you use for your Vanilla/MultiMC5 Modded Profile/Instance Installations,

    -Fabric API is a core/library/API mods need,

    -so put Fabric API in the mods folder

    -and use Fabric Installer for Minecraft Instances.

    Uploaded Mods That I Post Updates Of From Here:


    minecraft.curseforge.com is the safest/only place to get Fabric mods just like with Rift mods for 1.13/1.13.2 before it, anywhere else isn't legit as far as I know.

    1.14 Snapshot mods questioning of safety?

    Rift had a 1.13 snapshot modding process and it seemed ok, and Fabric devs are taking it carefully to work with snapshot releases when they come out and adapting to what they can (allowing devs to get ready for releases early instead of waiting for completed tools). This makes mods more accessible to players and better for developers.

    Yes they are snapshots though so use them at your own risk, that includes the mods.
    From my testing on about 80% of the mods out for Fabric, I have not often crashed, I have with mods/snapshot reasons about 3-5 times so far, not much from only testing mods so far really, its more been mods incompatible with snapshots or just things that needed quick fixes. But once fixed they really work wonders and you rarely have issues again with them.

    Either way, use 1.14 'snapshot' mods at your own risk.


    Modpacks in this list (version specified below with downloads) [Note: many of these are developer modpacks, some like Fabric Softener and Tanned Fabric are made by third parties/the community]:

    -All of Fabric

    -All of Fabric/Strawberry

    -Arcane Magic


    -Fabric Softener

    -Fabric Ultimate



    -Tanned Fabric 1.14 (Will appear soon)

    -Tanned Fabric 1.14.3 Preview

    -Tanned Fabric 1.14.4 Edition (WIP)

    Latest Release For Client & Server with Install Instructions as well as a Full Modlist:


    All of Fabric Changelogs and All Releases:


    Visual Install tutorial if you want to know how to setup the All of Fabric Modpack for MultiMC:

    Arcane Magic Modpack (1.14 era), no server support anymore.


    Bad Mod Server (1.14/1.14.1 era) no server support anymore


    Fabric Ultimate (1.14/1.14.1 era)


    Strawberry (1.14.3) released 3 hours ago as of typing this + Optifine easy starting ones


    Fabric Softener (1.14 snapshot/1.14 era)

    Beta 2


    Beta 1


    Tanned Fabric [my modpack/SuntannedDuck's modpack] (1.14) WIP


    Tanned Fabric 1.14.4 edition coming soon


    All of Fabric/Strawberry:





    2.Fabric Modpack/MCUpdater Support Info Link, Fabric Wiki, Fabric Modloader Install Instructions/Download, Visual Studio Code With Fabric (for mod devs):

    (NOT FABRIC API on minecraft.curseforge.com, that goes in the mods folder after the Fabric Modloader setup, a link to the Fabric API source is in the "Important Links section")

    Fabric Modpacks/MCUpdater Support Info:


    Fabric Wiki stating Install Instructions For Fabric Modloader (NOT FABRIC API) Link:


    Fabric Modloader Instance Download Link On Fabric Wiki Link:


    Wiki Welcome Page:


    Fabric Announcement for more information I guess?:


    Setting up Visual Studio Code with Fabric (for mod developers, not players):


    3.Fabric 1.14 Release Install Tutorials (Completed)

    Vanilla Fabric 1.14 Release Install Tutorial

    MultiMC Fabric 1.14 Release Install Tutorial

    1.14.3 MultiMC Fabric Button Install Tutorial:

    No Twitch Unofficial this time, I got it working 'somewhat' in the snapshot (same method works for releases anyways, if your after a tutorial though go to the snapshot install tutorials below) but it's a proof of concept still and isn't recommended, so only the recommended (Vanilla and MultiMC) will be here. I might change my mind though.


    3.5.Fabric 1.14 Snapshot Install Tutorials and the Getting Started MCForum Thread:

    MultiMC Install Tutorials (The original way before Vanilla Launcher which is why they are first):

    Fabric MultiMC Modloader 18w50a Install Tutorial By SuntannedDuck2/Niche Duck:

    Fabric MultiMC Modloader 18w50a Install Tutorial by ScottoMotto:

    SuntannedDuck2/Niche Duck Vanilla Fabric 18w50a, Fabric Install Tutorial:

    SuntannedDuck2/Niche Duck Unofficial Twitch Fabric Install Tutorial (similar install to Rift but a slight bit different):

    Fabric Getting Starting Guide:


    4.Archived/Removed Mods (swapping due to "Datapack Loader Mod Unrecognised Datapacks" not being a used spot)

    A spoiler for those mods that don't have a download link anymore rather than a spoiler for mods not updated anymore.

    1.Ender Compass (Stronghold Compass for Forge 1.12.2 and 1.14.4 are a recent continuation/replacement)

    2.Colored Inner Wool (Bedrock edition feature...)

    3.Hunger Remover (1.12.2 or 1.14.4 Forge hunger removal mods)

    4.Sound Reloader

    5.Woodmill (Corail Woodmill 1.14.4 Forge alternative)

    5.Word Ping

    5.Important Links: (Fabric API [core mods use, not all mods use Fabric API, but many do], Mod Menu mod [what mods are loaded], and a link to minecraft.curseforge.com for mod downloads:

    Fabric API, the core/library/API all mods need, Fabric API and Fabric Modloader aren't that same thing. You put Fabric API in the mods folder, you use Fabric Modloader to setup up the mod instance you will use for 1.14 snapshots and Fabric together:


    Mod Menu is a mod list mod like Rift Mod List or the Mod Options Button you get with Forge only as a separate mod. Don't forgot to put Mod Menu in the Mods folder of your Fabric instance:


    Fabric Compatible 1.14 Snapshot mods:


    Fabric Dependency Mod Filtering (Mods that state they require Fabric when filtering, even though all mods require Fabric for 1.14 Snapshots anyways right now, but just encase for those that would never mention Fabric like say Custom Skin Loader for example that doesn't use Rift for 1.13-1.13.2 environments):


    1.14 Release Mod Spotlights/Overviews:

    Where you can view all the videos from snapshot/release:


    Has been shortened to allow for freeing up of characters for mod lists.

    1.14 Snapshot & Pre-Release Mod Spotlights/Overviews:

    18w50a to Pre-Release 5 era. You can view all snapshot/pre-release and release videos in this playlist.


    18w50a Videos:

    1.Datapack Loader (Load Datapacks Globally!)

    2.Gamemode Numbers (0, 1, 2 & 3, as well as S, C, A & SP gamemode commands)

    3.Better Together (for 1.13.2 with Rift and 1.14 with Fabric) (Old creative menu, clearly doesn't work with the 'Modded Items' mod that adds a "Fabric Mod Items/Blocks" like tab).

    4.Material Tooltip (When hovering over a block/item it will tell you what you can put it into for recipes. Like nether warts or Redstone into a Brewing Stand, Pork or Beef into a Furnace or a Smoker (yes 1.14's new blocks are acknowledged)).

    5.CraftingPad (Portable Crafting Table/Pad)

    6.Stone Chests (Fabric Port)

    7.Dwarf Coal (I missed out stating the less light given by the Dwarf Torches sadly, oops)

    8.Clotheslines (back when I did my 1.12.2 mod overview, but it seems to be a port of that for Fabric, so due to it being what seems like a direct port, here is my mod overview in my 1.12.2 environment but still covering the same features and expectations of the 1.14 Fabric version, yes I checked the 1.14 Fabric version and its identical. Proof with images of the 1.14 world I am testing it in right now)


    10.Simple Crafting Frame:

    11.Carved Melons:

    12.Loading Spice:

    13.Simple Void World:

    14.Dark Elevators:



    16.While We Wait:


    17.FabriBlocks 1.0.1:


    18.FabriBlocks 1.0.2 Follow Up



    19w05a (WIP listing of eras from this point, for now)

    20.Bounding Box Outline Reloaded (Rift 1.13.2 covered in video but all 1.0.4 for Vanilla 1.13-1.13.2, 1.13.2 Rift & Fabric 19w05a should be similar besides being ports)

    21.Blockus 1.0.2 to 1.0.5 Updates Follow Up



    24.RetroExchange 1.12.2/1.14

    25.Light Overlay

    26.Blockus 1.0.6 Mod/Update Follow Up


    28.Vanilla Toolsets


    30.Word Ping

    31.Edibles/Epicurean Gastronomy


    Blockus 1.1.0/1.1.1 for 19w06a


    32.Enable Cheats


    34.SimpleZoom (Fabric)

    35.Bamboo Ladders/Ladder API Config

    36.Coal Nugget


    37.Farlands (better video on mod page)

    38.DeathMaps (1.13 Rift version covered in the video, but the content is still relevant for 1.12.2 Forge & 1.14 Fabric 19w08b versions of the '1.0.0 version' of the mod that it is for all versions)

    39.Draylar's Battle Towers (for 19w08a)

    40.Fabric Pokeballs

    41.ShulkerBoxTooltip 'Fabric' not 1.12.2 mod


    42.Roughly Enough Items 19w09a

    Removed due to quality of standards I wasn't happy with, check for a later one down below though. Or the curseforge site of this mod to see it.

    43.Blockus 1.1.2 to 1.1.4 in 19w09a Follow Up

    44.Amethyst Mod (Fabric)

    45.Lil Tater

    46.Legacy Combat

    47.ASH - Another Simple HUD

    48.(REDO) Roughly Enough Items Mod Overview

    49.Trophy Slots for 19w09a/1.14

    50.EasyExcavate for 19w09a (this is the version before the configs were added)

    51.ASH - Another Simple HUD 1.1.0 Follow Up with configs of HUD display on and off/colour changes to the text

    52.Classy Creepers for 19w09a, 1.8.9 original version of the mod is in the description


    53.Vanilla Hammers 19w11b

    54.Supercharge (Fabric) 19w11b

    55.More Berries 19w11b

    56.RGB Blocks 19w11b

    57.Torcherino 19w11b

    19w12b (snapshots will jump back and forth due to what I uploaded from a while ago or went back to do a video on)

    58.Cursed Chests 1.1.5 for 19w12b/19w13a

    (Roughly Enough Items April Fools Joke for 19w13b


    Tech Reborn X April Fools Joke for 19w13b in-between these)

    59.Slash Ender Chest

    60.I Am Very Smart Mod

    61.Target Dummy for 19w08b

    62.Arcane Magic Beta 1 Part 1 for 19w11b

    63.Arcane Magic Beta 1 Part 2 for 19w11b

    64.Arcane Magic Beta 1 Part 3 for 19w11b

    65.Beach Slimes

    66.The Biome Overhaul 19w13b/19w14a

    (later ones below are different to the playlist order but are still valid)

    67.Dumpster 19w06a

    68.Rock Candy 19w07a

    69.Fabric Magnet 19w07a

    70.Player Graves 19w07a

    71.More Layers 19w07a

    72.Sodden 19w11b

    73.Fabric Furnaces 19w12b

    74.Remove Block Outlines 19w12b

    75.Data Loader 19w14b

    76.Chunk Activator 19w14b

    77.Extra Pieces 19w14b

    78.Lead Villagers 19w14b

    79.Proletarian 19w14b

    80.Blockus 19w12b+ Update

    81.Leather Cows (Fabric) 1.14 Pre-Release 2

    82.Antique Atlas Unofficial Fork 1.14 Pre-Release 3

    83.Sonic Devices 1.14 Pre-Release 5

    84.Miner's Horizon 1.14 Pre-Release 5

    85.Durability Viewer 1.14 Pre-Release 5

    86.Death Bags 1.14 Pre-Release 5

    1.14 Release Mods BROKEN DOWN LIST (as accurate as I can, exclusives and recognisable mods included):

    If any are inaccurate, or missing, let me know so I can refine the list.


    Mod Name (Descriptions or link to github, no curseforge links will be here)

    -AbnormalLib/VampireLib (had a rename)


    -Accurate Block Placement

    -Accurate Nether Portals

    -Actually Stuff/Cart Template

    -Advanced Rotten Flesh To Leather (Blue, Orange, Red)


    -All The Creepers


    -Altcraft Tools

    -Always Drop Loot

    -Amethyst Mod



    -Animal Net

    -Antique Atlas

    -Anvil Fix




    -Arcane Magic


    -Armor Stand Utils

    -ASH - Another Simple HUD

    -Attack Sync


    -Aurora GSI Minecraft

    -Auto Config API

    -Auto Farmer


    -Auto Harvest

    -Auto JSON

    -Bad Anvil

    -Bamboo Everything (Fabric)

    -Bamboo Ladders (for Fabric and Forge)

    -Bamboo Tweaks


    -Beach Slimes


    -Bee Angry-est


    -Berry's Mod

    -Better Bamboo

    -Better Compass (Fabric)

    -Better Sleeping

    -Better Than Mending (Fabric port)

    -Better Together

    -Better Utilities

    -Better Wither Skeletons

    -Black Ether

    -Block Booster

    -Block Factory

    -Block Meter



    -BluePower/RedstonePower (Fabric) [2nd name change]

    -BiomeInfo (Fabric)

    -Bouncy Life

    -Bounding Box Outline Reloaded


    -Brighter (Gamma Bright 1.14+ port)

    -Bucket Hat


    -Cake Chomps

    -Campfire Incense

    -Canvas Renderer

    -Cardinal Components

    -Cardinal Energy [API mod]



    -Carved Melons

    -Cauldron Brewing

    -CC: Tweaked

    --CC: T for Fabric ('CC: Tweaked for Fabric' being proper support instead of snapshot support then supporting Forge)

    -Chat Timestamps

    -Chunk Activator

    -Chunk Borders



    -Clear Despawn (Fabric)

    -Clear Skies

    -Climatic World Type

    -Clippy's Tippies

    -Cloth Config API

    -Cloth Events API


    -Coal Nuggets

    -CodaTech (listed for when it does but probably even being for Pre-Rel 5 already it should work for 1.14 still)

    -Collection of Stupid Things

    -Color Unchained (or under Coloration)


    -Colored Inner Wool (a Bedrock sheep colour consistency for Fabric/Java)


    -Command Macros

    -Composable Automation

    -Compressium (Fabric)

    -Console HUD Fabric


    -CookiesPlus (Fabric)

    -Cosmetic Armor Slots

    -Cotton (Client Commands, Resources, Scripting API, Scripting API: Python 2.7)


    -Craftable Ores



    -Craft Prescene (listed when it does but doesn't as of typing this)



    -Creeper Habitats

    -Creeper Spores


    -Cursed Chests (Expanded Storage renamed to)

    -Cutscene API

    -Custom Player Model

    -Custom Records

    -Custom Skin Loader

    -Crystalline Novelties

    -Dark Elevators


    -Data Loader

    -Death Bags (Fabric)


    -Default World Type

    -Demesne (Fabric)

    -Desire Paths

    -Diagonal Panes

    -Diggus Maximus


    -Dirt To Path



    -Don't Stub Your Toe

    -Draylar's Battle Towers



    -Durability Viewer

    -Dwarf Coal (Fabric)


    -Dynamic FPS

    -Dynamic Tooling

    -Easier Chests

    -Easier Crafting

    -Easy Coords

    -Easy Excavate

    -EasyMOTD (Message of the Day)

    -Eat Book

    -Eggs Plus

    -Enchanted Tooltips

    -Emerald Tools (Fabric)

    -Enchant Popoff (Fabric)

    -Enchantment Exchanger

    -End: Rebellion

    -Ender Compass (for 1.14 versions finally instead of just 18w50a for a long time)


    -Engination (Fabric)

    -Epicurean Gastronomy


    -Everything Is A Hat

    -Experience Container

    -Extended Dispensers

    -Extra Doors

    -Extra Discs

    -Extra Pieces

    -Extra Pieces Addon

    -Extra Pressure Plates

    -Extra Ticks

    -Exotic Blocks

    -Exotic Matter 2 Library



    -Fabric API

    -Fabric Armor

    -Fabric Autoswitch

    -Fabric Craftable Enchanted Golden Apple

    -Fabric Controlling

    -Fabric Drawers

    -Fabric-Discord Link

    -Fabric Flux

    -Fabric Furnaces

    -Fabric Language Groovy

    -Fabric Language Kotlin

    -Fabric MyCraft

    -Fabric Pokeballs

    -Fabric Proxy

    -Faerie Fire

    -Fake FPS


    -Fat Experience Orbs

    -Feral Hogs



    -Finite Fluid Control

    -First Person Model

    -Fish Traps

    -Flame Retardant

    -Flashy Clothing


    -Flight Helper

    -Fluid Interactions

    -Foam Fix



    -Function API

    -Furnace XP Drop (Fabric)

    -Gamemode Overhaul

    -Game Start

    -Generators (adds blocks that work alongside Protos and Energies, not to be confused with this: https://www.npmjs.com/package/generator-fabric-mod)

    -Gift It!

    -Glassential (Fabric)

    -Glint Color

    -Golem Healer


    -Grindstone Books

    -Groundworks (Earthworks Fabric port)

    -Hard Hat Steve

    -HCMC100 (Fabric)

    -Health Overlay

    -Hentai Mod

    -Homeward Bone

    -Hunger Remover


    -I Am Very Smart

    -I Blame X

    -I Need Keybinds

    -I Want Hostile Mobs In Peaceful


    -Illuminations (Fabric)

    -Immersive Portals



    -Infinity Fix

    -Informed Load (Fabric)

    -Instant Lava


    -Inventory Pause

    -Inventory Sorting

    -Irish Wolves

    -Iron Barrels

    -Item Frame Skips

    -Item Got

    -Item Scroller

    -Item Tooltip

    -Item Unified


    -Japanese Localization Patch

    -JCD's Plastic

    -Jeff Azure's Hardstone Mod

    -JMX (JSON Model Extensions for Fabric Rendering)

    -Just Another Redstone Gate Mod

    -Just Pipes

    -Ladder API (for Bamboo Ladders)

    -LAN Deauth


    -Leaf Decay

    -LeatherCows (Fabric)

    -Lettuce Not Crash

    -Level Up HP

    -LibBlockAttributes (used for Simple Pipes)

    -LibCD (was LibConditionalData now known as LibCapableData)




    -Light Overlay

    -Lite Conversion




    -Luminiferous Uplands (an Aether Legacy-like mod)

    -Magma Opus




    -Mask Of Loki's Fabric Tweaks



    -MC Plug and Play

    -Mend Trend


    -Mpc's Backpacks


    -Metal recipe (RM Addon) Refined Machinery Addon


    -Minecraft Capes

    -Miner's Horizon

    -Mineral Collector





    -Mod Menu (Fabric)

    -Modded Tool Tips

    -ModRobot (Mod Updater for Windows last I checked, while it's not a mod technically I thought I'd count it anyways https://github.com/calloatti/modrobot)

    -Mods of the World

    -Models Unlocked

    -Modern Glass Doors



    -More Berries

    -More Enchantments [Fabric]

    -More Layers

    -Mouse Wheelie

    -Mpcs's Backpacks


    -Mumble Link (Fabric)



    -Narrator Bind

    -Nbt Crafting

    -NBT Tooltip

    -Neat For Rift/Fabric (https://github.com/gbl/NeatForRift/releases)

    -Nether Things

    -Nice To Have

    -Night Config 4 Fabric

    -NoDami (No Damage Immunity)



    -No Recipe Conflicts


    -Not Enough Wands

    -NPC Variety

    -Orderly (a Neat mod)



    -Okyanus Optimizations

    -OptiFabric (re-supported?)

    -Over Head HP

    -Over Populated


    -Painting Mod

    -Paper Doll


    -Paxels (unable to find anymore)




    -Perspective Mod Redux

    -Pet 'Em

    -Pet Rock

    -Pet Slow


    -Pink Flamingo


    -Potato Core

    -Presence Footsteps

    -Press To Walk



    -Protection Renewal


    -Pushable Block Entities

    -Quick Crops

    -Railboost (Fabric)

    -Randomly Adding Anything (Fabric)

    -Random Teleport Command

    -Real Infinity

    -Realistic Cobwebs

    -Reborn Core



    -Redstone Bits

    -Redstone Tweaks


    -Refined Machinery

    -REI Addons (part of REI now but still of note)

    -Reinforced Storage

    -ReloadAnnouncer (Fabric)

    -Remove Recipe Book

    -RGB Blocks

    -Replay Mod

    -Requiem (Disolution Fabric Port)

    -Resolution Control

    -Retro Exchange

    -Right Click Clear

    -Roughly Enough Items


    -Scary Player

    -Secrets No More

    -SekC Physics (Fabric)

    -Server Brick

    -Server Additions Util


    -Sewing Machine Utilities

    -Shulker Bag

    -Shulker Box Tooltip


    -SimpleFireworks (Fabric)


    -Simply Enchanted

    -Simple Pipes (Fabric)

    -Simple Teleporters (Fabric)

    -Simple Void World

    -SimpleZoom (Fabric)

    -Sit (Fabric)


    -Smaller FPS Increments

    -Smarter Mending

    -Smoke Extender

    -Smooth Bedrock

    -Smooth Scrolling Everywhere (Fabric and Forge)

    -Sneak Through Berries


    -Snow Accumulation


    -Soul Bound (Fabric)

    -Soul Shards Respawn

    -Soul Egg

    -Sound Reloader

    -Spatical Crafting

    -SpeechCraft (Fabric)

    -Spice of Fabric


    -Squids Drop Calamari and Other Minor Additions

    -Stack Disenchanted Books (Fabric)

    -Stackable Damage Enchants

    -Start The Music

    -Stats Keeper


    -Stone Extended

    -Stop Killing My Dog

    -Storage Cabinet (Fabric port)

    -Straighten Up


    -Supercharge (Fabric)

    -Super Ores

    -Suppress Unknown Item

    -Survival Debug Stick


    -Sweet Tooth


    -Target Dummy

    -Tech Reborn

    -Tesseract API

    -Thai Fixes

    -Tiny Config

    -therealpwnguy1's Recipe Mod

    -The Biome Overhaul

    -The Biome Overhaul Classic



    -This and That (part of Adorn now)

    -Tiger Kus


    -Tiny Fuel

    -ToroHealth Damage Indicators

    -Trap Expansion (Fabric)

    -Traverse (Fabric)

    -Tree Bark

    -True Darkness

    -Trumpet Skeleton (Fabric)

    -Toggle Crouch



    -Tool Builder

    -Tooltip Autowrap

    -Tough Glass



    -Trample Stopper (Fabric)

    -Trees Do Not Float

    -Trinkets (Fabric)

    -Tubular (was named pipes but changed, if I do have an entry of it elsewhere then this is the mod I mean and I just missed where it was posted)

    -Tumble Dryer

    -Twitch Chat Bridge

    -Tweed API


    -Uncraft Me

    -United Conveyors

    -Useful Hats




    -Vanilla Excavators

    -Vanilla Hammers

    -Vanilla Toolsets


    -Variable Paxels

    -Vertical Redstone






    -Wrench Anything

    -While We Wait

    -Wild World

    -Woodmill (Fabric)


    -Word Ping

    -WorldEdit (Fabric port)

    -Work Units: Cotton Energy API

    -Working Scheduler

    -Yet Another Backpack Mod (YABM)

    (Description about it if needed)


    -Advanced Bow System

    -Aether Legacy (Aether Legacy backup files) https://github.com/Boundarybreaker/Aether-Legacy-Rift/releases

    -Always Drop Loot

    -Antique Atlas Unofficial Fork

    -Anvil Fix

    -AppleSkin (no configs, no additions to F3 debug text, if this is possible in later Fabric versions, these descriptions will be removed :) )


    -ASH - Another Simple HUD

    -Auto Config API


    -Blayyke's Smooth Bedrock

    -Beach Slimes

    -Better Compass




    -Bounding Box Outline Reloaded

    -Cake Chomps

    -Carved Melons (Carved Melon created by shears on a melon like you can with a pumpkin, can put on your head, place on ground in 12 different directions, a Melon O' Lantern crafted by a redstone torch and Carved Melon, can act as a light source, acts as one-side redstone block meaning only the Melon's face emits a redstone signal)

    -CC: Tweaked (a partial port of the 1.80pr1.11 version also made available for 1.12.2 [which is the latest 1.12.2 as of typing this])


    -Chat Bomb

    -Chat Bubbles

    -Chest Cow

    -Chunk Activator

    -Classy Creepers (Fabric)

    -Clear Despawn (Fabric) [A Fabric port by a different creator] [Items dropped flash when they are about to despawn, by default its when 20 seconds is left before it despawns and the flashing gets faster, elements are configurable, client-side only, not server-side]


    -Cloth API (Fabric)

    -Clotheslines (Fabric)


    -Composable Automation


    -Coal Nuggets

    -Craft Nugget/Nugget Mod API

    -Crafty (You can make your own blocks and items, requires: Fabric API, & Fabric Kotlin)

    -CraftingPad (Fabric)


    -Crafty Crashes


    -Creatures Love Beacons (configs aren't available yet, will update this mention by deleting it when its possible to use configs for the Fabric versions of the mod :) )


    -CustomGamerules API

    -Custom Player Model (CPM)

    -Custom Selection Box (Rift/Fabric)

    -Custom Tooltip

    -Cutscene API

    -Dark Elevators

    -Dark Utilities (Fabric) [the Dark Utilities mod Fabric port by the same creator as the original mod]

    -Data Loader (Load Datapacks Globally FINALLY!!!!! from the .minecraft/configs folder)

    -Datapack Loader (Load datapacks globally from the .minecraft/datapacks folder in 18w50a at least)

    -Death Bags

    -Developer Mode


    -DingDong [Bell rings when you shoot it? Works directionally. You can use the bell for target practice.]

    -Draylar's Battle Towers


    -Durability Viewer (Giselbaer's)

    -Dwarf Coal (Fabric) [adds 1 time coal/charcoal pieces and a charcoal block]

    -Dwarf Torch (Fabric) [adds dwarf sized torches, they aren't very bright though, add to Dwarf Coal mod]

    -Dulce De Leche

    -Earl Gray (Entity property/trait API for Fabric Modloader)


    -Easy Excavate



    -Ender Compass

    -Engination-Fabric (conveyors, launchers, landing pads, trap door and lock and key blocks for adventure maps and lots more, its been in development for a while, but has finally come out)


    -Extra Pieces



    -Fabric API [Fabric itself basically, so can't go wrong there, this isn't the Fabric modloader that I'm referring to though] (core library for most common hooks and inter-compatibility measures required by mods using the Fabric toolchain. Recommended for those who want to build modpacks utilising Fabric)

    -Fabric Controlling (keybinds)

    -[Fabric] Crop Dispensers (yes I ignored the brackets for this naming entry on purpose, could I have put this at C, yes but eh)

    -Fabric-Discord Link

    -Fabric Furnaces

    -Fabric Language Kotlin

    -Fabric Language Scala


    -Fabric Pokeballs


    -Fast Fly Block Breaking

    -Fermion (Library)

    -Fence Jumper


    -Forgetful Villagers


    -FREX (rendering api)

    -Furnace XP Drop (drops stored XP in a furnace when broken)

    -Gamemode Numbers (Fabric) [adds gamemode numbers and gamemode letters (0, 1, 2 & 3, and with the new update s, c, a & sp)]

    -Ghost Buster



    -Handy Structures

    -Health Overlay


    -I Am Very Smart


    -Infinity Fix

    -InfraRedstone (Fabric) (a Fabric port of InfraRedstone by the same owner) (if you want the libraries you have to go here: https://github.com/elytra/InfraRedstone-Fabric/tree/master/libs)

    -Just Sleep [Changes spawn point setting behaviour of beds, mostly when sleeping in another bed say at a friends base; now you can choose to set spawn or leave the bed with buttons]

    -Knit (a library mod and not to be confused with LomLib, required for Trophy Slots 1.14 snapshot version)

    -Ladder API

    -Leather Cows

    -Lead Villagers

    -Level Up HP

    -Lib Block Attributes

    -Light Overlay

    -Loading Spice


    -Material Tooltip [Simple tooltip mod that add tooltip if item can be used in recipes, now supports brewing recipes]



    -Meta Tips

    -Mod Menu (Important alongside Fabric)

    -Modded Items

    -More Berries

    -More Layers

    -More Potions

    -Mouse Wheelie

    -Multiblock API


    -NBT Crafting

    -NBT Tooltip

    -Nifty (Fabric) (adds health displays over mobs, configurations and more features will come soon)


    -Not Enough Wands



    -Painting Mod

    -Palette (Fabric)

    -Persistent Cake [uneaten cakes to drop as their item when broken by the player so you can take them with you without breaking it and being forced to make a new one]



    -Player Graves

    -Player Plates



    -Punch Wool Off Sheep


    -Real Filing Cabinet

    -Realistic Cobwebs

    -Refinements (Fabric) [Swamp Saplings, Biome-coloured items, Skeletons with crossbows in their hands know how to use them (warning: does not currently let Skeletons spawn with Crossbows)]


    -Remove Blocks Outlines

    -Remove Recipe Book

    -Resource Melons ("Fabric exclusive gasp", anyways, 7 new melons, seeds found in dungeons, dungeon loot tables are changed so be careful of this, Resource Melons prefer to grow in the dark and require stone to place melon block [not that I've found but just encase its likely when growing so], also can result in Coal, Iron, Lapis, Gold, Redstone, Diamond or Emerald when eating the melons, smelting of melons was the original way to get the resources, but it was later changed in an update to eating the melons. Requires a pick of the right tier [stone, iron] to break the melon blocks. In version 1.1.1 you can craft melon blocks now.)


    -RGB Blocks

    -Rock Candy

    -Roughly Enough Items (A recipe viewer/cheat mode mod, Fabric needed one and now we do :] its like AEI from 1.13 meets JEI)

    -REI Addons


    -SekC Physics (Fabric) (a ragdoll physics mod prototype, current dev focus: armour layer renderer, mapping out more mobs, rotational constraints [low priority atm])

    -SewingKit (CraftTweaker for Fabric apparently)


    -Silk API (Fabric) [dependency for other mods, adds fluid container API, base classes for leaves and saplings, base classes for axe, picks and shovels, allows stripped logs with Silk.mapStrippedLog (so use this mod as a core for other mods that use it not as its own unless your a mod developer)]

    -Silky Spawners

    -Simple Crafting Frame

    -Simple Fireworks (Fabric)

    -Simple Grinder


    -Simple Pipes (Fabric)

    -Simple Teleporters

    -Simple Void World



    -Sit (allows you to sit on slabs and stairs mod)


    -Slash Ender Chest


    -Sonic Devices

    -Soul Shards Respawn


    -Spice Of Fabric

    -Stats Keeper

    -Stockpile (a barrel mod that was available for 1.13 with Rift that has since been ported to Fabric)

    -Stone Chests

    -Subnautic Redstone (Fabric) (allows players to place and use several Redstone components underwater! These Redstone components are currently supported: Redstone Dust, Redstone Torch, Lever, Wooden Buttons, Stone Button, Wooden, Stone & Weight Pressure Plates, Repeaters, Comparators)

    -Suppress Unknown Item

    -Target Dummy

    -This & That



    -The Biome Overhaul



    -Trophy Slots

    -Towelette (another waterlogging mod?)

    -Trample Stopper (stop trampling farmland, even can be set so you don't trample with feather falling)

    -Trap Expansion [Spike traps, Slippery Stone, Fans, Detector]


    -Trident Fixer

    -Tumble Dryer



    -Vanilla Hammers

    -Vanilla Toolsets

    -Variable Paxels



    -Watered Down [info taken from mod page: currently supported fluidlogging blocks: Anvil, Banners, Beds, Bell, Brewing Stand, Cactus, Daylight Sensor, Doors, Grindstone, Hopper, Lectern, Pistons, Rails, Skulls/Heads, Stonecutter. Other tweaks: Cauldrons are filled when placed in water, Wet Sand: water can be put and taken out of sand]

    -WAYLA [a WAILA like/world info mod]

    -While We Wait

    -WIT (What Is That)

    -Wool (adds Sheep focused assistance, like a 3x3 Shearer and 5x5 Wool Collector)

    -Word Ping

    6.Recognisable Mods now for Fabric (mods that have a prior version besides Fabric (appeared on prior versions like 1.12.2 or Rift for example before being ported to Fabric, the term of recognisable is being used very 'particularly' here and not just 'big mods' will be stated here) that have now been ported to Fabric:

    --Advanced Rotten Flesh To Leather (Blue, Orange, Red)

    --Aether Legacy

    --Always Drop Loot


    --Antique Atlas Unofficial Fork


    --Aquarius (if wasn't for the 1.13 Rift versions I'd count this as a new mod)

    --Aurora GSI Minecraft



    --Better Compass (this, Trap Expansion and more by this developer relate to snapshots, release relate to 1.14 Forge)


    --Block Booster


    --Bounding Box Outline Reloaded

    --Cake Chomps

    --CC: Tweaked

    --Chat Bomb

    --Chat Bubbles

    --Chest Cow

    --Classy Creepers (Fabric)

    --Clear Despawn (Fabric) [Fabric port by different creator, 1.12.2 Forge version by original creator]


    --Clotheslines (Fabric) (A Fabric port of Clotheslines, not completed fully yet)

    --Compressium (Fabric/Forge)

    --Console HUD Fabric


    --Craftable Ores


    --Creatures Love Beacons


    --Custom Records

    --Custom Selection Box (Rift/Fabric) (its now ported to Fabric)

    --Dark Utilities (Fabric) [is a port of Dark Utilities for Fabric by the original creator]

    --Death Bags (for Fabric)

    --Demesne (for Fabric)

    --Dulce De Luche


    --Durability Viewer (Giselbaer's)



    --Enchantment Exchanger

    --Ender Compass

    --Extra Bows


    --Fast Fly Block Breaking

    --Fence Jumper



    --Ghost Buster (if wasn't for Rift 1.13 versions would count this as a new mod)

    --Glassential (Fabric)


    --Hentai Mod


    --InfraRedstone (Fabric) (Fabric port by same owner)

    --Instant Lava

    --Just Sleep

    --Leather Cows

    --Level Up HP




    --Minecraft Capes

    --More Layers

    --Mumble Link (Fabric)


    --NBT Tooltip

    --Neat For Rift/Fabric

    --NoDami (No Damage Immunity)


    --Not Enough Wands


    --Painting Mod



    --Perspective Mod Redux

    --Persistent Cake

    --Pet Rock

    --Pet Slow

    --Player Plates

    --Punch Wool Off Sheep


    --Realstic Cobwebs

    --Reborn Core

    --Replay Mod


    --Rock Candy

    --Roughly Enough Items (Available for 1.13/1.13.2 Rift and now Fabric a few hours after the Rift releases)

    --Real Filing Cabinet

    --Screenshot to Clipboard (Fabric port coming soon)

    --Simple Grinder


    --Simple Teleporters

    --Simple Void World



    --Snow Accumulation

    --Soul Shards Respawn

    --Spark (can be used for Fabric, Forge, Sponge, Velocity, BungeeCord and Bukkit)

    --Stats Keeper

    --Stockpile (available for 1.13 Rift, later ported to Fabric)

    --Stone Chests

    --Storage Cabinet

    --Super Ores

    --Tech Reborn


    --Tiger Kus



    --ToroHealth Damage Indicators

    --Trample Stopper

    --Trap Expansion (Fabric)


    --Trophy Slots

    --Trumpet Skeleton (Fabric)


    --WIT (What Is That)



    --WorldEdit (1.14.3 Fabric port)

    --YABM (Yet Another Backpack Mod)

    New Mods Exclusive To Fabric ('Only available for Fabric' Mods):

    --AbnormalLib (renamed to VampireLib)

    --Actually Stuff/Cart Template

    --Advanced Bow System



    --AltCraft Tools


    --Anvil Fix



    --Armor Stand Utils

    --Artifice (for background stuff I think more so and not related to the other Artifice mod, I think)

    --ASH - Another Simple HUD

    --Attack Sync


    --Auto Config API

    --Auto Harvest


    --Bad Anvil

    --Bamboo Everything (Fabric)

    --Bamboo Tweaks


    --Beach Slimes


    --Bee Angry-est

    --Berry Mod

    --Better Bamboo

    --Better Compass (Fabric)

    --Better Than Mending

    --Better Utilities

    --Better Wither Skeletons

    --Black Ether

    --Blayyke's Smooth Bedrock

    --Block Factory


    --BluePower/Redstone Power (Fabric) [was Redpower (Fabric) before it was renamed]

    --Bucket Hat

    --CC: T for Fabric (CC: Tweaked for Fabric)

    --Campfire Incense

    --Cardinal Components

    --Cardinal Energy


    --Carved Melons

    --Cauldron Brewing

    --Chat Timestamps

    --Chunk Activator


    --Clear Skies

    --Cloth API (Fabric)



    --Color Unchained

    --Cotton (Cotton, Resources, Energy, Client Commands)

    --Craft Nugget/Nugget Mod API



    --Crafty Crashes


    --Creeper Spores



    --Climatic World Type

    --Clippy's Tippies

    --Colored Inner Wool

    --Composable Automation

    --Cosmetic Armor Slots


    --Coal Nuggets

    --Collection of Stupid Things


    --Command Macros

    --Creeper Spores

    --Crystal Novelties

    --CustomGamerules API

    --Custom Player Model (CPM)

    --Custom Tooltip


    --Cutscene API

    --Dark Elevators

    --Dat Chat

    --Data Loader

    --Datapack Loader

    --Default World Type

    --Developer Mode

    --Diagonal Panes

    --Diggus Maximus





    --Dirt to Path

    --Draylar's Battle Towers


    --Dwarf Coal (Fabric) [adds a charcoal block and small one time use coal/charcoal]


    --Dynamic FPS

    --Dynamic Tooling

    --Earl Gray (not a Tea mod, its a property trait API)

    --Easy Coords

    --Easy Excavate

    --Eat Book


    --Eggs Plus

    --Enchanted Tooltips

    --End: Rebellion (continuation of End: Reborn for Fabric)



    --Everything Is A Hat

    --Experience Container

    --Extra Doors

    --Extra Discs


    --Extra Pieces

    --Extra Pieces Addon

    --Extra Pressure Plates

    --Exotic Blocks

    --Exotic Matter 2


    --Fabric Armor

    --Fabric API (obviously Fabric is exclusive to Fabric XD )

    --Fabric Autoswitch

    --Fabric Craftable Enchanted Golden Apple

    --Fabric Controlling

    --[Fabric] Crop Dispensers (yes I ignored the brackets on purpose, could I have put this at C, yes, but eh)

    --Fabric Drawers

    --Fabric-Discord Link

    --Fabric Flux

    --Fabric Furnaces

    --Fabric Language Groovy

    --Fabric Language Kotlin

    --Fabric Language Scala


    --Fabric MyCraft

    --Fabric Pokeballs

    --Faerie Fire

    --Fake FPS


    --Fat Experience Orbs

    --Feral Hogs


    --Finite Fluids Control

    --First Person Model

    --Flashy Clothing


    --Fermion (Library)

    --Forgetful Villagers


    --FREX (rendering API)

    --Function API

    --Furnace XP Drop

    --Gamemode Numbers (Fabric) [it works :), just don't use with Creatures Love Beacons, a snapshot issue happens when this mod and the other are used, the game crashes on the world entrance after the game has pasted the percentage screen. Otherwise all other mods should work from what I've tested]

    --Game Start

    --Generators (adds blocks that work alongside Protos and Energies) [not related to this which isn't a mod: https://www.npmjs.com/package/generator-fabric-mod]

    --Glint Color


    --Golem Healer

    --Grindstone Books

    --Handy Structures

    --Hard Hat Steve

    --HCMC100 (Fabric)

    --Health Overlay

    --Homeward Bone

    --Hunger Remover

    --I Am Very Smart

    --Immersive Portals

    --I Need Keybinds




    --Infinity Fix

    --Informed Load (Fabric)

    --Inventory HUD

    --Inventory Pause

    --Inventory Sorting

    --Irish Wolves

    --Iron Barrels

    --Item Frame Skip

    --Item Tooltip

    --Items Unified

    --I Want Hostile Mobs In Peaceful


    --Japanese Localization Patch

    --JCD Plastic

    --Jeff Azure's Hardstone Mod

    --Just Another Redstone Gate Mod

    --Just Pipes

    --Knit (a library mod for 1.14 snapshot versions of Trophy Slots so far)

    --Ladder API

    --LAN Deauth


    --Lead Villagers

    --Lib Block Attributes (Fabric)





    --Light Overlay

    --Loading Spice



    --Luminiferous Uplads (Aether Legacy-like mod)

    --Magma Opus

    --Mappy (will be for 1.12.2 and 1.13.2 but for now is for Fabric 1.14 might move to Recognisable even though that was for mods before Fabric not from Fabric and backported to prior versions)

    --Mask Of Loki's Fabric Tweaks

    --Material Collector

    --Material Tooltip

    --MC Plug and Play

    --Mend Trend

    --Meta Tips





    --Mod Menu (Fabric)

    --ModRobot (A Mod Updater for Windows, not sure if for other OSs yet, while not a mod I thought I'd count it anyways)

    --Modded Items

    --Modded Tool Tips

    --Models Unlocked

    --Modern Glass Doors



    --More Berries

    --More Enchantments [Fabric]

    --More Potions

    --Mouse Wheelie

    --Multiblock API


    --Narrator Bind

    --NBT Crafting

    --Nether Things

    --Nice To Have

    --Nifty (Fabric)


    --Night Config 4 Fabric

    --No Experience Delay

    --No Recipe Conflicts

    --NPC Variety

    --Orderly (Neat port)


    --Okyanus Optimizations


    --Over Head HP

    --Over Populated


    --Palette (Fabric)


    --Paxels (Abandoned mod now though)


    --Pink Flamingo

    --Player Graves



    --Presence Footsteps


    --Protection Renewal


    --Pushable Block Entities

    --Quick Crops

    --Railboost (Fabric)

    --Randomly Adding Anything

    --Random Teleport Command



    --Refinements (Fabric)

    --REI Addons

    --Redstone Bits

    --Redstone Tweaks

    --Refined Machinery


    --Remove Blocks Outlines

    --Remove Recipe Book

    --Resolution Control


    --Right Click Clear

    --RGB Blocks



    --Scary Player

    --Secrets No More

    --SekC Physics (Fabric)

    --Server Additions Util

    --Server Brick


    --Sewing Machine Utilities


    --Silk API (Fabric)

    --Silky Spawners

    --Simple Chat

    --Simple Crafting Frame

    --Simple Fireworks

    --Simple Pipes (Fabric)


    --Simply Enchanted


    --Slash Ender Chest

    --Smaller FPS Increments

    --Smarter Mending

    --Smooth Scrolling Everywhere

    --Sneak Through Berries


    --Sonic Devices

    --Sound Reloader

    --Spark (although can be used for Forge also)

    --Spatial Crafting

    --SpeechCraft (Fabric)

    --Spice Of Fabric

    --Squids Drop Calamari and Other Minor Additions

    --Stackable Damage Enchants

    --Start The Music

    --Straighten Up

    --Stone Extended

    --Stop Killing My Dog


    --Subnautic Redstone (Fabric) [use Redstone related items/blocks underwater]

    --Suppress Unknown Item

    --Survival Debug Stick


    --Sweet Tooth


    --Target Dummy

    --Tesseract API

    --The Biome Overhaul

    --The Biome Overhaul Classic

    --Tiny Config

    --therealpwnguy1's Recipe Mod


    --Terrestria (Fabric)

    --This & That




    --Tooltip Autowrap

    --Tough Glass

    --Traverse (Fabric)

    --Trident Fixer

    --Tree Bark

    --Trinkets (Fabric)

    --True Darkness

    --Tubular (used to be called Pipes)

    --Tumble Dryer


    --Twitch Chat Bridge

    --Uncraft Me

    --Unified Conveyors

    --Useful Hats




    --Vanilla Excavators

    --Vanilla Hammers

    --Vanilla Toolsets

    --Variable Paxels


    --Vertical Redstone


    --Watered Down



    --Wrench Anything

    --While We Wait

    --Wild World

    --Woodmill (Fabric)


    --Word Ping

    --Working Scheduler

    Unsure where to put:

    -End: Rebellion (continuation of End: Reborn)

    Github Links to Mods Not Listed On Curseforge like most listed in this Forum Thread/Those I've listed in posts in the past:

    Cotton Mods
    Cotton = https://github.com/cottonmc/cotton
    Resources = https://github.com/cottonmc/cotton-resources
    Energy = https://github.com/cottonmc/cotton-energy

    Client Commands = https://github.com/CottonMC/ClientCommands/releases/tag/0.3.0

    Cotton Scripting API = https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/cotton-scripting-api

    Cotton Scripting: Python 2.7 = https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/cotton-scripting-python-2-7/files

    -Gryphon (A mudpack maker, no releases but a description is still available if your curious about what it could do)


    FOV Lock 1.0:

    FOVLock 1.14.1. Version 3.0:


    FOVLock All Releases:


    Inertia Dampening

    Developer Mode

    Iron Dimensions (19w05a up to 1.14.3, I didn't know until I updated this on July 29th)

    Nimble Footed

    Craft Nugget

    Example Mod: https://github.com/NuggetMC/nugget-example-mod

    Torcherino (releases ranged from 19w06a to 19w12a)


    OldBoosters (supports 18w50a)


    Cursed Chests


    Extra Pieces


    Variable Paxels




    Neat For Rift/Fabric


    Villager Hats


    I Blame X


    Desire Paths


    Adorn Releases/Pre 1






    -Chunk Butter


    -Soul Bound Fabric 1.14.1


    -Aether Legacy Rift/Fabric Backup (Rift 1.13/1.13.2 and Fabric 19w05a to 19w12a files, no clue if the 19w12a ones work on releases due to how snapshot support and mod support was for snapshots).






    -Requiem 1.0.0 Pre-Release 8


    -Groundworks (Earthworks for Fabric)


    -Shulker Bag




    -Redstone Tweaks 1.0.1 (older version)


    -Easy Message of the Day

    -Releases: https://github.com/killjoy1221/easymotd/releases

    -README: https://github.com/killjoy1221/easymotd

    -Mods of the World


    -Better Sleeping


    -Soul Egg 1.0.0 (older version, get new versions on curseforge)


    -Cotton Client Commands




    -No Experience Delay



    https://github.com/CottonMC/DynaGear/releases/tag/1.1.0 1.14.3

    -Pink Flamingo


    -Mod Robot (Mod Updater for Windows)


    -Releases: https://github.com/calloatti/modrobot/releases

    -Wiki: https://github.com/calloatti/modrobot/wiki

    -Default World Type


    -All Of Fabric 3.2.0.a




    -Just Pipes


    -Luminiferous Uplands (an Aether Legacy like mod for Fabric)


    -Nice To Have


    -Orderly (a Neat port mod)


    -Forge versions in Fabric Mod Comparison List


    -Satin (for developers/modders)


    -README: https://github.com/Ladysnake/Satin/blob/1.1.0/README.md

    -Wiki: https://github.com/Ladysnake/Satin/wiki

    -Developer Mode


    -Epicurean Gastronomy with Brownies, not sure if April Fools or not

    https://github.com/CottonMC/edibles/releases/tag/v4.2.0 19w13b

    -Extra Pieces


    -The Fabric Canon (Fabric API, Silk API, NBT Crafting, Towelette, Ladder API, Earl Gray, Cotton, Lib Block Attributes, Simple Multipart, Satin, Multiblock API, Crochet)




    -Simple Zombies (never knew about this until July 29th 2019 compared to my posting of it back in Feburary 6 2019)




    Rift and Fabric snapshot versions: https://github.com/secretdataz/ThaiFixes-Fabric/releases



    -InfraRedstone for 1.14 Fabric snapshot 18w50a though


    -Roughly Enough Items (goes back to Feb 2019 and need dev tools to use anyways)


    -Dark Elevators (link doesn't exist anymore)


    -Loading Spice (no releases)


    -Default World Type


    Note: Tech Reborn X is under April Fools for it's download

    Mod Libraries/Requirements For Mods To Keep Track Off:

    Mod Libraries/Requirements For Mods To Keep Track Of:


    -Fabric API

    -All Mods take advantage of it to my knowledge

    -Silk (for FluidInstances/inventory interactions)

    Mods that use it:



    -NBTCrafting (NBT interaction with recipes/recipe remainders)

    Mods That Require It:

    -None required for users, for developer use with recipes

    -Towelette (fluidlogging with blocks via an interface)

    Mods That Use It:


    Otherwise for developers/player fluidlogging use in-world

    -Ladder API (makes blocks climbable)

    Mods That Use It:

    -Bamboo Ladders

    -Earl Gray (component system to store and access data on entities)

    Mods That Use It:

    -Skillworks or for Developer use

    -Fabric Language Kotlin

    Mods That Use It:


    -Dulce De Luche


    -This & That

    -Fabric Language Scala

    Mods That Use It:

    -Stockpile (Used to use Cereal, now uses FLS)

    -Cloth API:

    Mods That use It:

    -REI (Roughly Enough Items) will require it for 19w11a versions at some point.

    -Fabric Render Extensions


    -Fabric Rendering Plugin


    -Satin (Easy shaders for modders)


    The readme for Satin


    -Multiblock API


    -Cutscene API


    -Crochet (Entity Data and Network API)




    Mods That Use It:


    Abused Lib 1.14


    Cardinal Energy


    Cardinal Components


    April Fools Content Related To Fabric (If I miss any let me know):

    Fabric Modloader 3D Shareware 1.34


    Tech Reborn X with all the things you need and only a Slot Machine, no other machines included:


    Cloth API


    Roughly Enough Items 76 Shareware Version


    Roughly Enough Items 77 Shareware + Fish


    Crafty II


    Unsure but a good edition either way. Epicureans/Edibles/Cotton Brownies Update or version 4.2.0 numbering away from prior update numbers of 1.? or 2.?:


    April Fools Videos:

    REI Fish Item Display Update for .77:

    REI 3D Shareware Update 19w13b for .76 or .77


    Tech Reborn X for 1.14 19w13b

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    posted a message on When You Used to be a Noob...

    Taking a break from the game to do showcases and then getting attacked by mobs at stone level tools, no armour and just getting used to survival again. Just happened to me a week ago but I've gotten back into the flow of things again. XD

    That or nether portal placement.

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    posted a message on Add if you agree

    If you want a server to join try here where they are advertised (for Java, if you want Console/Bedrock Edition then go to the threads where many post there): https://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/servers-java-edition

    Go through the questioning of 'what type of player are you, what's your past server experience and more'.

    Otherwise there is the 'I want a person to play with' thread here: https://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/minecraft-java-edition/survival-mode/2485318-need-a-friend-to-play-minecraft-with-click-here?page=185

    Minecraft doesn't have official servers, only server software you can use called Realms to create your own (if you pay) and setup a world players can join. You can join a world if that admin owns the Realm and you don't have Realms. Otherwise players set in to setup their own servers or large server groups like those that setup minigame servers. With minigame ones you mostly just need the IP address or otherwise and your good to join. Just like with anything don't cause trouble (use xray, bother other players, ruin the server, etc) and play the game with an official account with a bought version of the game.

    While official servers would be nice I think it would be as toxic as other games (otherwise Mojang at least giving people Realms to manage and do what the community wants allows for more to be done and for server admins to do things, the server commands do a good job and otherwise Bukkit, Spigot and otherwise allow for more options so Mojang doesn't really have to jump in even though they could but with the updates and otherwise they are doing fine) so the way the community has gone about things to setup their own servers, works well. Otherwise play LAN with a friend/group if you aren't up for servers or can't join any but still want to play the game.

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    posted a message on How to install old versions of Minecraft that are not in the launcher?

    I don't know for sure but when it came to the combat snapshots I just put them into the versions folder and it noticed them, then run the game. It way work for the old versions possibly. Besides when it comes to the old ones you don't have on your system that you have to get from Mojang I assume it just downloads them and you play them (no other inputs needed) just like you would updating/going back to versions from a bit go that are still recent.

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    posted a message on is minecraft inspired by tetris?

    A quick trip to the wiki: https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Minecraft_Wiki will tell you that it was inspired by Infiminer and Dwarf Fortress.

    Otherwise you could say Lego or other games (like those mentioned above) is what it's more comparable to than Tetris but I can see how someone would think it is.

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    posted a message on Why is it difficult to update/port mods to latest MC versions?

    No problem, what Majestyc2k1 said is very true and relevant, but for me I just stated what I've experienced in the last few years as a player (1.7.1 to 1.14.4 have been the good years of experiencing modding for me). From hearing what devs say in the Rift & Fabric Discords as assisting players with installs (in the last year and still every so often).

    To noticing who worked on Forge aspects in the changelogs.

    To just watching interviews with the devs on GreenPhelm's YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCnnzO1tiQZzI0yjleCCKsQwIUL9ULbMu,

    Not seen many of the ones from this next playlist link as they are more from years ago compared to devs still around that make the major mods and do things with Forge like the first playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCnnzO1tiQZyq-Lv2sDwhRyxKGOcc_YKj

    So I don't have accuracy for all things as I'm not a true dev myself (I understand code but I do proper modding/know much about Java coding compared to other code) but while some info is second hand, the rest is guessing based on what seems likely.

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    posted a message on Why is it difficult to update/port mods to latest MC versions?

    It can come down to Mojang's changes in updates so Forge (that and MCCoderPack and other requires for Forge) has to adapt, or just Forge changes themselves. There is probably other reasons but those are the two I notice. Forge 1.13 took a while not just because of the ID flattening adapting but legacy code reasons that needed to be removed, updated, changed or whatever the case that the Forge team felt it was necessary to do.

    Rift was in-between and made Fabric what it is now (even if Rift was a prototype of sorts) but Fabric is lightweight and updates to snapshots in no time because it's built for that. Forge has everything inside it, Fabric has it's base and everything else can be applied externally to it that devs can use (not just because they are being made from scratch), so it's modular. It might be annoying to work out which libraries but they have (for players this it can be the case I mean), but the Fabric team have done a good job of embedding libraries, APIs and more into their mods so it's less tedious to download requirements all the time as people don't look at the file/changelog they just download a mod and expect it to work.

    Many devs have stayed on 1.7.10 due to the time to spend on updating their mods or the 1.8+ changes to Forge that may have mostly likely been due to Mojang's changes annoyed them or they just enjoy 1.7.10 so much more and the 1.7.10 community is still active 5+ years later so it's not a version that won't be played. Silent's Gems might be updated every version no problem but Thermal Expansion took a while for a 1.10.2 version then made it's way to 1.12.2. Mostly due to the RF API I feel besides the dev's time and ideas and so on (even though Ender IO updated fairly well from 1.8.9 to 1.11.2 but then slowed down around 1.12.2 and people screamed for it to be updated and the devs have now updated it but still it can't be ignored and it besides other mods used the RF API for those versions and Forge Energy came later). While Tinkers was restructured and made for 1.8+ and went to 1.12.2 no problem. If you look back on how long it takes mods/modloaders to update just guess based on what is stated in updates like JSON changes, the ID Flattening and so on. While technical things in updates you may see and may not understand as a player (I don't know how much it does myself but as I am looking into modding the proper way I am slowly understanding how long it can take, I have only started with Fabric though not Forge 1.14 yet) yes and don't effect players they do developers of modloaders and mods.

    In short:

    In short it's the developer's choice which version/modloader they developer for (Forge or Fabric), it depends on Mojang's update decisions, the modloaders either adapt or change things for their own reasons.

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